So the question is, what kind of person or freak can make them die at the same time?

"Have you ever wondered why these people can die in the same situation?"
"I’m afraid this is the third era. Even at the end of the third era, it has been more than three years now. Even if you know it, it won’t change anything."
Xu Le nodded NiuYuan said makes sense.
Yes, it’s been so long, even if you know it, you can’t change it.
He glanced back at the skeleton of the chair, which seemed to be shaken by the fight just now. The white bone fell off the table.
This skull rolled and rolled to Xu Le’s feet
Although he can’t say anything, he always feels that something is wrong here
Xu Le hesitated a step or let the skull touch himself.
After cleaning up Taiwan, Xu Le three people left.
Xu Le didn’t forget to look back at that skull when he left.
Somehow, he always felt that the skull looked at him, too. Although it had no eyes, there seemed to be something hidden in the dark eye socket of the skull.
"Xu Le, what are you looking at? Go. "
"Oh, good"
Niu Yuan was not discouraged by some setbacks. For the night watchman, such dangers have long been used to.
And Xu Le also pulled himself together to explore this town.
After dozens of buildings in Xu Le, they found nearly 1 strange, but all of them were level 1 rotten and distorted species, and even a Promethean was not seen.
Xu Le their team strength nature won’t be afraid of such weird.
By 7 o’clock, when the sun has set and there is some light left.
They finally came to the end of the street and saw the cross road.
That is, the camping meeting point in that position mentioned by Bai Jing before.
Xu Le they look around.
Otherwise, Bai Jing at the end of that block is still smoking leisurely.
And Gump is watching and it’s the same old story.
He seems to spend all his time studying, and his efforts are definitely the hardest in the whole team.
Whenever Xu Le sees Gan studying, he will think of the divination he gave Gan.
Black card-marionette
A life control by that desire for money.
Every time I look back on this, Xu Le will feel that it is his own calculation.
Well, there must be a miscalculation. After all, it was his first divination, and even a miscalculation is understandable.
See Xu Le they appeared Bai Jing took out the Lunatone com.
At this time, no city, Lunatone, can rely on its own moonstone to maintain its communication link.
Not only unstable, but also very easily interrupted.
But now they can see each other far away, and there are no buildings in the middle.
Although this distance can’t be heard by the propaganda base, Lunatone com can work normally.
Didi Didi! ~
Niuyuan com sounded, and there came Bai Jing with a loud sound.
"Old cow, what are you three still watching there? Still not coming? Do you want me to invite you in the past? "
A little social cow force disease Niu Yuan can honestly nod in front of Bai Jing.
"Got it. We’re on our way."
Chapter 6 The elder brother of the tree they are in danger
Hang up the communication, he looked at Xu Le.

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