"According to the news, Li Xuandao is now a layer of strength in Tongxuan."

Wang Jiadi Wei Wei Nuo Nuo Road
"The first floor of Tong Xuan Jing?"
The king captured the tiger and laughed angrily.
His whole body rose from a number of turbulent flames and gave him a hot breath.
The younger brothers around can’t bear to carry up the aura resistance and constantly retreat to the rear.
"Sun Luzhen and Wang Baichuan are also the second-tier strength of the Xuanjing, but they can’t even clean up a waste and ruin most of the family brothers. What a bunch of fools!"
King capture tiger nu hum a eyes seems to have a flash across the road "don’t worry, I’m the king capture tiger has come back and will never ignore it. Just four families of Malaysia want me to teach Li Xuandao a lesson."
"Li Xuandao Li family!"
"I want you to know who is the first person in Lin’ an City!"
The same scene is also performed by Sun Jia.
Although the process is somewhat different, the results are consistent.
Wang Jiahe saying once again coincides with mine and unites together to fight against the Li family.
For the next few days, the undercurrent and turbulent atmosphere in Lin’ an City was extremely depressed.
Everyone can feel a sense of oppression.
Every big family brother occasionally meets in the street and shows tit-for-tat hatred.
Fortunately, both sides exercised restraint and there was no conflict.
Seven days later, the triennial four-nation congress was officially announced.
Chapter 100,000 Ding
Taibai Jianzong is the best holy place to cultivate in South Manchuria.
It’s a little different to practice the sects Linxi Sect and Zhushan Sect with the saints.
Every three years, Taibai Jianzong recruits disciples.
Not only the requirements are extremely strict, but also the quantity is very limited.
There are ten places in Tianwu County.
To be fair, every ideal city has a quota.
Only the most powerful genius in each city can worship Taibai Jianzong.
rather go without than have something shoddy
This is the usual practice of Taibai Jianzong.
Trying to worship Taibai Jianzong is like crossing a wooden bridge with thousands of troops.
Millions of talented young people in Tianwu County still regard Taibai Jianzong as their only goal.
Li Xuandao did not put Taibai Jianzong in the eye.
However, if you want to practice after the wild dragon jingxie is scattered, you must do it yourself, and he is too eager to change the dragon tactic and the silent dragon body, which have a huge demand for cultivation resources.
Lin ‘an City is too small.
Even the whole Tianwu County is hard to satisfy.
Li Xuandao must go out to get the resources he needs for cultivation.
Taibai Jianzong is just one of his ways to go out!
So Li Xuandao Li Baihe Li Duanqi and Li Yaoguang and others flocked to Lin’ an Chengyang Square.
The crowd in the central square is bustling.
Sizuda has always been a great event in Lin ‘an City.
Almost all the people in Lin ‘an City let things go and join in the fun.
There is a young man sitting on the most square platform in the central square.
He wore a snow-white sword robe with eyebrows in his temples and his hair rolled up like stars.
Although this young man looks very ordinary, there is a feeling of spring breeze around him
Several people looked very respectful around him.
There are ten thousand masters and ten thousand chiefs, as well as the Wang family and the Sun family elders.
After the death of Wang Baichuan and Sun Luzhen, the elder is the most important person in the two families.
"Lin Mr.five"
Li Baihe hurriedly walked the platform to salute the young people.
Lin Wu nodded and looked at Li Baihe with a smile. "It’s really gratifying that Lao Li hasn’t seen you promoted Tongxuan for three years."
Said Lin five eyes a turn.
Although his eyes are gentle, they are like a sword sweeping Li Xuandao and others.
Li Duanqi, Li Yaoguang and other Li Tiancai brothers didn’t feel cold and couldn’t help but make a cold war.
Only Li Xuandao milli sleep quietly there did not move.
Lin five some surprise, "the little brother how to look so familiar? Have we met there? "
"Lin Mr.five, you are really forgetful."
Wang Chengtian, the elder of the Wangs, snorted darkly. "This is Li Xuandao, the leader of the Li family, whom you have met before."
"Li Xuandao? Master Li? "
Lin five facial expression, a quickly returned to normal way "turned out to be Li Tianlong son I say how so familiar! I heard that you were injured two years ago and your body was unconscious. This time I came here to bring you a Dahuandan and want you to heal. "
"I didn’t expect you to have recovered."
Although Lin Wu concealed it well, even Li Baihe didn’t find any clues.
But Li Xuandao’s eyes are sharp.
Lin Wu’s reaction and every move were seen by him.
"Thank you, Mr. Lin."
Li Xuandao fixed color eyes flashed a tree.
This Lin Wu is the examiner of Taibai Jianzong to supervise the four families of Lin’ an City.

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