Don’t want to ink rain on the ground motionless Sean impatiently bent down and lifted him up. When he turned over, Sean was "ah". When they looked intently, they saw that the ink rain eyes were wide open and his head was tilted on one side of his face. Sean stretched out his trembling hand and tried it on his nose. Suddenly, his face was full of surprises and a loose ink rain "plop" fell to the ground.

"My Lord, he-he’s dead-"said Sean, pale and trembling.
Chapter 9 This heart is interlinked
Everyone was surprised, and their eyes were fixed on the ground. The ink rain face really saw that the anger in his eyes was dead.
Just now, because Mei Qing looked very different after he took the inkstone, everyone’s attention was focused on him, and no one noticed that the ink rain was dead.
At the moment, the dead ink rain face still seems to see something terrible with a horrible expression.
"Sean! What’s going on here? " Zhao Boxu drink a way
Sean gasped and suddenly jumped up and said, "Not me, not me!" He turned his head and pointed to the inkstone and shouted to Zhao Boxu, "My Lord is the inkstone! That inkstone is a monster and will kill people! This little thing is that there is-"He pointed to Mei Qing." Just now, Master Mei was also guilty of that inkstone-"
"That’s enough!" Zhao Boxu exclaims, "Nonsense! Don’t talk about chaos, monsters, clear the world, where can Lang Lang Gan Kun worship ghosts? You don’t want to look into the case, but what are you calling here? Don’t shut up! "
Sean swallowed hard, and the color of fear in her saliva gradually faded, and she opened her mouth and stopped talking.
Zhao Boxu nodded and turned to Gao, the official around him, and said, "Go and get that inkstone official!"
Gao Zheng looked at the inkstone with fear and whispered, "My Lord … I …"
"Bastard!" Zhao Boxu flew into a rage and must all drink a way: "The chief of the imperial court actually believes these false things, fearing death and being completely confused! Officials are not afraid of what you are afraid of! Don’t bring it to the official! "
High face, low face and low head, slowly bent down and gently picked up the inkstone before trot, and all the people held their breath to see that when he took the inkstone, his hand shook and almost dropped the inkstone to the ground. When everyone saw this, their hearts were all a fool, and Mei Qing’s heart was pounding.
Fortunately, Gao was nervous in his heart, and his hand was soft, so he quickly grasped the inkstone and came back a few steps, devoting himself to the inkstone to serve Zhao Boxu Avenue.
Zhao Boxu nodded slightly and casually reached for the inkstone. He squinted for several times and smiled faintly. "It’s a good inkstone."
Say will hand inkstone held high half turned to the door many bystanders avenue "it is said that there is evil in the inkstone can harm people to kill people at this time, the officer will take a vision in his hand? The inkstone study room is also a dead thing. How can it kill people? This case may have some affection for the elders, so please feel at ease and wait for the official to examine it carefully and make a confession to the elders! Here, the officials need to check or ask the neighbors to inquire about the case, so please disperse for the time being and come to watch it again after the trial of the Japanese case is broken! "
Many people gathered outside the courtyard gate, all of whom smelled the murder case. The yamen came to investigate the case and came to watch the excitement. When they saw the scene in the field, they all whispered and listened to Zhao Boxu’s words, which were all said to be gradually dispersed.
When Gao Zhao Boxu reached out and touched the inkstone, Mei Qing was so nervous that he seemed to jump out. However, when he saw that the two men were holding the inkstone one after another, they were different, but their hearts could not help but be somewhat confused.
Scar Liu repeatedly said before his death that the box should not be hit; Li Mei took the inkstone, and the next day she was crazy and told the seven-star inkstone before she died. Ink rain road inkstone will kill people and want to break the inkstone. At this time, the corpse is on the spot; The crazy and cold murder when you hold the inkstone is by no means your illusion.
That Gao Zhao Boxu held the inkstone in his hand one after another, but he was safe and sick?
Mei Qing just sleep there than chaos in my mind.
"Mei Xiong Mei Xiong!" Suddenly I heard Wang Shigu calling.
Mei Qing was surprised to see Wang Shigu and motioned for him to "call Zhao Daren"
Mei Qing hurriedly turned to Zhao Boxu and looked at Zhao Boxu’s face. "Mei and Wang are both famous. I want to be sure that I can understand the sense of honor and help the government to find out whether this case is what I said. Bo Xu intends to invite two adults to bother with the jade toe official. Don’t refuse."
Mei Qing Wang Shigu glances slowly nodded.
When Mei Qing came out of Shuntianfu official residence and returned to the mansion, it was always a few minutes later than yesterday.
Just entered the backyard, accompanied by a surprise, called a fragrant wind blowing on my face. It was the big maid who hugged Mei Qing tightly and couldn’t help sobbing.
"Master scared the handmaiden to death." Duo Yun put his head in Mei Qing’s arms and sobbed.
Mei Qing to sunchon prefect also didn’t have such a hurry-scurry to gently clap a cloud to coax and coax that he was invited to go to the mansion to describe the case and other disputes, and to ensure that he didn’t go out these days and stay at home honestly before slowly coax a cloud to stop crying and looked up from his arms.
Clouds and beautiful eyes were all red and swollen with tears. When they saw each other, they all looked at them Gherardini. This made them feel embarrassed. At that time, Red Yunfei’s cheeks "Oh" pushed Mei Qing and turned down. "Handmaiden, go and prepare meals."
Five son xi xi laughed "cloud elder sister oh mom that already set is elder sister you hold the young master don’t give up, everyone waiting for you to wait for the meal is cold, what are you going to do"
Duo Yun was too ashamed to cover her face and ran into the house.
Mei Qing smiled and saw Uncle Zhong on the side, thinking about his birthday today. He said on second thought that such a strange thing might not help him, but it was worrying. Let’s talk about it later.
Then he quoted Wuer as saying, "Sister Duoyun is scared to death at regular intervals today. You mustn’t laugh at her again. It is also worthwhile for Sister Duoyun to be so kind to you."
Wuer laughed. "I know I also treat her as my own sister, hee hee. Don’t mention Yunjie. Seeing that you are old and don’t come back, I have to force people to find out that I am afraid of your accident. As a result, Lao Zhang came back and said that the young master was taken away by the government and that she had caused any murder lawsuit. Yunjie was so scared that she collapsed in her chair at that time. Fortunately, it was no big deal for Zhang’s boss to send letters, otherwise it was really anxious. So Yunjie still refused to believe and asked people to see it."
Mei Qing smiled and patted five son face way "and you? Aren’t you afraid? "
Five son cocked his head and said, "Young master patted my face again ―― of course I’m not afraid. How can something happen to young master?"
Looking at five son slightly childish face bright smile Mei Qing smile suddenly had a bit bitter.
That night, Duoyun refused to go to the outer room and kept holding Mei Qing lightly. "Master, I don’t want to go tonight."
Mei Qing smiled and took a cloud face to see her face flushed and her eyes blurred, and she could vaguely see that she had not eliminated the redness and swelling. She gently kissed her trembling eyelashes, "If you don’t leave, you will accompany Master Bai. Do you like coming?"
Duoyun hugged Mei Qing tightly with all his strength. "Master, you must have a good time. What’s wrong with it?"
Mei Qing patted her soft shoulder judo. "Don’t worry, master, what’s wrong with my blessing congress? Silly girl, why don’t you rest quickly?"
Duoyun looked up from Mei Qing’s arms and lowered his eyes. "Master, don’t blame the handmaiden for not talking. I’m not cursing the young master. It’s not good. I don’t know why today. I feel jumpy for a while. I feel as if something happened to the young master. I’m already going to ask people to come back and say that the young master was taken away by the government …"
Mei Qing a stiff body and then gently holding a cloud easily tunnel "what are you dreaming about all day? Don’t worry, it’s okay. Young master wants to live with you for a generation."
Duo Yunli nodded and slowly leaned against Mei Qing’s shoulder, and his body slowly relaxed, but he fell asleep without breathing smoothly for a moment.
Mei Qing gently hugged her and slowly put her in the bed. I thought that this girl would be scared tight during the day. At this time, my heart settled down to sleep well. It was really strange to recall this day. It was difficult to sleep in my heart.
I felt sleepy after lying for a long time, and suddenly I smelled the noise from the people in front, accompanied by knocking on the door, and there was more quarrel.
Mei Qing got dressed and saw that Duoyun was sleeping soundly, so he didn’t call him to get up gently and watch the smell. Of course, it seemed that the bearer had broken into the house, and the noise went straight into the backyard. In a moment, he saw a dozen people holding torches and filing into the fire. Seeing that the bearer’s clothes were very strange, Mei Qing shouted "Who?"
The two columns were in the middle of the crowd, and one person came out in the crowd. It was not clear that he was hidden in the dark, but his eyes sparkled in the dark. People looked at Mei Qing and sank a few eyes. "Are you Mei Qing?"
Mei Qing said, "I just don’t know-"
The man nodded and waved his hand and said, "Come and take it away."
Chapter 10 Reunion in prison
With the voice, there have been two people holding Mei Qing’s arms and Mei Qing’s eyebrows a wrinkly and not struggling. I wonder how I got these guys?
Just then, the doorman Lao Zhang chased him from behind in a panic and heard that he was going to take away Mei Qing’s big scold a way: "Where did the bold and crazy thief dare to rebel?" My master is a hereditary five generals … "
Haven’t say that finish smell the leader "hum" ran out of a column of two people will Lao Zhang head to the ground in an instant.

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