Ruanbin has a lot on his mind. He knows that his father can accept it so quickly, mostly because of his mother.

As soon as Shen Jiaying went there, I heard that Shen Ji sent someone to rummage through the flight records, but she couldn’t be found. Before Shen Jiaying planned to elope, she was stopped by Shen Ji every time. Since they can escape this time, they will not be easily found.
It’s not the way to stay at home all the time because Xia has resigned. Summer parents will have ideas, too. He doesn’t want Summer parents to be biased against themselves.
So they decided to let Xia Xian come to the capital after discussion.
Xia Yi said RuanBin will come this week, and everyone is excited, especially Guan "Xiaobin is coming? ! Great. I’m not saying it. He should have come a long time ago. I’ve wanted to see him for a long time. "
Xia Zhengdong: "Look at your little promise. Now you say that. Don’t be so humiliated in front of him then."
"I know, I know, I have a sense of proportion." Wan perfunctory her husband turned and asked Xia, "What dishes does Xiaobin like to eat?"
Xia Zhengdong shook his head with anger. Xia couldn’t help laughing and said, "Dad brought me sauce beef and he ate a lot."
Xia Zhengdong said smugly, "Well, he knows what to do."
Wan "What else?"
Xia: "He and I have similar tastes. I like to eat both of them. It’s normal for us to eat them, but it’s not special."
Wan "let him stay in your room that night?"
Xia Zhengdong objected on the spot that "you can’t give him the whole room on the first floor"
Guan Bai gave him a look. "Old-fashioned people have lived together in Hang Cheng, and then they went to the capital and lived together. What kind of rooms do you want to live in?"
Xia Zhengdong: "No, it’s like he’s not marrying our daughter."
Wan retorted, "Do you think there are other men around our daughter to marry?"
“? ?” Xia Zhengdong actually spoke.
Wan Zhan’s wind is getting smoother and smoother. "What about you, old summer? Xiaobin and Xiao are not teenagers and twenty-year-olds. It’s not normal for normal men and women not to live together. Xiaobin is going to take Xiao away this time. Why don’t you let them live together?"
Xia Zhengdong left them alone. "I’m busy with your discussion." When he walked out of the door, he turned back and said, "Don’t bother him with anything."
Guan said, "Don’t listen to your father’s family bring things, for fear that they will trouble you. It’s time to say that they are impolite."
Xia Xiao "I’ll tell him what you like, mom."
Guan "I just finished eating the bird’s nest at home, but don’t tell him to see if my future son-in-law understands my mother-in-law’s mind. You really don’t tell him."
Summer nodding "good"
Guan held his daughter’s hand and suddenly felt sad. "Alas, I went to the capital with him. Don’t rely too much on him in everything. Women had better have a job."
"Yeah, I understand."
"If you have a job, you will get an income, but it’s his turn to spend money. Don’t save men’s money. If you don’t spend it, there will be other women’s money, okay?"
"When two people get along for a long time, they have to accompany each other. That’s why young couples are always with each other. What’s wrong with him? You have to trust him when you socialize outside, but you must never let him go, okay?"
"Don’t be too stubborn about sex. When are you going to get married?"
"It’s not that fast, step by step. I’ll get used to it first."
"I can’t say that you are not young."
Section 339
"Anyway, he is older than me, and he is not in a hurry. What am I in a hurry?"
"It’s also good for older men to take care of people. Otherwise, when you get used to it over there, I’ll go to the capital with your dad and take Xiaotian for a follow-up visit to meet Xiaobin’s parents?"
In the summer, I thought that there was no news from Shen Jiaying, and Ruanbin’s divorce was far away. She hid these key points from her parents, so how dare she make such a promise again?
"Small hair what stay? Let me ask you something. "
"Mom, we’ll talk about all this then. It’s just like Dad said," Don’t make me not marry unless he wants to let him have a sense of crisis. Let him know that even if I leave him, I can still live well. He should think about these things and arrange them. "
Guan laughed. "Ok, you all have ambition. I’m too lazy to think about these things."
In the summer, I hugged my mother and shook her affectionately. "Mom, don’t be angry. Don’t worry, I’m sure I’ll always be good with him."

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