"My family name is Du, just call me Mr. Du. What’s the price here?" Du Yu asked directly.

The beauty of the shopping guide has gradually adapted to Du Yu’s frankness. "Mr. Du, you are really cool. I will introduce you to a different villa area with different prices, mainly depending on which one you like. We will definitely get you a preferential plan that suits you."
"It’s not so troublesome. Since there is an existing house, take me to see it."
Du Yu noticed that the sightseeing bus parked next to the sales department must have come to pick up guests and visit the villa area before entering the door.
"In that case, Mr. Du, please let me show you a real sample room first to see which style you like."
Said the shopping guide beauty led Du Yu to the sample room by car.
"There are three styles here: Chinese, American and European. Different styles give you a different experience of life. Which one do you like?"
Shopping guide beauty asked after taking Du Yu to visit three styles of sample rooms.
"Chinese-style bar will feel better."
Du Yu’s Chinese villa is biased towards modern architectural style, and most details are integrated into Chinese cultural elements such as dragons, phoenixes and auspicious signs.
"Good Mr. Du, I’ll take you to the Chinese villa area."
At the first point of arriving at the Chinese villa area, Du Yu decided to buy a set. Every house here is designed as a single-family house. The walls of the two villas are far apart, so as to avoid the influence of Du Yu on the neighborhood.
Moreover, the villa here also comes with a small backyard with a landscape garden, which is perfect for stocking fire ants
Du Yu simply picked a set of remote houses for sale and asked, "Take me in and have a look at this set."
"Good Mr. Du" shopping guide beauty introduced several houses with good locations to Du Yu, but Du Yu shook his head and refused, but we looked at a slightly remote set in Du Yu, and though she was surprised out of respect for the guests, she didn’t say anything.
There are two stone lions in front of the door, and the front yard hall is a big place to change the martial arts field for training.
Entering the hall is a two-story villa with a top floor attic style and extraordinary retro charm.
Stepping into the backyard is Du Yu’s favorite landscape garden. Before putting the artificial lake on the rocks, there is a vegetable garden garden full of pastoral flavor.
"How much is this set?" Du Yu asked.
"Mr. Du, the total amount of this villa is 13 million. You can consider the ones I introduced to you before. Their location will be better, and the price difference is not much."
The shopping guide beauty reported the price, and somehow her heart was empty. In a short time, she didn’t understand cuckoo’s house. Did Du Yu really want to buy a villa? Did she have purchasing power? She couldn’t hold it.
Du Yu’s exchange of 20 million soft sister coins is enough to buy this villa. Since it is decided, there is no hesitation. It is only 1VR coin.
"Can I swipe my card?"
Du Yu dull moment said.
"ah!" When the beauty of the shopping guide was stupefied, Du Yu was dull. At that time, Du Yu had been frightened by the price. She was wondering if she would leave. She connected Du Yu’s excuse lines and thought about it. Unexpectedly, Du Yu asked her if she could swipe her card.
"Mr. Du, who can swipe his card", the beauty of the shopping guide asked blankly, "Do you want to buy this villa?"
"Why? Is this villa not for sale? " Du Yu asks.
"sell! Sell! Mr. Du, we support bank mortgage loans here. Which bank do you want to mortgage? " The beauty of the shopping guide has not yet reacted and quickly replied that she was afraid that Du Yu would change her mind.
"What’s wrong?" Du Yu was also amused by the beauty of the shopping guide. Obviously, she showed that her play was different.
"Do you want money? !”
The beauty of the shopping guide is even more excited to live here. Most people buy villas with bank mortgage loans. Whether businessmen or leaders have money to buy villas, they are more willing to invest in business or use bank money to live in their own houses, which is obviously more realistic.
"Of course, it’s no problem if you want money."
The beauty of the shopping guide silently calculates that the market value of a villa is 10 million. If the bank loan is installment, the down payment ratio is the highest, she will get about 50 thousand to 60 thousand, but if it is money, she will get about 500 thousand, which will not make her excited.
Ask yourself, since she graduated from college, she has only got a monthly salary of at most 100 thousand, which is still a lot of efforts, but now she has made a profit of 500 thousand just one order
"Mr. Du, are there any parts missing from your thigh?"
"There is still a pendant missing."
"What do you think of me?"
"A little ugly ~"
"But I’m cute."
"Think about it …"
Chapter 36 Strengthening (Seeking Recommended Tickets)
Shopping guide beauty joke Du Yu naturally did not rest assured that the corresponding procedures would be done well. Du Yu soon got the key to the villa door.
"Is there anything else Mr. Du can do for you?"
"I’ll contact you if necessary."
Du Yu took the key to the house, and after a few polite words, he left the sales department of Hengjing Huafu and waved a taxi to return to the rental house in Mouse Street. He needed to talk to the landlord about the compensation for furniture that was tossed into residue by Ant II.
Although Du Yu has a VR virtual world system, his strength has reached the peak of the real world after experiencing the Fog Assassin League.
Dan Duyu, after all, has lived in the real world for more than 20 years and still followed the living habits of ordinary people. It takes a long time for the brand of human accidents to be worn away, or Du Yu does not want to be erased.
Bang! Bang! Bang!
Du Yu rings the landlord’s door. The landlord is a middle-aged uncle named Guo Shu. Although Du Yu doesn’t talk much, Guo Shu’s reputation among tenants is not bad.

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