"Although the blood sea is dead, it will always be immortal. When I thoroughly refine the blood sea, I will be able to break away from the shackles of the blood sea and turn around the world or the world of flowers and flowers looks intoxicating." The Hunger scratched his head

There is nothing to see in this bloody sea. The Hunger turned to the highest peak of the underworld and went to "Ghost Master!"
It’s not loud, but it vibrates the whole source of the nether world.
"Yu Duxiu!" The ghost Lord is meditating to solve the physical disaster. When he hears this yelling, he blinks his eyes. "Heaven has a road, you don’t take the hell gate. You are thinking of looking for your little bad luck, but considering that you are not good at finding trouble, I didn’t expect you to take the initiative to send the door."
The ghost master’s figure is fleeting, and together with more than four strong men, the quasi-strong men in the netherworld show their figure in succession.
"Are you? I have something to ask you when you come here today. You have always resented your repeated initiatives. Is it difficult for me? " Jade Duxiu’s eyes sparkled with cold light.
The ghost Lord heard the words and sneered, "It’s also interesting to say this. If you fix the weak seat, you’ll find you trouble. Could it be that if you fix the strong and increase the strength of the world, you can run wild in the underworld?"
After listening to the ghost, Yu Duxiu suddenly smiled, "Although I am growing up and Yang Shizhong is about to repel you, you still haven’t looked at me."
With that, Yu Duxiu’s palm stretched out and Pangu Zan took it in his hand, and the chaotic laws of everything in heaven and earth were unified, even if the laws of the nether world were blocked instantly.
"This is my home." The innate five ghosts in the ghost master’s hands roared upwards and saw that the innate five yin cold attributes in the ghost master’s hands suddenly broke out and instantly struck the jade show with chaos.
In the face of the ghost master, the jade is unique, and the chaos in the place where the ghost master is born with five ghosts is instantly transformed into the law of the nether world.
"In the chaos" Jade Duxiu unhurried way
"In the land, the nether world", the ghost master caught chaos with one hand and went to Jade Duxiu’s chest
"providence is like a knife"
Jade Duxiu pointed out that the instantaneous dry Kun reversed the transformation of Yin and Yang between the eyebrows. HarmonyOS’s purple silk cocoon instantly hooked the myriad laws, and the will of heaven and earth gathered in Jade Duxiu’s finger. Then this finger force was instantly changed by the secret method as if it were a knife.
Congenital five ghosts were wiped out by providence like a knife in an instant.
Jade Duxiu is still unhurried, pointing out his fingers and looking at the ghost master with a pair of eyes.
"It’s amazing to attack even a congenital five ghosts with one finger. It’s no wonder that you have the courage to run wild in my nether world." The ghost master’s face slowly returned to peace, and his eyes turned to two lanterns, flashing green light, and "led the spirits back."
"Huh?" The green light shines through the chaos and comes to the jade show.
Chapter 1763 Lai Avatar Invincible Ghost Master
"Reversing Yin and Yang"
Jade Duxiu’s whole body is reversed by Yin and Yang, and the green light near Jade Duxiu has been transformed by the law force.
"Today, I’m going to make a scene in the nether world. Tell you that the nether world knows that not everyone can mess with me."
After that, Yu Duxiu’s hand was rolled up by Pangu Zan, and the chaotic air instantly filled everything and returned to the mixed element.
Jade Duxiu held Pangu Zan in his hand, and the ghost Lord collided and fought together.
Ghost master congenital five ghosts are cut out for a short time, which can’t be derived. The ghost master laughs coldly for a moment, and the reincarnation force in his hand is brewing.
"eternal cycle"
"Heaven and Earth"
At this time, the jade show, Pangu Zan, has been transformed into an entity, which was different at that time, and the power has doubled.
The ghost master’s eternal reincarnation was actually struck by Pangu Zan’s spirit, and then Pangu Zan rolled towards the ghost master and continued to slay him.

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