Shang Xiufang’s eyes sparkled with this excitement. After all, her mother was called heterogeneous because of her silver hair. Now I didn’t expect that Mundus, who is famous all over the world, was also a head of silver hair. This is why Shang Xiufang is willing to follow the Imperial Heaven. Otherwise, she would never bring Shang Xiufang here just by virtue of Shi Xuan.

In the end, Shang Xiufang didn’t know what to think and even whispered, "I am willing to practice martial arts!"
Shang Xiufang herself doesn’t know why she doesn’t seem to want to disappoint Imperial Heaven and this person like herself!
Yutian chuckled at the palm of his hand and didn’t let go of the silver hair. He just looked at Shang Xiufang gently. "Martial arts can last forever, but it can prolong life. Music and martial arts are in harmony. I don’t worry that the so-called piano art will naturally rise because of martial arts. After all, you understand that it is artistic conception rather than sound!"
ShangXiuFang one leng some touches look at imperial beauty eyes show a trace of joy.
Shi Qingxuan looked at Yutian with a smile. "Big brother is amazing!"
"Ha ha …!" Yu Tian smiled and said indifferently, "Very good!"
Perhaps it is because of today’s decision that the female expert who is only famous for her beauty and music in the original work will shock the whole world with peerless martial arts!
Yutian is already looking forward to Shi Qingxuan monk Xiufang dancing with Monty.
A song by Monty and a dance by Monty.
Chapter 277 Mundus out of heaven and earth.
"Oh, this is brother Yu Tian who hasn’t got up yet. Aren’t you willing to accompany Xiu Xin on a tour?"
Crisp voice with a trace of doubt.
This person is Bi Xiuxin.
Bi Xiu’s heart looked at the courtyard with a little bit of doubt, but it was a long time since I saw the Imperial Heaven. I only saw two girls practicing there.
In the end, Bi Xiu said softly, "Qingxuan, can you tell my sister where Yutian went?"
Shi Qingxuan looked at Bi Xiu in front of her eyes and said strangely, "Don’t you know, big sister?"
Shang Xiufang said softly, "Xiu Xin’s sister Qing Xuan is not sensible, and Yu Tianda’s brother is still resting. Yesterday, Yu Tianda’s brother was a little happy when he saw his wife coming, so he slept more!"
The faint words make Shang Xiufang feel a little shy.
Blue show heart one leng is very surprised to see ShangXiuFang emerge a little incredible and shock in my heart.
Shi Qingxuan looked at ShangXiuFang is somewhat puzzled and curious.
ShangXiuFang shook his head and pulled Shi Qingxuan’s little hand.
In the end, Bi Xiuxin finally saw a black figure, and then combined with Shang Xiufang’s shyness, there was a trace of embarrassment in her heart. "It turned out that Zhu Yuyan came to make you happy!"
It’s a misunderstanding to finish Bixiu’s heart, but even if God knows it, it’s never meant anything.
"Justice is that there are not many roads from here to Luoyang City. Now this road is exactly what it is. After all, the three holy monks are about to arrive here!" Kwai dark light said with filar silk pitfalls.
Imperial heaven looked down at the corners of the pipe and a trace of indifference emerged. "Maybe Buddhism will gradually become history from today."
Imperial day looked around the great mountains and rivers, took a deep breath and slowly appeared with dragons.
Around some dignified kwai dark behind the royal celestial body feel more dignified momentum eventually emerge a trace of fear.
"Who is it …"
A suit of anger is like a lion roaring.
A monk in a cassock stared cautiously around.
Dozens of monks are alert and look around.
Suddenly a voice came, "Where!"
Instantly three sharp eyes stare at a place ahead.
"Hum …" Royal day cold hum a disdain said, "Master Daoxin, Master Wisdom, Master Jiaxiang, and the four holy monks who died in the emperor’s heart! Ha ha … "
Cold words are like a cold wind blowing.
Master Daoxin’s eyes are shining with nothing but "Mundus is the king of heaven!"
Master of wisdom put his hands together "Amitabha! The presence of Emperor Zun here means "
Master Jiaxiang holds a bronze bell in his hand, which only gives off a bell for a while.
Years ago, Master Jiaxiang, the emperor’s heart-worshipper, was slaughtered by the Imperial Heaven, and now it has been years since he practiced silent meditation.
With a wave of his hand, the royal sky slowly vibrates with dragons all over his body, and there are bursts of coldness around him!
"I’ll borrow your head!"

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