Hong Lingling was surprised by Su Jing, but he didn’t say anything and continued, "Do you want to murder your ancestors? Or is it intentional? I’m too lazy to tell that I can live if I worship the Great Sage Jun. You earned it. "

What else can be said? Hong Lingling’s forehead was taken away from her. After she fell to the ground, she was weak, and now she can’t support it.
Su Jingxian asked himself the most heartfelt thing, "Is it true to say that my great-grandson has a heavenly elixir in his hand?"
"It’s true to report to the Great Sage." If the hero is a fake, he can present a prize, otherwise he will deceive others.
Su Jing’s face lit up and he asked a few more questions about him. Honglingling barely answered the truth.
Seeing that the snake demon is passing away again, Su Jing no longer asks more questions, but seals back the ghost robe instead of sending it to the Great Sage Jun.
By the way, Su Jing will get the ghost robe back from the place of Fu Ying and get out soon. We can’t run around naked again.
Nowadays, the recovery of Fu Ying is not as good as before. It is the former Su Jing who has been absorbing the fire. Even if the ghost robe is added, he will still be naked, and he has been wearing a fairy body.
Follow Su Jing and get distracted into the cave of the Great Sage.
Demons in the demon family’s blessed land have been repaired for 50 years, and all the demons are full of energy. When they heard that the fire outside will be extinguished, they immediately raised a cheer.
Fierce fire monkey came to Su Jing and asked, "Shanxiwu, who are you?"
"My name is Su Jing, the younger brother of Jianzong, who lives in the East." Now there is nothing to hide, and Su Jing has something to say just to solve the problem, which leads to "coming to the South to seek a breakthrough in the realm of peeling off the wolf’s ambition, first destroy Qi Feng and then raise troops, and then the middle earth will take care of this business."
The fire monkey’s eyes are flashing and he is a little surprised. "Are all the middle-earth practitioners as powerful as you?"
How many magical means did Su Jing show from beginning to end? Fierce children are hard to count in arithmetic.
Su Jingxiao said, "It’s hard to say, but Middle-earth really has a master."
The fire monkey waved his paw and didn’t pursue this matter again. He pulled the topic back. "You want to help Qi Feng and protect the middle earth. Does this mean that you will continue to fight with Hong after you go out?"
"It’s certain that we have to see a life or death, otherwise we can’t give up." There is no change in the targeting top smile of Su scenic spots, but the tone is much heavier. "If you want to return to heaven and earth, I will never stop it, but there is one thing that you have to say first …"
Before he finished, he laughed, "Don’t take refuge in the flood snake again? King Su need not say more about these 56 people. Besides me, 49 people have joined me in Qi Fengguo! Everyone has already agreed to follow you when you go out, and then go back to Qifeng to be rewarded! "
Su Jing is a royal brother, but he has never been given an official title. The sandbags dare not call him by his first name, and I don’t know what to call him, just as the lich King of Shan Ye does.
Hong Snake regards the demon barbarian as a sacrifice and hates revenge. The spies sent by Qi Fengguo just took the opportunity to attract … Sandbags are the three generals of Qi Feng, and his position is special.
In the Great Sage Jue, there are fifty-six demon-savage old stones and mountain-tire brothers. The former asks his Great Sage’s precepts not to be broken. The latter looked at Su Jing foolishly, and all the remaining 53 people were recruited. Almost all of them were dragged over by sandbags. Su Jingwen was delighted and wondered, "Who are the other three who don’t leave with you?"
Sandbag reached a finger fierce son, Yan o little mother and small pretty demon "these three people are not not not voting JiFeng but refused to go my way. Two monsters want to go your way and say that they can be an official in the future! The little savage demon said that she has a better way! "
Lielie rolled her eyes to see Su Jing. "There are so many lava wines in Mengxian Township!"
Su Jing laughed, "I remember prison if I don’t wake up!" Go out and get the third hand back to see if he wants to join us. "
Ah Yan’s little mother has already come to Su Jing’s side, and now she is almost sticking to him and smiling at him to see what she wants to say, but before she can see her eyebrows, a black line suddenly appears, and her charming body is shaking like wrecks, and there is a black blood dripping from her left eye and right ear!
Visible to the naked eye, the dark light in Ah Yan’s little mother’s eyes is rapidly fading away, and the strength in her body seems to have been suddenly drained. She fell flat and fell to Su Jing. She threw her arms around her waist and held her other hand to explore her pulse. She frowned and asked, "What’s the matter with you?"
Although it’s a manifestation of dharma, this is his cave. Su Jing has no problem casting spells, so he can hold a person.
Pale and short of breath, A Yan’s little mother Tan mouth is slightly open, but she can’t say a word!
Things are abrupt.
Many monsters are also surprised that there is a small monster who is not surprised, but she looks miserable. "When I knew the sea, Sister-in-law’s basic life was damaged. This is because I broke her blood once after she hurt the Great Sage … but she won’t let me say that others know."
Fierce son immediately glared at the little savage demon. "You won’t say anything if she doesn’t let you?" Then I looked at aunt Yan’s little mother. "And you don’t say it!" He said that the monkey stamped his foot and thumped his foot, and it was a flame.
At this time, O Yan’s little mother has already breathed a sigh of relief, and her voice is weak enough to tremble gently. Her eyes clearly looked at Su Jing. "I can’t wait to go out … but I can’t sleep with you. I beg you to taste my lips … so sweet." She closed her eyes and her left eye was black and her right eye was full of tears.
In Su Jing’s arms, Ah Yan’s little mother’s jaw is blown up, waiting for someone to extinguish the deadly fire. Her real fragrance of Yuan Yin is almost invisible with the shallowness …
"Ah," exclaimed Ah Yan’s little mother, who fell flat again-Su Jing let go.
The goblin’s head was about to hit the ground. I don’t know how to help her. She stood firm and looked at Su Jing in astonishment. "Why did you give up?"
Scorpion monster sandbags hey hey smile "also asked by Sue the king saw through bai"
Ah Yan’s little mother frowned and shook her head. "No," she said, narrowing her eyes and looking at the little savage demon. "You must have revealed a flaw!"
The little savage demon refused to be angry. "It’s impossible that my words are true and there are flaws." Immediately, her fingers were fierce and fierce. "You stamped your feet so hard that it was exaggerated. This was only seen through by the mountain stream."
Lielie’s strange eyes turned. "If she really dies, I will stamp my feet like this!"
Su Jing laughed and resisted the goblins!
Lielie simply asked Su Jing, "What’s wrong with you?"
"I don’t blame the two for helping me to explore the meridians of Ayan’s little mother." Su Jing made a cut and laughed. "On pretending to be dead, my Jenny is much more like her."
Ah Yan’s little mother leaned in again as if everything had just happened. "What are you going to do with Hongshe after you go out?"
Su Jing shook his head. "I haven’t been able to think too well, but I still have to look at the situation after going out." I was talking to see that his face suddenly became fierce and his eyes became alert.
But soon the yoshimitsu in my eyes turned into surprise and looked up at the sky
A moment later, the Great Sage suddenly revealed a long cloud of iron ash with a thunderous roar.
There are more than 50 demons and a weak one, but all of them are pale and frightened, and all of them are screaming, and they can’t make any effort.
The cloud phase became more and more obvious, and soon someone saw the clue to repair the tallest old stone and was the first to exclaim, "Is the snake … yes, yes … is it the Great Sage of Sea Erosion? !”
If it is not the Great Sage, who can enter the Great Sage and drive the clouds; If it weren’t for the Great Sage, who could deter this demon with a few shouts? Did it suddenly appear … Did it come to attack the Great Sage Jun and seek a larger foe?
In the blink of an eye, the clouds really became clear, but an iron-gray snake with a flat neck saw a sea-eroding body when it sacrificed.
In the blink of an eye, the clouds collapsed and scattered. Zhong Su Jing reached out and grabbed a small snake with a flat neck more than a foot long. The snake body was soft and hanging upside down in his hand. If the tail tip vibrated occasionally, it would really be impossible to tell whether it was alive or dead.
Snake scales are uneven, the skin is black and gray, mottled, ugly and embarrassed.
Su Jing looked at it and spread the palm of his hand. His palm barely formed a plate and he didn’t move a bit.
O Yan little mother thoughtfully "this … it is …"
Su Jing smiled and nodded "Yes!"
"ah!" Another scream, although I have guessed the result, but after being affirmed, Ah Yan’s mother still can’t help screaming.
The goblin’s eyes widened. "Is it really the Great Sage of Sea Erosion?"
Who else could it be if it wasn’t the Great Sage? But it’s not a real yuan god.
The serpent’s clever introduction of fire into the sea does not mean putting a bowl in a pot, but the real two-in-one Su Jing’s 50-year refining is not only a clever fire place, but also a serpent’s knowledge of the sea
Su Jing absorbed a flame, so if he destroyed the serpent’s knowledge of the sea, the spell of "nine-silk serial, ten-side world" would devour the Great Sage of the Sea first.
This serpent, Yuan Shen, fell asleep several years ago. Su Jing and others were in danger because it was a dream. If it wakes up, there are two situations: one is to nourish and restore the soul force, and to be able to re-enter the real body and be resurrected from now on; The other is a moment before death, just before death.
On the verge of death, the serpent Yuan Shen woke up and went to the road. The only hope of survival is to worship the Su Jing Great Sage, and the eternal slave is better than death.
Is the flame world also illusory and true? The "illusory" side is that Yuan Shen dreams and dreams, and how can he walk into a dream? The Great Sage of the Eclipse simply left the already fragile Yuan God in two parts, half to continue to maintain the dream, and the other half came in to seek a chance to live.
And it is too weak to stand the flame burning, and it will be refined into smoke when it sees Su Jing’s dream.

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