Think so Zhang Yang can no longer hold back his face and gradually smile.

This stone room is very suitable for cultivation, but it is not suitable for promotion.
This is not because of environmental objective factors, but because of the most taboo to be disturbed when promoting.
There is no guarantee at all for Zhang Yang to appear in the branch of the resin refining door.
However, Zhang Yang has no choice. According to his current level of dzogchen, there is no room for resistance in the hands of the White Witch King and others.
If you succeed, you will find another chance to refine those wings, so it is hard to escape.
Anyway, the situation won’t get worse!
Think again, since the White Witch corpse king gave himself these preconditions, he should not bother himself intentionally. Perhaps the state of wandering corpse dzogchen in the eyes of the White Witch corpse king is no different from the initial root of purple stiffness?
Thinking of Zhang Yang in this way, I will not hesitate to call him from Zhou Xingwen immediately and tell him that it may be a long time before he closes. All forms of interruption are strictly prohibited.
Zhou Xingwen just got the benefits of Zhang Yang plus the white witch corpse Wang Zhao. At this time, nature is patting the chest to ensure that it is done well
After making arrangements, Zhang Yang hesitated and finally did not release the ghost servant and blood slave to protect the law.
These two zombie puppets are not strong enough. If the white witch corpse king and others want to touch themselves, there is no protection at all. It’s better to leave a card now, and maybe you can do wonders later.
Determined to lock Shimen from the department, this training room is protected by law. Once locked, it is difficult to fight from the outside.
Take out a Tsukiji Dan and swallow it, then use mana to dissolve the medicine.
Tsukiji Dan’s drug power was not as violent as expected. It took several hours before a strange energy slowly spread from the abdomen.
Everywhere in the body mana immediately lost the original calm stirred up.
Singular energy spreads more and more widely, and mana fluctuates more and more fiercely, from slight ripples to violent shocks, and finally simply spins like a whirlpool.
These eddies are not as peaceful as the cyclone in the original air sea, but like handfuls of knives, cutting every inch of Zhang Yang’s body hard
Zhang Yang a growl body involuntarily tremor; Even the stiff muscles in the face twitched …
As time goes by, Tsukidan’s effectiveness is slow and Zhang Yang’s airflow is getting more and more violent.
An hour has passed …
Two hours passed …
The volume of the body airflow is getting smaller and smaller in the vortex rotation, and it is gradually compressed … and these compressed airflow quickly merges into the body and changes the structure of the body.
With the development of time, a layer of purple scales appeared on the surface of Zhang Yang’s skin and soon disappeared; Sometimes burst into thick blood.
The limbs swell violently, and the veins stand out, sometimes becoming rough and sometimes disappearing, and the muscles change with it.
Sniff, scoff!
Zhang Yang’s fingernails grow slowly, dark and shiny, flashing a horrible light like a combat knife.
At the same time, the ten fingers have also changed from the outside along with the bones. Generally speaking, they are closer to the animal claws and far away from the human hands.
It took two days for this process to gradually end.
Zhang Yang slowly take a long breath to open his eyes.
"I finally got through it!"
"This is the promotion process? It’s painful, but it’s weaker than the original resin-blasting pill, and it can afford it. "
Look down at your body.
The limbs are slightly thicker than before, especially the claws have made remarkable progress, but it has not changed, such as purple scales emerging from the body, while the roots have not been preserved, just flashing away
There are purple stiff blood slaves who refer to Zhang Yang and naturally know that purple scaly cuticle is a symbol of purple stiffness. If those scales with strong defense are to be preserved, they must be promoted successfully.
The magical airflow of the sensory body of the gods is compressed into three-thirds of the original volume.

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