Although the words reveal impatience and ridicule, the implication is still captured by Tang Chuan.

This is the first floor where appreciate each other Overogu doesn’t want such a newcomer, Wang, to be beaten to death by a group because of his inexplicably arrogant admission.
Only when you have a Libra ring in Tangchuankou can you really start.
At the moment, he is regarded as a temporary champion, and everyone else is a challenger. If it is not a fight, only the champion will nod and Libra will make such an unfair challenge.
However, this is a challenge to the self, and it is no longer sheltered by the rules of Libra.
That is to say, you deserve to be killed, but if you exceed the limit, it is also before the sages get a reward.
Tang Chuan looked at Overogu and noticed him. appreciate each other laughed wildly. "Are you ready to be killed by me?"
Along with his mouth, the Libra ring rippled, and the regular force once again floated a distance to the top of Libra.
In the room, the folded part has also been enlarged sharply, and the crazy expansion has been completed in a blink of an eye. From the perspective of the Ministry, it is enough for more than 100 people to fight hard.
Everyone feels that the washing of their own realm rules has steadily decreased to the level of high-order planetary butchers.
Here are all higher-level veterans, and naturally the average level of the first floor is not comparable.
They are all planetary butchers, otherwise it is impossible to hang out.
Old Six Arms took out six weapons from nowhere when he saw this situation, and each hand held one of them. He told the people, "Although he is a person, everyone should make efforts!" Otherwise, if you are pulled by such a fearless person, your faces will not hang up! "
Someone replied with a smile, "You don’t want to fan the flames here when you know that your nephew has been killed. I think most people are willing to come on stage because they are so arrogant that you can’t tell me what to do?"
Overogu is even more like a mountain riot, and the violent energy will bounce the old six arms aside and say, "You don’t need to go to the old side if you want to play a good role in fanning the flames."
More than 100 people then quickly spread the shock wave of the Ovogou explosion to all directions of this Libra ring, which is bigger than the ordinary planet.
Tang Chuan, who is in the center of the siege, is also excited. His body has entered an extremely acute state, and his reaction speed, strength and latent energy in his body have been mobilized crazily.
All this is subconscious and!
This is the first time he has entered such a state!
In the past, there was no external environment to force me, and there was nothing really worth devoting myself to. The enemy I met was either too weak or strong, and no matter how serious I was.
Only now is he full of fighting spirit!
The subconscious is activated, inexplicable muscle memory, fighting feelings fill every corner of the body and mind.
Because if you don’t get up, you may be killed, and after subconscious calculation, you can still have a chance to fight!
More than a hundred people came and gave Tang Chuan a gift. The long-range attack was bombarded from all sides in the center of Tang Chuan, and it was powerful enough to defeat a super planet group in an instant.
Tang Chuan naturally won’t fight hard. Now everyone is in the same realm. Fighting hard is the most thankless way, and it is easy to be cracked immediately.
His speed advantage was greatly stimulated, and his body wavered and disappeared in an instant, and he escaped most of the long-range attacks in the center.
And hard to resist a few sharp angles, the attacker is loud and roaring, and the energy is mixed together enough to blow the hills into desert and then roll the desert into glass, but this energy is obviously not enough to cause any damage to the Libra ring.
Tang Chuan also has a clearer understanding of his strength at this moment.

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