Zhang Lan doesn’t interrupt while listening.

He knew that it was more than enough for Malekis to intervene in the real gem power to smooth out several artificial black holes.
Why don’t you tell Tony a few people
Well, it’s better to let them worry about it than to talk about what their names are.
Step by step, walk slowly with Zhang Lan, and the golden sacred clothes emerge one by one. Looking at it, it is majestic and cool.
In a previous life, it was cool and bunker!
"Well, isn’t this sentence a little old now?"
And to think that Zhang Lan came to a place where Malekis stood face to face.
Behind Zhang Lan is the center of the nine-star renju, which is where Malekis is going.
"mortal, you are powerful," Malekis said with a unique accent. "But you can’t stop owning too much. Let me. I can allow you to be a servant of my empire. The earth is still managed by you."
Zhang Lan was very disdainful to take a breath and then went straight to the seventh surprise. There was no fancy. A straight fist vented the instantaneous surge of power!
"boom! ! !”
That speed is teleportation, but there is no sign at all. Maleki’s chest is firmly connected with Zhang Lan’s straight punch, and his body flies away towards the outside.
That’s Zhang Lan’s plan to transfer the battlefield to Taitai.
After all, every place on the earth is his land now. If a statue is broken in his territory, it will cost him money to repair it.
It’s better to be frugal
And then, unexpectedly,
Male Keith is flying out, and it turns out to be strangely disappearing-that is, along with the breath of life, it is definitely a transfer.
"Oh, by the way, the dimensions of the nine countries should be chaos."
Perceiving the chaotic order, Zhang Lan skimmed the corner of his mouth and was about to continue to repair Malekis. Suddenly, a huge force came behind him to rub his hands. Soon, Zhang Lan flew straight out and crashed into the previous chaotic dimension together.
The object that hit me in the back turned out to be that Malekis who was blown out by Zhang Lan!
Presumably, he was another one who bumped into the chaotic dimension and then just appeared from behind Zhang Lan, and Zhang Lan entered another chaotic dimension by the way.
Malekis, after all, a battle-hardened man doesn’t know what he will suddenly hit Zhang Lan, but it doesn’t prevent him from driving the real gem to wrap Zhang Lan.
The law is mutual absorption.
It depends on who has the stronger host!
Now Malekis thinks that he is much better than a native of the earth.
Strangely, Zhang Lan sensed that Malekis’ face showed a hint of pondering and laughing, and then he didn’t struggle. He put his soul defense line so that the real gem could March in and find the system that had been sent to the door-that is, the law of the earth’s plane
Malekis found that the first reaction of the system was not to pounce on the other side, but to turn around and run away with a look of panic, and even with the reality, he was pushing Zhang Lan’s back in the hope of staying away from Zhang Lan
"You’re so embarrassed not to leave anything here!"
Zhang Lan’s mouth draws an arc and is not greedy when he "holds" his hand, and then covers it with about twenty-one realistic gems, so that the diaphragm is broken immediately.
You’re welcome. Put the jell-o squeezed into a ball into your mouth and bring it with you. Hit your mouth.
Nature is not that he really ate the reality or was digested and absorbed by the system in the depths of his soul, and the system law body immediately grew a few minutes.
Malekis obviously didn’t expect this state with horror in his eyes and then turned and ran again!
So an interesting step appeared.
Malekis, in the end, BOSS turned out to be in a panic, and Zhang Lan was leisurely chasing after him.
It’s like playing cat and mouse
Chapter 515 The first gate of death
It’s fun to play cat and mouse, but it’s fun to chase after each other.
Well, maybe it’s better to play with Zhang Lan.
Not in a hurry to recover to Zhang Lan, he slowly hung his distance behind Malekis.
Malekis’ physical strength is not strong, which is just the peak of S-class. Compared with S-class intermediate Sol, it naturally takes advantage, but it is not enough to see the breakthrough of S-class Zhang Lan in the face.

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