Rockets fans hope to fall on McGrady who is still recovering; However, rocket fans have no illusions about this, because McGrady’s injured body is really a time bomb-you don’t know when he will get injured again, if he gets injured again, then everything will be over!

At the same time, some prestige organizations in the United States have publicly’ attacked’ Rockets coach Van Gundy, saying that the biggest reason for the Rockets’ defeat is the stubborn Van Gundy, part of whom is the head of the NBA in new york. "McGrady is injured, and the Rockets have no other scorers except Yao?" Wrong! In fact, the Rockets have a super scorer, that is, the Rockets rookie Zeng Feiyang! Zeng Feiyang’s scoring ability can make up for McGrady’s lack, but Van Gundy has put such a good player on him and still let him be a point guard. The point guard shackles him and let this talented and talented juvenile law play its full role! If Zeng Feiyang is use by Van Gundy again, he will probably lose his personality like Yao and become a ball machine! At that time, the title of’ China Flying Man’ will definitely become a joke because Van Gundy and his stubborn thoughts will have no chance of promotion in the Rockets’ generation! "
Shortly after these speeches were published, the fan yin suddenly increased several levels-Van Gundy may not be far from being fired!
Van Gundy was so depressed that all the other players were afraid to talk to him. Even Zeng Feiyang and Yao unconsciously tried to hide from him because his appearance was so scary!
Depressed to depressed, Van Gundy also carefully analyzed his tactics. It is his shortcoming that he is too conceited and believes that he is too rigid, but his tactics are really good! However, this will also make the player lose his personality and play with fear. If a player gives full play to his skills, he will always be an angry personality role player!
Finally, after several thoughts, Van Gundy finally decided to change his tactics, and the first target of this tactic was their last opponent on the road trip-the Cleveland Cavaliers …
Van Gundy finally decided to change his thinking and tactics under social pressure, and all this was unknown to others, including letting major prestige organizations publish some articles that could give Van Gundy pressure in pulling strings, and NBA president David Snort was no exception …
Chapter one hundred and fifty-one Five consecutive victories and five consecutive defeats
Joining the Cavaliers in 1997 is the most unlucky team in the NBA-although it has been immersed in the NBA for more than three years, there are stars shining in the team, but it has never entered the finals.
But by now, no one will doubt the strength of the Cavaliers, because the Cavaliers signed their No.1 pick in the 234 season, which made the Cavaliers’ position in people’s minds change greatly. Some people even suspect that the Cavaliers will reproduce the magic of the bull dynasty! And the top scholar who changed people’s minds about the Cavaliers is LeBron James, the core of the current Cavaliers’ ace!
Little Emperor James!
In the eyes of Cavaliers fans, he is god; In the eyes of major media, he is the child chosen by the emperor!
LeBron James is a nearly perfect player. He has the physical quality of flying man and the ability of magic ball! At a young age, he broke several NBA records and became the absolute king sought after by people! Also directly dumped his peers and became a veritable superstar!
In the season, the Cavaliers led by’ Little Emperor’ James soared 23 wins and 16 losses, and directly entered the top four in the East, becoming an undeniable strong team in the league!
On the evening of January 2, the Cavaliers sat at home and welcomed their opponent in the season, the Houston Rockets!
Now the Rockets’ score is 19 wins and 21 losses, ranking first in the West. And their recent five-game losing streak has also pushed the Rockets to the brink. If the Rockets don’t take a victory to stabilize their form, they are likely to make the playoffs!
The Rockets are in the low-lying period while the Cavaliers are in the rising period! The Cavaliers have won five consecutive victories since a victory over Atlanta Hawks. Now they are at a peak in morale, strength and tacit understanding. If they can maintain this momentum, it will be no problem to enter the playoffs!
The five-game winning streak and five-game losing streak are also favored by the league, and the team also has a superstar. Who will be the ultimate winner in this war?
Later, Cleveland fans rushed into the stadium. This year, the number of Cavaliers’ home seats has reached record highs. Now, their home seats are all one person. This situation is due to the emperor’s favorite James, who is Cleveland’s "basketball god" in the eyes of Cleveland!
Three minutes before the game, the Rockets players stayed in the locker room and closed their eyes to rest. Their faces turned resolutely as if they were bound to win the game!
Zeng Feiyang looked at his teammates’ faces with heavy expressions.
The team has lost five games in a row I haven’t been able to get many liters for the team! Make Zeng Feiyang’s heart full of loss! Repeated failures have dealt a heavy blow to his confidence! What he yearns for now is a victory! A simple victory! A successful victory in the past is now a luxury victory!
But is it really so easy to win in front of the’ Little Emperor’ and his Cavaliers?
The chances of the Rockets winning this game are less than half! Although Van Gundy’s tactics before the game surprised all the rocket players, made the players’ eyes bright and doubled the pressure on Zeng Feiyang, can they really live with this immature tactic? I don’t know, I don’t know, everything will be answered after the game!
The players who clicked on both sides walked into the stadium and did simple warm-up exercises.
In this issue, Zeng Feiyang peeked at James the Little Emperor from time to time, and his face expression was very strange. This is because Zeng Feiyang worshipped and wore LeBron James!
The same age, the same youth, the same amazing talent and skills!
However, Zeng Feiyang’s current situation is very different from LeBron James’s-LeBron James has never regarded himself as another figure outside the team leader after being selected by the Cavaliers! He has a natural domineering leader temperament and he is also full of confidence in himself! He is a born superstar and a born king!
Those average players who are selected to the NBA will have to raise their average score to 2 points in the second year of their career, no matter how strong they are! However, LeBron James is an exception. He went straight from high school to NBA. In his first year of career, he scored 24 points per game, which made him a rookie king!
No player’s performance can make people feel too excited, but James once again broke this theorem-when LeBron James was 1 year old and 26 days old, he scored 25 points and 9 assists in his first match! Surprised everyone!
Young, strong, mature and rich!
Now LeBron James is a perfect man who drives several people crazy, an NBA superstar!
Today, people also place high hopes on it, and even more people call it’ China Flying Man’. Zeng Feiyang wants to challenge’ Little Emperor’ James and his Cavaliers with the Rockets! The highlights of this game are Zeng Feiyang and James!
Although James and Zeng Feiyang played far apart, this does not prevent people from comparing them-in their rookie year, their successors, also known as’ flying men’, also have amazing skills and talents!
Zeng Feiyang and James are similar in technical skills! In terms of rebounding ability, attacking ability and ball ability, they are all like’ flying man’ and’ magician’ illegitimate!
However, James has been rolling in the NBA for many years and his skills are stronger, more mature and stronger than before! Therefore, there is a certain gap between Zeng Feiyang’s theory and James! But basketball is not a single sport. Neither James nor Zeng Feiyang can win the game by themselves. They all need the support of their teammates! In terms of team ability, the Rockets are obviously better than the Cavaliers!
Because of this, it is still unknown who will die in the end of this Cavaliers Rockets game!
"CCTV Taichung CCTV Sports Channel audience friends, we are going to broadcast the Houston Rockets Cleveland Cavaliers game live now! Before that, the Rockets had suffered a five-game losing streak and the team’s record fell out of the top. This away game against the Cavaliers is the last game of their away trip! If they lose this game, they can return to Houston with 19 wins and 22 losses! It will be more difficult for the Rockets to move forward! So this game is a life-and-death battle for the Rockets! Ok, the race is coming. Let’s move the camera to the stadium … "
Rockets starting list
Center Yao; Height 229CM;; Weighing 14 kg; Back number 11
Power forward Strommel Swift; Height 26CM;; Weighing 12 kilograms; Back number 4
Small forward Zenk Hayes; Height 19CM;; Weighing 19 kg; Back number 44
Shooting guard Zeng Feiyang; Height 19CM;; Weighing 3 kg; Back number 51
Point guard Ralph Alston; Height 1 cm; Weighing 79 kg; Back number 12
Cavaliers starting list
Center Zaid Runas Ilgoskas; Height 221CM;; Weighing 11 kg; Back number 11
Power forward drew Gooden; Height 2 cm; Weighing 19 kg; Back number 9
Small forward LeBron James; Height 23CM;; Weighing 1 kg; Back number 23
Shooting guard Larry Hughes; Height 196CM;; Weighing 3 kg; Back number 32
Point guard Mike Wilkes; Height 17CM;; Weighing 1 kg; Back number 29
Chapter one hundred and fifty-two Choice-the future
After seeing the Rockets’ starting list, Yu Jia’s eyes suddenly lit up and said, "Oh, Zeng Feiyang was dragged to the shooting guard position, but Alston took his place after he didn’t perform very well in previous games!" What was JVG, a veteran who neve liked adventure letter, thinking? Can it be said that the recent five-game losing streak has made his head abnormal? Anyway, the race is coming. Let’s watch the race now … "
Zeng Feiyang walked slowly with the team and looked straight ahead, but his mind was remembering talking to Van Gundy an hour ago …
"What did you think of my arrangement for you to play shooting guard today?"
"…" Zeng Feiyang replied thoughtfully, "I think I can win the shooting guard position, but I …"
"What’s the matter? Have you no confidence in yourself? " JVG raised his eyebrows.
Once flying quickly shook his head. "No! Coach, I have confidence in myself, but I don’t like the shooting guard position very much. I still like to work hard at the point guard to deliver shells to my teammates! "
"…" Silence …
"…" Is silence …
For a long time, Van Gundy took a deep breath and said, "Did you know? You are a very good player. You have the ability to play well in all aspects, whether it is defensive attack, rebounding or assisting! "
"…" Zeng Feiyang said.
Van Gundy took a deep look at Zeng Feiyang and said, "Do you know what I want to say to you?"

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