Guan Hong took a closer look and handed the seal to Xiong Zhan.

Xiong Zhan also looked carefully at the seal of the Ninth Five-Year Plan.
Guan Hong put this seal away and said, "The nine seals of Mr.five are also the seals of the emperor. There are nine seals of the emperor. The nine seals of Mr.five are one of them. Sometimes when the emperor comes, he will do poetry and painting, and sometimes he will print this …"
Guan Hong said this in detail, that is to say, to the soldiers in the hall.
Let them know that Lin Yi’s things are genuine.
Paired a listen to understand the emperor this ShouYu and seal is indeed a reward to Lin Yi.
Guan Hongdao said, "You have committed a big crime in this seal. I will accept it first."
Confirmed what Lin Yi said was true. Zhao Li was dumbfounded immediately.
Zhao Fen tunnel like talking to himself "Don’t chicken general died in vain …"
"Of course not!"
Yong Zhan and Yuan Hui said this almost at the same time.
Hearing this, Zhao Li raised hope again.
Xiong Zhan stared at Lin Yi cold way "Lin Yi! This is the imperial edict! There is no seal without court filing! No matter my emperor gave you the imperial edict, he wouldn’t have thought that you killed General Feng. You want to take the imperial edict as an imperial edict and get away with it! "
Guan Hong and Lu Ba didn’t look at each other at this.
What Xiong Zhan said is also well founded.
After all, it’s three generals
Be very clear about these.
Shouyu can’t be a law.
And now, almost all bear exhibitors are obedient to bear exhibition, and few of them dare to speak for Lin Yi at this key.
If Feng Liancheng’s men jump over the wall because of their anger, the consequences will be unimaginable.
It’s not without your orders and acting first.
Now, hold this class steady
Tell them to calm down
Lin Yi said to Xiong Zhan, "The original edict is not the same as the imperial edict, but I am confused. So, may I ask General Xiong, although it is not the imperial edict, but it is the emperor’s handwritten edict that the emperor can protect my life?" Does the imperial edict care? "
It’s not an imperial edict, but it’s an imperial edict after all
Represents the will of the emperor
Of course, Xiong Zhan can’t say that no matter what it is, it is contempt for San Yi Lin Yi. This is to dig a hole for him, but Xiong Zhan is, after all, a general of the imperial court who knows Chao Gang well and won’t be easily fooled.
Xiong Zhan said, "Of course, it’s to save your life temporarily. Hum! But if you want to let you go, don’t dream about it! "
Lin Yi said, "What does General Bear want to do?"
Xiong Zhan is still a face of hatred. His eyes shrink. "Escape! Send it to the capital and ask the emperor to do so! Or imprison Lucheng first and ask the emperor to give orders. If you let me go, I will let you go at once! The emperor said that I will chop off your head and sacrifice it to General Feng! "
Yuan Hui also said that he was obviously excited.
"You don’t give in easily."
If you don’t give in easily, that means Lin Yi is desperate to kill.
This is exactly what Xiong Zhan and Zhao Li expect.
They have an excuse to kill Lin Yi.
At the moment, the soldiers outside the hall will add up to thousands of people surrounded the hall, and Lin Yi is trapped in the hall, even if the martial arts are incomparable.
Lin Yi will certainly not be goaded.
But if he gives in easily, Liancheng will kill him in bad faith.
Now, the best thing is to bet him on the capital, and he will wait for an opportunity to get away.

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