"And there is a smell … it is said that Liu Yuan is a rare warrior. Have you seen his waist long Dao? It is said that others’ fighting power … is not necessarily much weaker than pet animals."

"War and Imperial Training?"
This is the first time that Jiangbei Ling heard this term, and she was very surprised.
"The double cultivation of war and imperial discipline refers to those who have good talent and physical strength in addition to royal beasts, and are also very vulgar."
"You know, the extraordinary warrior was the mainstream before the Imperial Animal Age. Even in the heyday of the current Imperial Animal Age, there are still many people who like the extraordinary body of the old age."
"However, it is rare to have both extraordinary cultivation and beast-bending cultivation. After all, not everyone has so much energy to do two things well at the same time."
"And this Lu Yuanxian is the kind of Uber with amazing talent on both sides."
"Xiao Ling, fortunately, the college entrance examination qualifying is a college battle. If it is in the wild, you have a good chance of winning against him …"
Hearing Zhang Xu’s high evaluation of Lu Yuan, Jiangbei Ling became more curious about Lu Yuan.
To what extent is this Lu Yuan’s combat power stronger to make well-informed President Zhang say that he has a good chance of winning in the wild?
You know, she has two silver pets
Although the flash rat has good strength, it is not easy to defeat his giant crocodile.
Not to mention, she has a pet beast that is far more powerful than the giant crocodile.
I really want to fight him early and see …
Chapter 125 jiangbei spirit fighting spirit
"A No.1 candidate Beijiang Yushou No.1 Middle School Jiangbei Ling"
"President Zhang, I’ll go first."
"Well, go."
Jiangbei ling got up and walked slowly towards his examination room.
And she is ashamed that the first place in the row is naturally the last one to play.
As jiangbei ling walked to the seats, the whole arena immediately sounded deafening cheers.
Opposite Jiangbei Ling is the one hundredth candidate in the qualifying competition.
Although his opponent is jiangbei ling, the examinee is not nervous at all
Because he didn’t think he could beat Jiangbei Ling from the beginning.
After all, he is very satisfied with himself when he can go to qualifying.
This so-called mentality naturally makes him look very relaxed when facing Jiangbei Ling.
Jiangbei ling looked at each other with a shy smile.
"That … please advise"
Jiangbei spirit soft voice suddenly let her opponent stare blankly in situ.
That is to say, the little princess of Jiangcheng in North China … It’s so gentle …
And this examinee’s dementia appearance immediately caused dissatisfaction among many Jiangbei Ling fans in the audience.
"What are you doing with a smelly face? Get ready quickly!"
"Yes, yes, our little princess says hello to you. What are you doing? Hurry up and prepare! Delay again, believe it or not, I will blow your dog’s head! "
"It’s another time when a toad wants to eat swan meat and wave our little princess."
The audience was so excited that even Lu Yuan, who was sitting in the preparation seat, deeply felt it.
He is very suspicious that if this player continues to be stupefied.
The grumpy old buddy in the audience is afraid that he will not come directly and beat up the candidate.
Don’t doubt that Lu Yuan, who is full of information and domineering, has felt more than one anger from the audience.
Terrible terrible … Is this the popularity of Princess Jiangbei …
The candidates opposite Jiangbei Ling obviously felt the pressure to come to the audience.
Hurriedly press the ready button and constantly wipe the sweat on your forehead.
This scene can be called a large-scale cyber storm scene.
Liu Yuanfa imagined that if someone defeated Jiangbei Ling later, could he walk out of Beijiang alive …

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