"Well, then slow down" gentle exhortation

"Well," he nodded, then got out of the car and looked at his car tenderly, but he couldn’t help being acerbity.
He must have felt terrible to suddenly buy a car.
Can’t help sighing, does everyone have to suffer in the emotional hurdle?
She tried to protect her sister from emotional suffering, but she was able to watch her sister commit suicide.
She wanted her brother to have a smooth future, but when Belle came back, his mind sank a lot.
Tengyun looked at her in the wind and watched her brother leave. She walked slowly and sadly, took one hand out of her pocket and lifted it on her shoulder. She gently grasped the gentle ability, and a relationship that was difficult to grasp would become what he wanted.
Look up at your husband tenderly. You have so much confidence in him?
"Of course, it’s like having so much confidence in you." He raised his hand and gently stroked her hair. Seeing that her hair has grown a little longer, her heart is warmer.
Then two people hug to each other and go inside.
"Wen Liang said that Wen Qing cooked a pot of soup last night and almost salted him to death."
"You Wen girls are really not kitchen material" Teng always regrets.
"Ha, you mean you don’t believe in my cooking?"
"Cooking? Baby, your only skill is to let your husband love you. "
Gentle …
You’re right.
Angry is not beating him, nor is it.
He scolded her for everything, but his expression told her not to say a word.
"There’s nothing wrong with Belle coming back. The time to test a man’s perseverance is when he comes back before."
"You feel a lot when you hear that."
"I have you back and forth, so don’t eat this Mrs. Vinegar?"
"Well, I’m not you. Just keep eating and drown you in a jealous jar."
Teng always can’t get angry, and he suddenly turns around and hugs his wife and adults in front of the children, just looking at tenderness.
It’s not convenient to look at his bottomless eyes when you are gentle and pregnant. She leans her head back nervously. What are you doing?
"What do you say?"
"This is at school."
"What about that?"
"A group of little guys are watching."
"Then I want it, too."
"Well …"
Before Mrs. Teng could scold him, he had already blocked his wife’s mouth.
Playing with a ball, several children looked up and then looked stunned.
That look …
Section 421
Even the teachers present …
"Young master, your father is kissing more than mommy."
Tengbei holds the ball in one hand and sighs.
I’m really used to watching it at home at ordinary times and feel nothing new.
But it’s the same at school …
But when I think of being a guy who kisses mommy on any occasion, he can’t even say a word.
"Look, little princess."
A little boy said to Teng Ai, pointing to the place where her father kissed her more than mommy.
As soon as the little princess turned her head, who knew that the little boy immediately got together and kissed her pink and tender little face.
The little princess was shocked and turned to look at the little boy next to her with her eyes wide open.
But when I turned around, I saw the little boy being beaten.
"Don’t kiss my sister." Big Brother was cool, pointing to the boy he pushed to the ground and then learning to look at a star and touch his nose.
The little boy immediately cried with fear, closed his eyes and sat down to cry.
When the teacher saw it, he ran nervously. What happened? What is this?
"His own sister," Tengbao said immediately.
Teng Bei heard the sound and ran over to hear that people kissed his sister willy-nilly.
The teacher was in a hurry to ask for help from the director while holding two young men from Teng’s family …
Gently hear the sound and push him. Someone is very unwilling to let go. Then two people run over and see the children fighting in a ball.
Tenderly turned to look at Teng, who was still not quick to pull.
Teng always wants to see how Kung Fu is in distress situation.

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