Even Zhao-yang Xia platform ruyi xianjian cut out the light of the sword, which made a little meal as the shock wave of the virtual shadow arm spread out in a short time, but it was solidified for a few minutes.

The shock wave of the huge arm is exactly the same as the core of the fairy land, which means that it is possible to really hurt this possessed big guy unless everyone strikes together to completely smash the core of the fairy land.
This wandering polymer should be the true spirit of this fairy domain.
Look at the strength should have been a fairy will flow.
Immortals will … read the name of an immortal in this Baiyun Tower.
Djinn immortal!
Although the immortal general is on duty in the fairy house, he is a heavy heaven and a small fairy land
Knowing the heel also has a place to start.
Mind connected purple Yan also sensed the brother’s idea. The two men glanced at each other and the sword in their eyes condensed and refined.
"Go on, don’t stop this virtual shadow. It seems to be a hindrance, but it will also consume magic gas and residual magic soul." Xia Chaoyang sensed the change of the virtual shadow’s micro-breath through fairy light and then woke up brittle.
"Chaoyang said good attention to follow to avoid …"
Baiyun Tower pronounced the sound, and then leaned out of the whole shoulder. The virtual shadow has stood in the crowd and slapped it.
This palm seems to have a sealing force, even if the blue mountain sword domain people can’t help but feel pressured like a giant mountain coping.
"Left twenty feet …" The simple idea echoed in sword domain’s Baiyun Tower, and at the same time, the sword bloomed and the blue mans sword domain resisted the seal force.
With the recovery of qi activity, the Baiyun Tower jumped up and moved to the left for more than 20 feet. Everyone took it with them and adjusted it step by step.
The virtual shadow of the giant palm fell and the fingertips fell just a few feet away.
The core surface of Xianyu was smashed and the fragments collapsed without hurting everyone.
The palm of your hand is close at hand, which is just convenient for you to smash the palm of your hand for a while.
This encounter with Baiyun Tower shows roughly the residual strength of the ancient immortal.
It’s a pity that the immortal’s true spirit was scattered early and the immortal knowledge was eroded by the magic gas.
The strength of the wandering spirit monomer transformed by the broken fairy knowledge is not strong, but it can rely on the fairy to aggregate the magical powers.
To say this immortal will not be without immortal seal achievement method, but will be immortal seal into the dharma body.
For example, just now, the palm of your hand revealed the virtual shadow of the immortal seal.
Of course, due to the erosion of the demon soul, it has become a dark magic impression
Positive thinking suddenly felt that the virtual shadow of flowers at the moment actually lifted half of the body out of the dark ground through the slap force of huge hands.
The magic gas rises to reveal the virtual shadow.
Half of the body is also more than 30 feet high and wingspan can slap the ground of more than 70 feet in Fiona Fang.
The face is extremely blurred, and it is obvious that I have already lost.
After leaning out of half a figure, this virtual shadow is not much to say. Immediately, he picked up two big arms and took turns patting everyone.
Full-strength gas machine upwelling debris penetrating and blasting
Blue Mountain sword domain is like a huge wave, light blue bubbles moving with the wind, and it will always find a place to set foot in the shadows of the sky.
When all the monks were accompanying and hiding, the immortal seal technique in their hands didn’t stop for a moment, but it became more and more tacit.
"Brother, this possessed fairy will seem to have a bust …" Zhao-yang Xia said crisply while cutting out the sword light.
"Well, wait for your younger sister to find a way to make moves."
When Baiyun Tower replied, he took the crowd back for dozens of feet and instantly hid a large palm shadow.
The virtual shadow leaned out of its body and moved with great strength. At that time, it was difficult to clap its hands.
"Go to half …"
Talking about Baiyun Tower, I stamped my foot and the clouds churned up and took the monks back to the imperial palace.
Then Baiyun Tower concentrated on the platform of cloud barrier and blue awn sword domain, drifting in the huge palm shadow.
This enchanted immortal will really have to be a little far away, and the immortal seal avatar will be exhausted after penetrating the cloth layer field.

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