What’s more, his wife, the sober one, has never touched a drop of wine.

"Everyone must be rich, haha." Yang Sandao was glad to come.
At the front desk of the hotel, I learned that the landlord’s wife had paid for the meal while she was away.
It is natural for Yang Guang to say nothing and he must take responsibility. "Thank you, Aunt Lin Bolin, for hosting you. If you need my help in the future, I will help you. After all, we are all acquaintances!"
If you can’t help, then don’t help.
Anyway, it has to be allowed by Yang Guang, and it should not be that kind of push your luck to see the landlord
Afterwards, Yang Guangche drank a lot of wine and Yang Sandao went home, and the other party also had his son to come forward.
At this time, Yang Guang knew why the other party would do this. The landlord’s body and blood should be about 150 calories, and he has achieved official certification as a martial artist and can meet the admission standards for martial arts students in Shuzhong.
Even if Yang Guang can’t help each other in this respect, it’s not a bad thing to have a "senior" in military warfare, right?
In addition, it is almost impossible for him to choose another province’s martial arts university.
Yang Sandao was still very happy when he came home. After all, the shop front that had made him struggle for many years could finally be renamed, even if it was not his personal efforts but his own business.
But what if Yang Guang can be born? That’s what he does as a father.
Otherwise, there are so many shopkeepers in the farmers’ market, why can their sons become adults?
It’s not just him. Yang Sandao’s genes are well educated.
In feudal times, people often said that "mother is precious", but now they can still make a "father is precious". Even if others want to come, they don’t have such a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.
It is not only Yang Sandao’s heart but also Dong Xuanyi’s that I learned that I signed a contract to buy a shoe and socks store.
Yang guang doesn’t often stay in the shoe and socks store, and he has not established a family. He doesn’t understand the significance behind this shoe and socks store, but it is important to the Yang family. How can the couple not understand that this is equivalent to their memories of struggle?
Yang guang’s mother will certainly be unhappy if Yang Sandao drinks, but now she can’t wait to drink together.
Since I bought the pavement, there is a very serious problem in front of Yang Guang, that is, he is short of money. Although there are still more than one hundred accounts, he can have 400,000 since Mamie.
This money is enough for four times.
And Yang Guang is going to buy a scooter, but how wear also get hundreds of domestic?
He won’t move casually unless he has to, let alone change it into cash. I’ve heard that people pay a premium for meritorious points, but I haven’t heard the other way around.
This is not a fool, but a fool.
Only a fool would do such a stupid thing.
Moreover, it depends on the situation. This meritorious service point is not as easy to earn as imagined, and it is not as simple as imagined. More importantly, the fighters association can obtain meritorious service points. Most of the time, it is not enough.
All those meritorious points Yang Guang won’t move casually.
Pay more if you have money, and save if you don’t have money.
However, Yang Guang also thought that if he went to another world in a week, he would definitely make a good profit, and this time he followed the team instead of fighting alone as before.
Yang Guang, the light hole behind Fanghu Park, will go there after waiting. After all, that place is almost open to him at any time.
And the rest of the resources are certainly not so easy, but Yang Guang is also very clear that his resources must be rich in resources, much more than the world behind the light hole.
The next day, the lawyer witnessed that Yang’s family really owned the pavement, and Yang Guang also delivered one million yuan.
In the case of purchase tax, it seems that there is a subsidy for military warfare, or it is not too much to reduce this cheap, because the contribution of military warfare will be greater.
Of course, this refers to joining the fighters’ association for martial arts, not those clans or practicing martial arts. They are regarded as detached associations, and outsiders cannot say how selfish they are. After all, it is human nature.
If you make a contribution, you won’t let the giver get nothing in return, and if you want gloves, it’s impossible
And after paying the money, I said one thing.
Yang guang is officially short of money.
Chapter one hundred and thirteen The parcel has arrived
If people are short of money, they have to work hard to make money, but instead of money, they just have to do something abusive or illegal.
Make money by yourself and feel at ease.
And Yang Guang has a good chance to make money. A week later, he will go to another world resource. Of course, that place is also dangerous, but it is acceptable to take a little risk to make money.
It is said that there are many different worlds like weeds, and no one cares about medicinal materials, but the warrior world is valuable.
The reason is simple.
That is, the world’s medicinal materials are in short supply and vary, and the aura of the world is more abundant, which is very suitable for the growth environment of various medicinal materials. That is the so-called oversupply, and naturally many things depreciate.

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