"No friends"

He said firmly.
Black inflammation broke out in an instant and enveloped four people, including Gragas
He felt that those black inflammation had that power to kill him.
This is incredible for him. Since he sucked up his teacher, that is, the old monk who insisted on taking his whole body blood as the test and gift of the last lesson, he has faced several experts who came here or were dragged in by himself in this holy land of dharma and blood.
No one can pose a slight threat to himself.
And now he finds himself a little scared
"Your hands are shaking." Chen Senran caressed the little Anne’s pink hair in her arms and handed the little girl to Lao Du who had turned around.
He stepped forward and walked in front of Gragas, in front of everyone.
"Hey …" Gragas raised his cask naively. "His opponent should be me."
"Now it’s me, old Gusin. Give it to me after suffering." Chen Senran didn’t look back and pulled out the emerald dream with one hand from his waist.
Once again, the dark flame covered the peerless sword.
Violent black inflammation momentum again three points.
"Well, then you have to teach this little vampire a good lesson for me." Gragas didn’t insist on the fact that his health was not good either, and he just held on.
As soon as he relaxed, his wounds burst again, so that he had to take a few mouthfuls of wine to stop.
"Don’t worry, I must … let others evaporate." Chen Senran took a deep breath slightly, and the black inflammation around him was like a whale sucking water, which formed a bigger trend.
The potential with Chen Senran that a long sword in his hand instantly put the scarlet light emitted by Vladimir back.
He took a step back involuntarily.
"It’s really … arrogant." Vladimir suppressed his impulse to take a step back. He bit his teeth and raised his long, pale hands.
"Want to let me evaporate? Hum, I really want to see how much you weigh as a free man who values me! ! !”
As his last word "ah" came out, his hands were raised and strong blood gushed out instantly.
And in the vast plains, those bodies got up one by one to be continued.
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Rich blood gushed from Vladimir’s fingertips and then made a sharp arc, penetrating the gas at an incredible and amazing speed and shooting at Chen Senran.
At the moment, Vladimir is like a bottomless source of blood, and a steady stream of blood keeps flowing out of his body to join the battlefield.
Blood arrows are like rain in the sky
But this can’t hurt Chen Senran.
All the plumes of the arrows burst into full bloom after tearing the air.
No arrow can be released across that piece of Chen Senran to wreak havoc on black inflammation.
They all died in those black fires, and they were burned and evaporated, and a little bit of rich blood gas was connected together like a scarlet sunset.
"Struggle in vain" Chen Senran looked at those who went on wave after wave, and the whole person had already pressed against Vladimir.
Long sword spits fire, and all the raging black inflammation is gathered together with Chen Senran’s front pressure, and Chen Senran is wrapped around that emerald sword, forming a narrow but sharper black inflammation potential.
If you look at it in the sky, it’s like a killer gun with dark color and thick murder.
Vladimir, on the other hand, is like a decaying shield that will be pierced by a blow.
He is still frantically releasing arrows that can never pass through the blood block in vain.
It will definitely evaporate. Blood arrow
It’s like he’s about to face fate
"Impossible. How is it possible?" The arrogant vampire finally showed a look of panic. His pale and handsome face floated up with an abnormal faint red and almost convulsive ferocious. He opened his eyes with deep original blood and now bloodshot chaos and growled slowly, "I am bloody …"
He almost trembled and raised his long, terrible hands, holding the sunshine from behind him high, just like holding one that is not allowed in the sun.
"I … blood Shinto! ! !” He roared even more, and his whole face was almost torn apart in a ferocious way.
"I … Blood Shinto-"He yelled for the third time. This time, his words had a certain singing flavor, and every word seemed to be reading a spell for some reason.
As the spell fell on his fingers, scarlet blood poured out wildly.
That blood is different from those before, it is purer, redder and brighter.
Dazzling is like light.
Not in the sun
No, the sun appeared in Vladimir’s hands, and he held it firmly
A bloody sun
This sun temporarily slowed down some Chen Senran’s steps, and its light resisted some dark flames.

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