Qiu felt very keen. As soon as he felt that he was being watched, he immediately turned his head to show that it turned out to be the flying giant eagle king "Golden Eagle"

"Boy, the third-level monster beast proved to be extraordinary. Now my spiritual practice has reached the middle stage of the foundation period. With the convergence of interest and invisibility, the roots of the monks in the middle stage of the foundation period are difficult to show. Even the monks in the late stage of the foundation period may not be able to show me if they don’t have occult skills or feel particularly keen." When I saw the flying giant eagle king staring at his autumn, his hair stood up and cold sweat appeared on his forehead.
"Well, what’s the matter? It’s okay that it ignored me." Seeing that the flying giant eagle king actually glanced at himself, he ignored himself no longer. Qiu couldn’t help but take a long breath in his heart to relax.
Two-handed tactic fierce a course autumn body immediately flashed up, and in three flashes and two flashes autumn faded away.
Rushing all the way, but not for a moment, he came to a place ten miles away from the array, where he vaguely saw the flying giant eagle king and all the flying giant eagles flying.
Looking at the tall and stout trees in front of me, Qiu smiled and took out a flying sword from the bag to rise towards high school.
According to Qiu’s speculation, there should be a flying giant eagle king who is a third-class monster beast, and the rest of the flying giant eagle is a second-class monster beast.
However, even if the second-class monster beast is a second-class high-order and top-level flying eagle, it should be able to be in the invisibility of convergence. The Mid-Autumn Festival is the Mid-Autumn Festival, so his figure has been tightly relying on a giant tree to hide his figure in the branches and leaves without revealing a trace.
He flew straight for dozens of feet, and the branches of a big tree let the leaves cover his figure tightly. He looked through the cracks in the leaves at the bird’s nest built by hundreds of giant trees not far away.
In autumn, I’m afraid there are thousands of nests built by hundreds of giant trees, and there is a huge nest at the top of the biggest tree among hundreds of giant trees. It must be the flying eagle king’s nest in autumn.
Wan Jian, Kuang Ba Tian and other monks killed nearly 200 flying giant eagles in the Golden Dapeng Bird "Jin Peng", ordered the flying giant eagle king "Golden Eagle" and led more than 300 flying giant eagles to guard the battle, and most of them were left in this nest by second-order high-order and top-order monsters. It turned out that the flying giant eagle was diverse, and there were even fewer second-order high-order and top-order flying giant eagles.
Be careful to converge your breath, hide your figure, fly slowly with a flying sword in autumn, and lean toward the biggest giant tree in it with the leaves hidden.
"What should I do? There is a flying giant eagle lying in that nest. Look at that huge figure. It’s not too small or too diverse than the flying giant eagle king’ Golden Eagle’. It should be a second-class monster beast. If I lean over, I will definitely be "Autumn". A giant tree is ten feet away from the biggest tree, hiding a frown and thinking deeply.
Think about it and I don’t know how many brain cells Qiu has murdered, and finally come to a conclusion. Even if it’s tricky, it’s hard and reckless, but if it’s really hard, Qiu is really not sure that he can get benefits at the hands of the second-class flying giant eagle
"Ow …"
When there was no good way to meditate in autumn, the giant flying eagle lying in the nest of the big tree in the middle suddenly screamed and rushed in the opposite direction of autumn
"Whoosh …"
Twenty feet away from where autumn is, the leaves suddenly have a pale white light, which quickly goes to the periphery of the flying giant eagle nest group.
"Boy, I didn’t expect that I was not the only one with the same idea." Looking at this sudden change in autumn with a slight stare blankly, I couldn’t help but feel a little startled and greatly lamented that there were many "smart people"
Pale white light escape degree is extremely fast, but the pursuit degree of that huge flying eagle is actually three points faster, so it is even a matter of time before it is chased.
"This is the moment!"
As soon as the huge flying eagle was ten feet away from the nest, Qiu immediately seized the opportunity to drive the low-order treasure flying sword and flew away to the huge nest very quickly.
"Whoosh …"
In the middle of the autumn construction period, the consciousness came into operation at twelve o’clock, and he urged the jewel to fly the sword, which was not slower than that of the huge flying eagle
"Ow …"
When there was a movement in autumn, it was immediately screamed by the huge flying eagle, and immediately abandoned the pale white light and turned around and flew back to the nest.
"quick! Come on! Come on! Faster! " As soon as the giant flying eagle returned to the autumn just visible, it was a big hurry. I felt the deep pressure and even more violently urged me to escape the light.
"Ha, ha, ha, or I arrived first, and you were all a little late." After the giant flying eagle left the nest, not only Qiu seized the opportunity, but many "smart people" also flew to the flying eagle king’s nest, but they started a little slower than Qiu.
"Well, there is really a big bird’s egg in this nest, although there is only one." When Qiu Yi arrived at the nest, he immediately saw a huge, perfect white bird’s egg with a little gold thread in it.
Autumn hands a pinch tactic a spiritual force will shoot out the bird’s egg up income into the bag.
"Ha ha send you a big gift!" It was in autumn that birds’ eggs were collected, and a dozen monks and the giant flying eagle arrived almost at the same time, and they actually went to autumn together
After Qiu put away the eggs, he immediately took a spirit beast bag from his waist without even a moment’s delay, and hit the mouth of the bag and a large piece of wasp flew out of it.
As soon as tens of millions of wasps came out, they rushed to the giant flying eagle that had reached more than a dozen monks in the construction period, while Qiu immediately decided to escape.
Turning the direction of the flying sword around, Qiu tried to urge the flying sword to escape towards the ground. In his mana, he urged gravity to double his falling degree, which was much faster than that of his royal sword.
Tens of millions of wasps saved more than a dozen monks in the foundation period and the giant flying eagle. Although they were not afraid, they had to work hard to cope with it. When they drove away most of the wasps, they tried to chase Qiuqiu, but they touched the ground.
As soon as he touched the land, Qiu’s hands pinched the tactic and immediately cast out the soil escape technique to escape into the underground.
After a soil escape technique was put into use, it immediately appeared hundreds of meters away outside the flying giant eagle nest group.
"Ha ha, I didn’t expect to play the flying giant eagle egg idea. There are many monks in the foundation period. It seems that there are nearly a hundred people, so it can attract those flying giant eagles and let me escape safely." I turned my head to see the flying giant eagle in the nest group, and all of them were shocked. Many monks in the foundation period fought with each other.
"Ow …"
"Bad even the flying giant eagle king was shocked. I’d better run away quickly, otherwise it would be a disaster." Seeing the flying giant eagle king ten miles away from the array was also shocked. He was rushing to autumn here, and he was frightened to disgrace and immediately got into the soil with his hands pinched.
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Chapter one hundred and thirteen Ruins in secret places
The lair has changed, and the flying giant eagle king is naturally shocked to see that it fluttered its wings and burst into a gust of wind and flew towards its lair.
Wang Yuan, the flying giant eagle, was a Chinese demon bird. It showed its flying ability in this great hurry and arrived at the lair in a short time.
"Ow …"
When the flying giant eagle king came to his lair, he was furious when he saw that hundreds of human monks were fighting with the flying giant eagle. He led his neck with a long hiss and his wings swept away, and the wind blade shot away with his appearance.
Hundreds of human monks and hundreds of flying giant eagles are inextricably intertwined, but the flying giant eagle king shot a lot of wind blades and naturally evaded those flying giant eagles and went straight to find the hundreds of human monks in the construction period.
As soon as the nest of the flying giant eagle changed, not only did the king of the flying giant eagle immediately return to the guarding place, but more than 300 flying giant eagles also returned with wings.
Although there are a large number of human monks, there are more than 100, but those monks fought fiercely with the flying eagle during the foundation period, it is still difficult to gain the wind, especially when the flying eagle king returned, its wings and many wind blades shot out and more than 100 human monks were immediately in trouble
At the sight of the return of the flying giant eagle king, not only autumn was shocked, but hundreds of human monks were even more horrified and tried to escape. However, due to the entanglement of the flying giant eagle, not many human monks were able to escape. In the end, most monks still had to face the attack of the flying giant eagle Feng Wang blade
A small number of human monks escaped from the flying giant eagle, and they struggled to escape in all directions with great speed. However, more than 300 flying giant eagles, which followed the queen of flying giant eagle, also returned very quickly, and even surrounded the nest tightly, breaking the human monks’ escape mind.
When more than 100 human monks were in a desperate situation, the ground near the battle array suddenly bulged slightly and Qiu’s figure was pulled out of the soil.
"Boy, I almost ran out of mana when I got out of this short distance, but fortunately I finally escaped." After Qiu emerged from the ground, he glanced at the flying giant eagle’s lair ten miles away and saw those human monks who were trying to fight the flying giant eagle’s eggs. They were all in a desperate situation and couldn’t help shivering.
Qiu has five spiritual roots, so he can cast five-element spells, and Qiu Xiu has barely been able to cast high-order spells in the foundation period.
In autumn, after entering the foundation period, you should first practice high-order spells, that is, the soil evasion technique has reached a level where you can barely display it.
Earth escape is a kind of high-order magic of earth, which requires a lot of mana and is not very skilled. Therefore, escaping from a distance of ten miles almost exhausted all the mana in Qiudantian.
As soon as the body is in autumn, he will play a tactic to send the array and "hum" a light to put it up
When Qiu started to send the battle array, several monks drilled out of the ground around the battle array. They escaped from the hand of the flying giant eagle and wanted to go to the secret site by sending the battle array, but it was too late for Qiu.
Twenty-five low-order lingshi were placed in this array. After several waves of sending lingshi, many lingshi have been consumed. It seems that the light is dim. Compared with this autumn, there is no drop left in the 25 low-order lingshi. After the autumn figure disappeared from the array, a small part of the 25 low-order lingshi completely collapsed into dust.
The huge movement of the array naturally attracted the attention of many flying eagles, so the king of the flying eagle led many flying eagles to pounce on the array
After sending the troops to the autumn, I felt that the scenery in front of me was suddenly distorted and my brain was slightly dizzy, so I was in another place.

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