Two city guards in charge of patrolling saw the woman, and one of them immediately shouted, "Who are you? Hiding here? "

The woman licked some blood on her fingertips, and the words "I don’t care about you today" disappeared.
White implied in that sentence. Both the city guards felt chilly behind their necks and swallowed saliva. They both looked at each other and saw the joy in each other’s eyes, but they were afraid to return to terror. They still reported the incident of women.
There was a big accident in the square in the city, and Tongjicheng immediately imposed martial law. Although there were many ways to send it freely and short distances, Xu Jin was still executed. Because the streets were full of patrol guards, there were no onlookers in the square. Most of them went back to the front bed, and few people wandered around the street.
Eta Ursae Majoris was controlled by Zongsheng. It seems that things can come to an end for the time being. Zhao Hongbo and the duke of Tongji City came forward to send someone to send people who stayed in the square back to these day beds or palaces in an orderly manner.
Of course, not everyone was sent away. Penglai Xianzong was invited to the Duke’s House by Tongji City. Those who asked Penglai Xianzong to give a confession were taken to the Duke’s House. At the same time, as in the past, there were Zongsheng and his party and Hu Yingxue.
At the gate of the main mansion, Zongsheng finally met Zongjiu face to face. He pressed Zongsheng on his face and took it. He always wore a mask and saw his face. Except for the original, he knew his appearance, and all his other hands turned to look at Zongjiu.
Zongsheng raised his hand to cover his mouth and coughed lightly. He looked at Zongjiu and asked, "Don’t you have anything to ask?"
"I already know what I want to know." Zong Jiu didn’t know what he should do. The expression was right. He simply put a face on his face. At first glance, he saw someone who looked almost the same as himself and had blood resonance. At this time, he felt much more subtle than when he saw the ringtone.
Hearing Zong Jiu’s response to Zong Sheng was a daze. "What do you know?"
This time, in Zongjiu’s case, he raised his hand to cover his mouth and gently coughed, "My life experience was some of your experiences in that year."
Zong Sheng immediately felt his head buzzing. "Did you find it yourself?"
Zong Jiu answered honestly, "My grandmaster and I bought a message with the other party."
"I got the news from Qianli Inn, right?" When asked this, Zongsheng guessed who gave the news to Hu Yingxue as a bonus. They must be his teachers and friends, and others don’t have the guts.
Zong Jiu took a look at Hu Yingxue. "It seems hard to say."
"Tell me that I founded Qianli Inn." Speaking of this, Zongsheng slightly raised Ba. "Are you interested in inheriting Qianli Inn?"
Zong Jiu answered "No" immediately without hesitation.
The original Zongsheng just casually asked Zongjiu, but simply refused, which made him unhappy and stared at Zongjiu. "What are you dissatisfied with?"
Zong Jiu smiled, "I am very satisfied with my current status."
Zongsheng snorted coldly. "But you don’t want to inherit the Qianli Inn because you don’t want to admit that I am your father, right?"
"This is not a question of admitting that you are my father." Zong Jiu smiled again. "I don’t want to inherit the Qianli Inn. It doesn’t mean denying our father. If you want, we can get along like ordinary fathers."
"I don’t want to" ZongSheng turned and walked first step to the duke’s house.
After seeing Zongsheng go in, his hands came to their senses, and he quickly followed the guardian Bi to give Zongsheng a voice, "I really don’t want to recognize it?"
Zong Sheng’s footsteps froze and replied, "I don’t know how to be a father at all. How can I get along with him like an ordinary father?"
Green protector then smiled.
Protector Bi smiled, and Zong Sheng’s ears became red. The others were dumbfounded, because in their eyes, Protector Bi couldn’t laugh. At first sight, he smiled, and the smile was very warm, which made them feel more horrified.
I don’t know that there is such an episode in front, such as Hu Yingxue and others, who followed Zongsheng and his party and continued to walk in the duke’s house. Yong Jian and Zhu Zhou’s tandem swords have never been put away. The guards in the duke’s house saw it and ignored it. No one woke up before. The two of them should put their weapons away.
Soon after, the guards in the mansion led them into the main hall of the duke’s mansion. As soon as they walked in, the duke of Tongji City apologized before he left. "It’s that our range of measures are not in place, which scares you Taoist friends."
Two elders, Shen Zhao and Ruan Ye, apologized before Hu Yingxue naturally and Mu Tianxuan and others leaned back to the duke. Shen Zhao and Ruan Ye received the ceremony on behalf of the ascended man, and then Shen Zhao said, "You can’t blame the duke for not doing enough security at the venue today. No one thought that anyone would make trouble at the time."
Tied and thrown to the ground, Eta Ursae Majoris came to think about it, such as letting himself get out of trouble and smell speech again. No matter how I think back, my head is a mess. I can’t remember how I decided to start when it was the turn of Penglai Fairy Palace, the elder of the Temple of Dan. Now I feel that that time is the most inappropriate time to make a decision, but I feel that there is no more suitable opportunity than that one.
Eta Ursae Majoris would make such a wrong decision. Of course, there is another mystery. A person who can sit in the position of the elder of Penglai Xianzong must have a brain even if he has some means to get his head caught in the door. It seems that he has to talk about it again when the meeting is going on. Except for her, she is worried about Zongsheng’s revenge. The main reason is that Zongsheng has made some arrangements
If an alchemist has entered Eta Ursae Majoris’s room before, if you are careful, you will find that the soothing incense in her room is actually a fascinating fragrance. If you don’t smoke a little too much, you will easily be influenced by people with a certain fragrance on your hands. One of them is arranged by Zong Sheng to pretend to be Eta Ursae Majoris’s personal maid
The man kept hinting that Eta Ursae Majoris wouldn’t change the arrangement when she hired the six robbers and scattered demons. The six robbers and scattered demons were Eta Ursae Majoris, and the guest who entered the curtain was very obsessed with Eta Ursae Majoris. When he saw Eta Ursae Majoris, he insisted on it, which proved that his powerful head was hot.
The incense burner with the problem has been disposed of. Zong Sheng didn’t tell Eta Ursae Majoris that she couldn’t remember the details, so no one would find out that she was so stupid after thinking about it. It was definitely because she was too worried about being retaliated that she made such an arrangement.
I smoothed out the things that have been discovered in front of me. Eta Ursae Majoris has now made excuses. Perhaps it is foreseeable what she will face next. Instead, she calmed down and smiled at those who want to look at her in the middle of the year. A dead pig is not afraid of scalding water.
Look at Eta Ursae Majoris’s appearance. Before questioning her, she immediately gnashed her teeth and said, "You poisonous bitch, I must take revenge on you and my son with my own hands."
Eta Ursae Majoris or smell speech gently snorted a "revenge for me? Your score is that you are stupid to death. If he is not stupid, he will not be hooked by a few random touches. "
At this time of Penglai Xianzong, the elders of the Dan Temple came out "Eta Ursae Majoris, don’t be rampant! Penglai Xianzong will investigate the matter of the wooden spider code, and it is necessary for you to give the victim a confession. "
"The victim brother?" Eta Ursae Majoris smiled a few times. "I dedicated that code to Zongli but didn’t force my brothers in Zongli to practice that code. Knowing that the wooden spider code has such a secret, they don’t exclude people from double cultivation and even take the initiative to choose their own victims. What kind of victim brother is this?"
Eta Ursae Majoris said that when many people in the temple looked at Penglai Xianzong, there was some contempt in their eyes. It was such an idea that they wanted to whitewash Zongmen. Can you understand the trouble and use your head more? If you refuse to sacrifice a unlucky person, it can be said that the victim already has a victim or is preparing to look for a victim, so you can say that it is a murderer. It is estimated that you know that there are many mistakes in talking, and everyone in Penglai Xianzong is simply not out.
When I was silent, I didn’t forget that things here had returned to Penglai Xianzong. I knew that Miao Mengluo had concealed the fact that she had taken the initiative to find Taichang to confess that Zongsheng was looking for Eta Ursae Majoris’s news and she had a hunch. Therefore, before the news came back to Zongzong, she did something to let Miao Ruolin and her find a person who was not very satisfied but who was not bad. After the double cultivation helped save his life and rebuilt the spiritual root, he and Miao Ruolin were sent away together.
But I didn’t expect it to be revealed that it was not only a wooden spider code, but also revealed that Liu Baimeng was Liu’s family. As Liu Baimeng guessed, she knew that Liu Yaoxin belonged to Liu Jiama. Some people wondered if there was something wrong with her Dan medicine. They went to the Dan Temple to find someone to check it, and they found the eggs that had not been hatched. This was a terrible thing. Penglai Island immediately fried the nest
The wooden spider code involves less than 100 people, but the number of people involved can’t be determined at the moment. Although it has a great influence on the reputation of Penglai Xianzong because of foreign affairs, the younger brother is the foundation of a clan. Therefore, Penglai Island is checking who else has a method of eggs and ignores Tongji City.
Left, right, etc. didn’t see the instructions from Zongli. Everyone can bite the bullet and remain silent. Fortunately, the duke of Tongji City didn’t want to face Penglai Xianzong. The main talk was that Eta Ursae Majoris hired six robbers and scattered demons to disrupt the sermon meeting. It was true that everyone came to the duke’s house to find out whether the true and false ghost mask people had a good connection and judge whether the ghost mask people would rob Tang Haoqian alone.
As a victim, Hu Yingxue and others didn’t find the opportunity like a bunch of people who wanted revenge, so they had to be impassioned. When no one asked them questions, they kept silent. A bunch of people in Danmeng were still full of resentment before they saw that they didn’t take the opportunity to fall into the well, and they felt a little grateful.
Dan Meng people don’t know if they are ashamed and ashamed, but gradually calm down. Zhao Hongbo’s heart is full of relief and death. This is what Dan Meng has to go through now. He has done too many wrong things and must pay back those wrong debts. Whether it is success, failure or death depends on the attitude of the people who eventually stay in Dan Meng.
Hu Yingxue felt that they were a bystander all the time and were preparing to make an excuse to Shen Zhao and Ruan Ye, two elders, to leave the brain suddenly and the alarm was too big to be sure, so he waved his hand and erected three enchantments in succession on his own side.
Chapter 313 See method again
As soon as the enchantment was built, I saw a shadow bump into the outermost enchantment, and it just happened to hit that enchantment, and it collapsed. Just then, Hu Yingxue rushed to build three enchantments, and all of them collapsed, but this has won enough response. When the last enchantment collapsed, a sword shadow and the shadow collided.
The shadow was chopped and crashed into the wall opposite Hu Yingxue and others. The wall of the temple has already opened the enchantment, but it is as broken as the three enchantments built by Hu Yingxue. With a bang, a big hole and a large spider-web crack appeared in the wall.
At this time, the shadow appeared to be magnified several times quickly. When the body staggered and flew up, someone exclaimed in the temple, "Drilling the sky!"
Diamond dumpling is a very rare dumpling monster. The most striking feature is that there is a golden unicorn on the top of the head. This unicorn is extremely rare. Most enchantments will collapse when touched by it. It once grew to the level of a god beast. Diamond dumpling drilled a big hole in the barrier of the underworld, which is why it got the name of the diamond dumpling race.
It’s definitely a sharp weapon to solve the enchantment. Besides, there’s another thing that people have to pay attention to. It can not only have a lot of things, but also keep the living for a short time. Adding force is definitely a series of conspiracy super helpers, such as looting houses, killing people, setting fires, making raids and so on.
But at present, the force value of this drill dumpling is not high enough for adults. Just now, the sword was split behind Hu Yingxue, and Atractylodes lancea split it so far away. Although there was no wound, it was very difficult to be hit dizzy. It took a long time to pull out the neck and let out a long whistle.
From the appearance of the drill dumpling to being chopped off, that is, it took a few more blinks. Although it was short, some people saw clearly what was going on. When the drill dumpling was chopped off by Atractylodes lancea sword, Liu Baimeng was about to jump from the ground and be punched in the abdomen.
Seeing the presence of the boxer, many people were stunned. Everyone knew Hu Yingxue’s second disciple, Jiang Zhu. They were surprised at how this man appeared beside Liu Baimeng before Hu Yingxue. The truth is that when the second enchantment collapsed, Jiang Zhu triggered a short-distance teleport symbol of Xia Qing.
Because there is a time crack next to it, there is quicksand in the cloud nine, and it can be said that there are as many as you want. Xia Qing especially likes to make and deliver the kind of runes. With this convenience, the musicians can’t stop because of the abundant materials, and various runes such as enhancement and addition appear constantly, not to mention Hu Yingxue and other close people. Everyone in the cloud nine is not lacking.
The crimson bead just made the teleport symbol an enhancement of the teleport symbol. The so-called enhancement means that the trigger time is shorter and the moving speed is faster. When others notice that the white light bursts when starting the delivery, the operator has reached the place he wants to go.
It was Liu Baimeng who first found out that the dumpling was released. When he found that Atractylodes lancea had raised the sword and crimson beads, he teleported to Liu Baimeng’s side and punched Liu Baimeng in the abdomen. Liu Baimeng was not abolished, but it was hard to get together, and the real yuan was scattered.
Penglai Xianzong people still want to denounce the sudden approach of Crimson Pearl to their side, but they listen to Crimson Pearl say to Liu Baimeng with some disdain, "I don’t care whether you want to rob my master or I live in the ninth nephew, I have to give you this one. Who do you look down upon if the king keeps bugs on the spot?"
Liu Baimeng had a hard time to suppress the surge of qi and blood. "How do you know it’s King Gu?"
Crimson beads curled her lips. "I studied it more when I met a trick. I should have made it before I found out that the bug was really boring, right?"
Liu Baimeng almost spit out the blood that was hard to swallow and gave crimson pearl a bad look. "I’m happy."
The crimson pearl just wanted to satirize Liu Baimeng, but she got the secret book of the method from Liu Yaoxin, and she tried to raise the method secretly. At that time, she collected a lot of poisonous snakes and different insects, but when she raised the method, she didn’t look carefully and waited until it became a method, only to find that she finally left a dumpling that almost appeared in the middle of the talk.
After being refined into a method, the strength of the diamond dumpling will rise by the level of the method, but it will never grow again. That diamond dumpling is a young dumpling means that it will always be a young dumpling. In a sense, refining the diamond dumpling into a method can be said to kill the goose that lays the golden egg.
However, this does not mean that the value of the diamond dumpling will weaken after it becomes a method. Sang Yu’s harvest of the eastern corner dumpling is especially suitable for cultivating into a king of the method, and it is a poisonous method. wang qian will make Hu Yingxue’s brain alarm big because it can threaten her safety.
Liu Baimeng’s plan is to exploit Tian Jiao to hijack Hu Yingxue or Zong Jiu to exploit Tian Jiao’s body at the same time, so that others will not immediately be attacked by deadly methods of poison, so that they have to fear the safety of the hijacked person and the poisoned master brother, so that she can get a foothold when she takes Hu Yingxue away or Zong Jiu to Liu Yaoxin.
It’s a good plan, but I didn’t expect Hu Yingxue’s crisis induction to be so strong that Jiao didn’t come to rush to Hu Yingxue or Zongjiu’s side, so he was prepared to fight back because of Hu Yingxue’s movement. Why didn’t anyone else move? Of course, because of the root, they don’t need to move. If Liu Baimeng wasn’t a woman who ran over and beat her, there would be no crimson beads.
But Hu Yingxue, they didn’t pay attention to the body-drilling dumpling, but it doesn’t mean that others don’t pay attention to it either. Seeing that its body has been rubbed, there are bursts of smoke, and you will know how poisonous it is. Plus, the general enchantment root can’t prevent it and the method is fearful. Listen to crimson beads and say that the drilling dumpling is the king of the method, and someone will make moves.

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