Xu Ren looked at his two opponents. He didn’t expect these two people to be so tight-lipped

Two twelve-story Jin Dan Jing killers have realized that it is impossible to kill Xu Ren today. After exchanging a look, the two men made a decision almost at the same time.
"It’s so easy to go anywhere."
Xu Ren didn’t expect these two twelve-storied monks to be so simple, but he must not let these two guys go like this, so he waved a sword toward the sky again.
Xu Renjian Gang once again changed the stars and fell to the position of the rock star.
Now Xu Ren has no hesitation about lighting the sequence of stars because he has already had successful experience.
With the shaking of the stars in Xu Ren, the coverage of the stars on Sunday has once again expanded a lot, and at the same time, the suppression of the killer on the twelfth floor by the stars on Sunday has become more powerful
The two twelve-storied Jin Dan Jing killers just had the idea of getting away, but before they left, they felt a strong pressure overwhelming them to make them want to leave their bodies and suddenly stopped.
These two twelve-storied Godsworn Jin Dan Jing were in a hurry. They already thought Xu Ren was very powerful, but they didn’t expect the other side’s performance to be greatly beyond their expectations.
The pressure released by the stars on Sunday has increased again, and the worst thing is that Li Yu’s opponent has come. He has been suppressed and suffocated. Now that the pressure has increased, he has almost no hope of life.
"If you are willing to submit to my father-in-law, you may be spared."
Li Yu also realized that he had surrendered himself. For him, a living monk in Jindanjing may be more valuable than death.
"It’s a dream."
Li Yu’s opponent, the double-browed double-decker killer, can not be courted by anyone he wants. If they are courted by Xu Ren, they will quit the double-decker killer and want to quit the double-decker killer. One result is death.
"In that case, there is nothing to keep you."
Li Yu said, "Then he launched the most violent attack on the killer of the twelfth floor."
"If you want to kill me, you don’t deserve twelve floors. Killers have never killed their opponents."
The twelve-storied Jin Dan Jing killer said that there was a violent fluctuation.
Li Yu is not a fledgling. He immediately knows what this guy wants to do after feeling the fluctuation of the killer’s body on the twelfth floor.
There was a loud noise, and Li Yu’s opponent immediately put to use Gankun to reverse the solution of the problem and set off a repair.
Of course, this twelve-storied Elixir killer also left a heart to shrink into Elixir and want to escape.
Unfortunately, when facing Li Yu, he had no chance to escape.
Actually, Li Yu also experienced such a scene. At the beginning, their three friends in Yaoshan were also forced to a dead end by Xu Ren’s law. One of his two brothers blew himself up and the other planned to escape from it, but it was unsuccessful.
So Li Yu has already had experience in dealing with such scenes.
Li Yu’s hand has successfully captured the gold elixir of the killer who blew himself up in the twelfth floor and instantly collected it into the ring.
Li Yu’s situation here has been solved, but he didn’t stop there and directly found one of the two twelve-storied killers who were being suppressed by Xu Ren Sunday Stars.
Now Li Yu has been completely loyal to Xu Ren. Of course, it is hard for him to be unfaithful if he has that kind of heart.
With Li Yu’s help, he stopped a killer Xu Ren, a 12-storied Jin Dan Jing, which was much easier here, but he didn’t stop to add stars to the sky.
This time, Xu Renyi swung out three stars, including a main star, Yangxing, and two companion stars.
After Yang Xing and two companion stars were also lit, the killers on the 12th floor felt even more stressed.
Shen Tengyun has harvested a circle and killed all the monks in then.
And now he is also trying to help Zhu yuque to deal with the killer of the twelfth floor.
Shen Tengyun’s strength Xu Ren is the weakest in this team, but even if he is a feather, it will affect the war situation at the moment.
With Shen Tengyun joining Zhu Yuque’s opponent, he can’t support it immediately. He has been forced to the brink of despair.
This guy directly pulled out a Dan medicine and put it in his mouth.
Shen Tengyun and Zhu Yuque both know that Dan medicine, which was once tasted by former Li Yushou, the first friend of Yaoshan, and Tyrannosaurus rex Dan.
"You forced me."
The killer on the twelfth floor was forced by Zhu Yuque and Shen Tengyun, and his eyes burst into anger.
Zhu Yuque and Shen Tengyun are all backward, and this twelve-storied Elixir killer has pulled the distance.
Zhu yuque and Shen tengyun both know that Tyrannosaurus Dan will greatly increase their strength, but this increase is sometimes limited if they can survive this period, they will definitely win.
Of course, Zhu Yuqie and Shen Tengyun don’t agree when they want to get through this period. After all, Tyrannosaurus Dan is very scary for the strength increase.
Swish swish swish-
The killer of the twelve-storied building then attacked crazily. Of course, his ultimate goal is not to kill Zhu Yuque and Shen Tengyun, but to create an opportunity to escape.
Zhu yuque keeps attacking. The main force of attack now is that she attacks with strong firepower from the south, even if she falls on the twelfth floor, then the killer body is enough to make her feel uncomfortable.
Shen Tengyun is more responsible for checking and filling in the gaps, which happens to be that he is good at Shen Tengyun’s delicate mind. It is very difficult for the killer of the twelfth floor to escape.
As time goes by, the killer on the twelfth floor of Jindanjing is getting more and more anxious, because he has already felt that the medicine of Tyrannosaurus has weakened. If he still can’t get away, then he will be in a very dangerous situation.
Seeing that his situation is getting more and more dangerous, the twelve-story Jin Dan killer took out another Tyrannosaurus Dan.
Today, this twelve-storied Jin Dan Jing killer is also throwing caution to the wind. If he doesn’t make this Tyrannosaurus Dan and other first Tyrannosaurus Dan dissipate its efficacy, it will be difficult for him to use Gankun to reverse the solution to the problem.
However, even though the killer of the twelve-storied Jin Dan Jing bought another Tyrannosaurus Dan, its efficacy was not as good as his first Tyrannosaurus Dan.
The killer on the twelfth floor, Jin Dan, felt a strong feeling in his heart. This guy knew that it would be difficult to get away today, so he immediately put his heart on the line and even if he couldn’t kill his two opponents in front of him, he would pull these two guys as a cushion.
This twelve-storied Jin Dan Jing killer is more determined than Li Yu’s opponent. He didn’t even give himself a glimmer of life. Not only did he reverse the solution through Gan Kun, but he detonated his body along with his then.
Then the explosion of the body produced a powerful impact, which shocked Shen Tengyun and Zhu Yuqiu to fly dozens of feet away.
Good Zhu yuque and Shen tengyun are both strong and not directly killed, so one person and one demon are also injured.
Especially Shen Tengyun corners of the mouth has spilled blood.
However, another 12-storied Jin Dan Jing killer was forced to explode, which also brought him great pressure. Now they are all holding up a heavy stone in their hearts and don’t know when they will be cornered by each other.
Zhu yuque and Shen tengyun recovered slightly and rejoined the battle.
Shen Tengyun hurried to help Xiao Xiaoer while Zhu Yuqiu went to help Han Xiao.
Although Zhu yuque’s little girl is a servant, she is the most powerful. That’s why Zhu yuque is going to join hands with Han Xiao to get rid of a 12-story Jin Dan Jing killer first.
Zhu yuque, this strategy is obviously very correct. Soon after she joined hands, she successfully persecuted the twelve-story Jin Dan Jing killer to kill Tyrannosaurus Dan.
But even if this guy killed Tyrannosaurus Dan, he still couldn’t escape the fate of being killed. In the end, this guy blew himself up without coming, and he was killed by the combination of chilling and Zhu Yuque.

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