Level 5

Equipment position head
Physical defense 1
Spell defense 5
Active skill cohesion can increase your defense and attack power. It lasts for 30 seconds and consumes 5 spells.
Cool for ten minutes.
After the active skill Speed Skill is enabled, you can increase your movement speed and attack speed. It lasts for 30 seconds and consumes 50 spells.
Cool for ten minutes.
Passive skill manager Wei passive high messenger’s physique and strength are 5% each.
Passive skills serve loyalty, passive high messenger attack power and defense power, and reduce the chance of skill interruption.
Suit skill
The golden turban is tailor-made by nine attendants and deputy directors of the tomb of the king. It is said that if you can get nine pieces together, you will be able to exert super power.
I hope that you will vote for me more and make an advertisement for the strongest crossing of the new fantasy westward journey. You can rest assured that even if you vote for a recommendation ticket and a collection, it is best to encourage the fat sheep. It will be a little slower to ensure the quality. Please rest assured.
The fat sheep also died for a reward. On the same day, a total of 1,000 coins were rewarded and one more was added, and so on.
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= = = Chapter one hundred and fifty-seven and Zhu Lin misunderstanding = = =
Chapter one hundred and fifty-seven And Zhu Lin misunderstanding
Name Broken Red Knife No.3
Gold grade
Equipment level 5
Equipment position right hand left hand
The attack speed is high
Physical attack 3
Spell attack
Active skill energy gathering can greatly improve the messenger’s strength, speed and attack power. It costs 5 points for 30 seconds.
1 minute when cooling.
The incomplete cutting of active skill fire and wind makes the high emissary move at a speed of 30%, which unexpectedly releases the attack energy to the enemy, causing great damage to the enemy and repelling the enemy.
Passive skill: red knife enters the body, passive high messenger attack power, attack speed and skill damage.
Introduction Jiugong Chidao is the tomb owner of the king, Deli Jiayi, who has unparalleled attack power and has been given nine loyal attendants by him. It is said that Chidao can be merged into a super powerful weapon.
Note: It can be continued only after it has been broken and needs to be repaired.
"No," said the Chinese enemy.
"Without me, it’s too tiger to rely on this bss." The first egg in Tianyu hurts and kicks the bss body away.
"The egg pain is not worth the loss." crack day’s evil eyes are also a burst of egg pain and lost two generals. As a result, this thing is not enough for the toilet
"Don’t say so much, anyway, the auction will continue to rush forward. We have to rush all the way to the seventh floor." The Chinese enemy interrupted the conversation and then rushed to the array with his troops
"Let’s go." Hilling took Zhao Bohao and sent him to the fourth floor together.
"Ding-dong, congratulations to the players in Huaxia Region for successfully killing the third floor of bss Tong Seven-Star King’s Tomb, and successfully marching into the fourth floor. Now the world’s second floor ranks first in Huaxia Region, and the United States ranks third on the second day. Please make persistent efforts to maintain the leading edge."
The announcement of "Three Worlds in a row" sounded again, which directly declared the greater strength of China.
Ding-dong, because Huaxia Region is the world’s first sub-three-tier region, all the sub-players have high attributes and 5% damage, so I hope players will make persistent efforts.
"Ding-dong, due to the success of the players in Huaxia Region, the third floor of the new deputy will be closed for 6 hours, and the progress of all players will be preserved."
"Vice-closing countdown 1:"
After seeing the unified display, Zhao Bohao had to quit the game, because even the players in the ecological warehouse needed to exercise a little, and Zhao Bohao pushed the ecological cabin door to the living room.
See sister-in-law Li is cleaning with a vacuum cleaner, while Lao Li is watering the flowers in the courtyard with a watering can.
"Xiao Zhao is up, Lao Li. Stop watering the flowers and prepare delicious food for Xiao Zhao." Sister-in-law Li sucked up the last corner and shouted at Lao Li outside the door.
"Sister-in-law Li, I’m not hungry now, but you’d better ask Li Shu to prepare something rich. I’m going to invite a guest later." Zhao Bohao thought for a moment and said to Sister-in-law Li.
"K, just look at it, Lao Li. Go buy vegetables and try out all your good dishes for me." Sister-in-law Li said and went out with Lao Li
"Zhu Lin, do you have anything to say to me in your current class? I have something to talk to you about in class, so I will pay a return visit. I still have something to talk to you." Zhao Bohao dialed Zhu Lin dialect directly.
"Manager Li, I’m going to pay a return visit to the villa."
"You go, that’s a big guest. Be careful."
"I’ll be there in fifteen minutes."
"That’s it. I’ll wait for you at home." Zhao Bohao finished and hung up.
Fourteen minutes later, I saw a taxi parked at the door of Zhao Bohao’s villa with heavy brakes, and then Zhu Lin’s beauty stepped into Zhao Bohao’s house.
"Just fifteen minutes" Zhu Lin pointed to his watch after seeing Zhao Bohao.
"Well, those are trivial things. Let’s get straight to the point. How much can you get a month’s salary now?" Zhao Bohao said without ink.
"I really haven’t figured this out. It’s almost 10 thousand a month." You Lan dreamed of it and then said to Zhao Bohao.
"You can earn so much," Zhao Bohao said with wide eyes.
"It’s just seven thousand, but I’ll turn over when I sell you this villa." You Lan Meng said with a touch of his head.
"Don’t talk so much nonsense, I’ll give you 10 thousand salary package every month, you can eat package, you can live package, how can you do it when you play?" Zhao Bohao said bluntly
"You, you, you didn’t expect you to be such a person. I really misjudged you. Goodbye." Zhu Lin was speechless by Zhao Bohao’s anger and directly slapped Zhao Bohao and turned to walk away.
"What’s wrong with me? Don’t go yet. Come back to me." Zhao Bohao buried his face in a stupid face and was wrong to spend money on you to play genesis.
"What do you want to get a slap in the face again?" Zhu Lin said to Zhao Bohao with red eyes.
"We may have a complicated name called misunderstanding," said Zhao Bohao.
"Misunderstanding how straightforward you are, will I misunderstand?" Zhu Lin roared.
"How can I be blunt? Do you think it’s negotiable that you have less money?" Zhao Bohao said.
"Get away with your stinking money. I, Zhu Lin, won’t be what kind of person even if I beg." Zhu Lin said that he would make a dash for the door with a twist.
Nima is really hurting this time. She won’t want to keep her herself, will she?
Zhao Bohao thought of here and quickly grabbed Zhu Lin’s hand and pulled Zhu Lin back. What a coincidence! Unfortunately, he pulled him directly into his arms.

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