The stranger sighed, "Since you came in, I found that you are extraordinary. You must have done those stupid goods. We will keep a good retreat for you!"

Cheyenne is naturally white. These two goods are definitely not kind. They are superb. If they can’t even talk about two ordinary black bears, they can directly turn into women and die in their chests. If there is a door bear, the strength of the goods will be serious!
Cheyenne decisively withdrew from the team and walked along the steps of the underground cave to Cheyenne. This is the real entry into the bear king cave. As he went deep into the cave, all the noises on the ground were completely isolated. Not far along this passage, Cheyenne saw two abnormal tall and strong silver bears firmly controlling the end of the passage like a keeper. Behind the silver bear, Cheyenne vaguely saw a golden bear king lying on his face. It looked like he had just experienced a serious illness and had strength.
What’s the situation?
Cheyenne was wondering when he suddenly found a golden fur ball rolling next to the golden bear king. When the fur ball unfolded, Cheyenne suddenly found that it was a newborn bear with a silver crescent sign on its forehead.
This is a rare gold and silver bear!
Uh, silver crescent? This gold and silver bear won’t be the combined product of the two golden bear kings, will it? So who is daddy?
Before Cheyenne came in, he hoped that it was a general treasure, so that those two goods outside should not break his back road. But after seeing this gold and silver bear cub, the head in Cheyenne’s crotch knew that those two goods must have broken his back road, and it was a brutal attack to dare him to show up and wait for him.
Indeed, the gods, the storm and the plane aunt took out their weapons immediately after Cheyenne entered the cave, posing a high fighting posture and giving a fatal blow to all living things coming out at any time.
Cheyenne was caught in a dilemma at the moment.
Cheyenne is stuck in the passage.
Well, in that case, I have a trick! Cheyenne, hey hey, smiled and looked back, then chose to quit the game.
I’m just a little hungry. I’m going to have breakfast in Meimei and then sleep in a cage. Life is really beautiful.
Cheyenne stretched himself behind the line and wobbled out.
In the game, the truth is not true, the gods and storms, and the two women from different planes wait and wait, but Cheyenne does not stir up. Then they decide to explore the situation by one person in a way that is very international.
Chapter 95 I really love your grandfather.
Rock, paper, scissors, from winning or losing with one hand to winning three out of five games to winning four out of seven games, God Storm was just about to discuss the six-out-of-ten system when she ignored him.
"Wife, you’re not really going to let me go for a ride in Xiong Er, are you?" God Storm asked, "Are you a thief or a man? If you can take on this trip, it’s your turn!" "
"You call me so again, believe it or not, I’ll stab you to death now? And you’re not a man? Just now, we decided who lost and who was the wife by rock, paper, scissors. Now you don’t want to admit it? " When the aunt from another plane was in a hurry, he knew that this product would definitely happen again. He shouldn’t have agreed to that plan just now, which would definitely be a stain on his generation!
"I’m taking the idol route. I hate fighting and killing. This dangerous activity is not suitable for me. Just carry forward a style and go for me!"
The two of them know each other so well that they will know what they eat for lunch if they don’t smell it.
When the God Storm saw that the plan was unsuccessful, he sighed and stepped into the bear king cave like a battlefield. When he saw the gold and silver bears rolling around and playing, he couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief. It seems that the goods called Zunbao didn’t hinder their plan.
Yes, where did the goods go?
The God Storm carefully scanned a circle and quickly concluded that the goods had escaped. They wanted to benefit from a statue of treasure. I didn’t expect that this little girl didn’t come when she told the bad news to the plane aunt, and soon the plane aunt outside the cave also got in.
"Just quit the team before the goods enter the hole to guard against the fact that most of us don’t have the cheek to do so face to face. This shows that this statue of treasure is not simple. We are here to defend him or not and he doesn’t play games! When he comes in, we will immediately attack the silver bear. He can’t leave if he wants to! "
After consultation, the goddess Storm didn’t quit Xiongwangdong again, so she sat quietly and guarded Cheyenne again where the two silver bears couldn’t touch it.
Here Cheyenne has just had breakfast and is sitting on the side of the road looking at beautiful women.
Indeed, as Li Pang said, since the establishment of Cheyenne Company, there have been many beautiful young women here every day. If Cheyenne didn’t get up early unexpectedly today, he would certainly not have found such a beautiful thing. He even planned to get up early every day to look at the beautiful women like this for a while.
"Cheyenne, where’s your grandfather?" A hostile voice asked
Cheyenne looked up and saw a middle-aged handsome man who was dressed in fancy clothes and smelled good. He had a standard melon face, which surprised Cheyenne. What surprised Cheyenne was that his face felt a little deja vu.
The illusion must be because he is a handsome man like me. Cheyenne secretly shook his head and said
"Who are you? Do you live near here? " Cheyenne sat on the road and asked.
"You are so forgetful. You borrowed a sum of money from me. Can’t you forget it so soon?" Middle-aged handsome men deliberately put the stress on the word "borrow"
Cheyenne’s face changed greatly, pointing to the middle-aged handsome man Baba. "You … you are … the owner of the charming hair salon!"
"Yes, it’s me!"
"I really didn’t expect you to be as handsome as me without makeup!" Cheyenne is full of sighs.
Middle-aged handsome man stared at Cheyenne’s face for a long time and decided to ignore this extremely immoral question and asked, "Where’s your grandfather? Why haven’t you seen him recently? "
"He won’t still owe you? And how did you come out dressed like this? Aren’t you afraid of being seen by others? "
"Since a group of goblins came here, those grandfathers have been squatting on the side of the road to see the little girl like you. They have long since stopped going to my place, and I don’t want to do it and get ready to leave here." The middle-aged handsome man said with a sad face.
I don’t know where the man is going to suffer again. Xia Anxin muttered to himself.
"Please give this letter to your grandfather for me. If he asks him to come to my place sometimes, I have something I’ve been holding back for a long time and want to tell him before I leave."
Cheyenne looked at the middle-aged handsome man with a twisted expression, and his heart was cold and frightened. "You won’t have any illegal thoughts about that old scourge, will you?"

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