It was only after one o’clock in the afternoon when I took a look at the meal. She began to continue to practice dancing in the living room. She had already got the choreography for the filming of the dance in the week. Miss Lin was quite happy about this matter. She seemed to want her students to become a online celebrity … In that case, Miss online celebrity could also rub a little heat.

But Lin Jinlian is not a choreographer but a ballet.
Of course, Lin Jin doesn’t know much about ballet, and now practice is just the basic steps of ballet. She is going to teach Qiu Yufei these moves this afternoon, so she plans to learn them for an hour.
This kind of introductory teaching video and graphic teaching is everywhere on the Internet. It’s not much trouble for Lin Jin to learn it. She doesn’t plan to let Yufei learn ballet on her own. She plans to consolidate Qiu Yufei’s foundation and then send her to the training class.
After practicing for half an hour, I’ve probably done enough exercise. I’ll have a sip of water and then continue to practice the house dance choreographed by Teacher Lin.
This house dance is called the cumin fire … well, it’s a sudden fire.
It seems that it was very popular many years ago, and Lin Jin once heard a song, but it was the first time to dance by herself.
It is worth noting that Lin Jin can’t remember whether the song "Yi" should be pronounced "zi" until now.
Cumin fire sounds just like barbecue!
Because it’s a Japanese song, Lin Jin doesn’t know what the lyrics of this song mean, what they contain and what they don’t understand, but she knows that it’s Teacher Lin’s choreography that is finally not as erotic as a song.
After practicing for half an hour again, Lin Jin stretched himself and walked out the door towards the bus.
However, she is left alone today.
Zhu Dong seems to have something to ask his sister Wu Min out on Sunday, so he didn’t get up until now because he stayed up too late last night. Of course, it may be an excuse that he is simply too lazy to go again.
Shi Linjin is also a little lazy. It takes nearly an hour to paint every day, and it takes two hours to go back and forth to the welfare home. At one time, it seemed like a wave to her. If several children in the welfare home had not established friendship with her, Lin Jin would be as lazy as Wu Min.
It takes ten minutes to walk by bus alone, and Lin Jin finally comes to the welfare home.
Just walking on the second floor of the welfare home, I suddenly found that Wang Xiaopudong, a chubby kid, seemed to have disappeared.
"Where’s Xiao Pang?" Lin Jin approached a healthy girl and asked.
"He had a mom and dad last night ~" The girl smiled and took Lin Jin’s hand. "He is so happy. When can I be adopted?"
"Now mom and dad seem to like the boy Yufei, and no one likes her for a long time."
"It’s okay. There are more and more girls now. Mom and Dad like them. In a few days, my little sister will be taken away." Lin Jin stroked the girl’s head and walked over to appease.
Chubby was adopted.
Although it was a happy thing, Lin Jin lost her mind for a moment.
Fortunately, there are children in the welfare home who are familiar to him.
Lin Jin went straight to Qiu Yufei, who was watching Pleasant Goat Grey Wolf intently.
"Teacher Lin Jin! There you are! " Qiu Yufei suddenly got up, as if because the welfare home taught her to show special respect to the teacher, bowing and rushing to bring water and tea. "What are you going to teach me today, Teacher Lin Jin?"
"Call you basic dance steps and move today? This is the basic work. You have to practice every day sometimes, just like leg press. "Lin Jin accepted the rain and Fei tea unceremoniously, sipping gently." Did you practice early every day? Don’t tell me that everyone is lazy. "
"Of course!" Qiu Yufei excitedly waved his fist. "I am inspirational to be a big star!"
"Be a big star?" Jin wait for a while was in a daze thinking about who the big star was.
"What brother Wu Min and brother Zhu Dong didn’t come?" Although yufei doesn’t have much contact with them, I still know that they are "what’s wrong with them?"
"Brother Zhu Dong is going on a date with the girl he likes. Brother Wu Min went to bed too late last night and hasn’t even got up yet."
Lin Jin explained
"Brother Wu Min is a big slacker!"
"Yes, yes, yes." Lin Jin was happy to see her speak ill of Wu Min.
"Said sister when to go on a date? When my sister gets married, she can adopt us. "Yufei looked forward to looking at Lin Jin." Sister Lin Jin, if only you were my mother. "
Lin Jin’s face is black. Is she still a college student? What, yufei is already a mother-level person in her eyes?
"Sister temporarily don’t want to get married …"
"Eh, don’t you like boys?" Qiu Yufei thought for a moment and suddenly shook his head. "Forget it, sister, don’t get married. If you get married, you won’t come to see me for a long time."
"Is! How nice it is not to get married! "
Lin Jin immediately echoed, but she immediately thought of her mother.
God knows why mom is so enthusiastic about letting her find a boyfriend.
Chapter 44 43 Isn’t it normal not to want me in that case?
Before chubby left, the two-year-old child who was scheduled to leave also left. Although two children left, Lin Jin didn’t know that the atmosphere of the whole welfare home seemed to be somewhat depressed
Maybe it’s because Xiao Pang is the king of children here. The king of children didn’t know what to do when he left those children.
Lin Jin felt that she should play the role of king of children instead of waiting for another king of children to come out voluntarily.
So she gave yufei today’s ballet professor and went to the second floor to greet the children to play games.
Playing games with children, Lin Jinshi has never experienced this kind of experience. When she was a child, she only took a few children running around at most. Before playing games with them, Wu Min also cooperated. Now she is an adult with a group of children and really doesn’t know what to play.
But it’s better to call it up first
Called up seven healthy children, found a square table, and a group of people sat around, and then Lin Jin asked
"What do you want to play?"
"I want to see the joy."
A group of children shouted together
Cooperate a little, okay?
Lin Jin looked up and glanced at the big screen, and the corner of Pleasant Goat Big Wolf’s mouth was sobbed.
It may be true that watching cartoons is the favorite activity for these children who can’t go out at home.
So Lin Jin immediately made up her mind, so let’s watch it together!
After watching cartoons with a group of children for half an hour, Lin Jin pulled away and went to Qiu Yufei’s dancing place.
At this time, Yu Fei is not the only one practicing dance. There are also two younger girls who imitate Yu Fei while silly wait for a while moves.
"Do you two want to learn dancing, too?"
These two girls are about four years old, and they should be old enough to learn to dance.
"hmm!" Those two girls don’t look as beautiful as Qiu Yufei, but they are cute at the age of four, regardless of their looks.
"Then come along." Jin Lin smiled gently.
Because I am alone today, Lin Jin’s mood is not very warm, at least not as high as before, so she is somewhat absent-minded
"Teacher Lin Jin? What do you think of your bad mood? " Qiu Yufei sat next to Lin Jin and gasped for rest. She was keenly aware of Lin Jin’s mood and asked carefully, "Are you a little tired coming to the yard every day?"
"A little bit of this reason." Lin Jin gently smiled and stroked Yufei’s head. "The main reason is that my two friends didn’t come."
"Won’t they come later?" Yufei opened her eyes wide and said, "That brother Zhu Dong is very handsome. Many children in the college like him. If he doesn’t come, they will be sad."
"What about brother Wu Min?" Lin Jin knows that Zhu Donghai seems to be very popular in his eyes, but he wants to know what Wu Min is like in their hearts. "Isn’t Wu Min’s brother handsome?"
"Well …"
Qiu Yufei put his finger to his lips and thought for a moment before he commented on Wu Min. "Brother Wu Min is not as handsome as Brother Zhu Dong, but I heard from my younger brother and sister that Brother Wu Min is particularly patient."
"Brothers and sisters often make trouble, but Wu Min’s brother will never get angry."
"What if they don’t come later?" Lin Jin tentatively asked
She didn’t have much contact with Wu Min Zhu Dong. She just said a few words at ordinary times.
"If you don’t come, your brothers and sisters will be very sad." Qiu Yufei’s face immediately drooped and his face was unhappy. "Will Teacher Lin Jin come later?"
"That’s not what I mean," Lin Jin immediately shook his head and denied and explained, "Brother Wu Min and Brother Zhu Dong were fooled by me. They are also very busy at ordinary times, and they may come a lot less often after talking. I will talk for at least two years in a row!"
Lin Jin made a gesture at her.
"Hey, that’s a deal!" Qiu Yufei immediately got excited, held Lin Jin’s arm and began to chatter about dancing these days.
What? My legs are sore and painful when I wake up every day? What? Now leg press can be overwhelmed? What? Because I’m too tired to practice dancing, I’ve almost become a foodie recently. I can eat two bowls of rice in one meal.

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