It was a long time before Yu Duxiu got up with his eyes open and looked at the soldiers after dinner and said "road" to Li Yunhui around him.

After marching for a day and a half, we finally arrived at the calculated destination. The whole army was arranged and the soldiers were ambushed respectively. After that, Jade Duxiu found a quiet place to meditate quietly and waited for the arrival of Nanyuan soldiers.
Nanyuan soldiers are faster than expected. This time, the jade show is not to destroy Nanyuan soldiers, but to give Nanyuan soldiers a surprise and then hit each other hard to solve the immediate crisis.
"The Lord found the trace of soldiers in the South Yuan Dynasty thirty miles away" stood kneeling in front of Yu Duxiu.
Jade Duxiu opened his eyes and said "explore"
"Brother, let’s beat the victorious soldiers this time. This mid-range trend should be settled." An old man from Yi Dao looked at Yichuan.
Yichuan’s dark eyes flashed a bit off. "Yes, now South Yuan has won the game. If we clear Dayan, Taiyuan Road can also take out your hand to rescue Biezongmen, so the general trend will be fixed."
"Ha, ha, ha, if I really lost Taipingdao, I should take the lead." Another old man laughed.
"South Yuan soldiers are still hundreds of miles away from here. Tell everyone to get ready for the defeat of South Yuan Taiping Road. This wonderful show must have been prepared. This person is not easy to be younger. Teacher younger brother must not be careless." Yichuan looked serious.
An old man heard the words and disdained, "Brother, if you worry too much about these rumors, it may not be true, but most of them are false. That wonderful child is just a new brother, whose magic can be accumulated, and his understanding of heaven and earth can never be accumulated."
Hearing this, they all nodded at the same time with a casual expression.
"What about the magic weapon?" Yichuan suddenly way
More than four people suddenly eyes a bright "all say that the children have a magic weapon in their hands. If we capture them alive, the children must force out the magic weapon."
I heard that the word magic weapon is a magic weapon, but it’s rare to see something. Although a few people are too old in Yi Dao, they don’t have a magic weapon. They don’t move their greed at this time.
All the way, the people marched in a sinister canyon for only half a day, and all the soldiers were directly inserted into this place. There were 100,000 soldiers in Taiping Road, and even Yichuan and others were terrible, they never imagined that Jade Duxiu dared to divide his troops by 50,000. More surprisingly, Huang Puqi Su Chi was frightened by Jade Duxiu, and he was more daring than military forces across the river.
Of course, Jade Duxiu’s courage is too big for everyone to expect. Jade Duxiu has 100,000 military forces in his hands. Who knew that Jade Duxiu dared to divide his troops?
Less cutting, more weakness, better strength.
Once the plan fails, people will see the flaw, and the jade show will be a funeral home.
50,000 soldiers and 100,000 soldiers are too far apart. If the odds are positive, the odds are less than one in five.
"Always feel uneasy" Yichuan suddenly said.
"Brother worries about that wonderful show. Children’s Dayan soldiers dare not send troops across the river. If the number of snipers is less, it will not be our opponents. If the number of snipers is more, Huang Puji’s generation of famous soldiers will not be vegetarian and will take the opportunity to destroy the military forces."
Yichuan nodded and confirmed the old man’s words.
Just walking deep in the canyon, I heard "bang!" "bang!" The sound kept going, and then all the soldiers cried and shouted and screamed.
"Oh, no!" More than five people in Yichuan rushed out of the carriage, only to see that several rocks on both sides of the canyon fell one after another, and several figures stood at the top of the mountain, waving flags and shouting for pieces of boulders. Ten Maneba was equidense, and if the boulder fell, it would be dead and hurt.
People with mental arithmetic will usually consciously look for a safe place to escape, but for a while, the soldiers of the South Yuan Dynasty are in a mess and scurry in the canyon.
"Up" only to see an old man in Yi Dao suddenly take off the magic power in his virtual hand, and the falling rocks were actually set in half
For a moment, the old man suddenly urged the avatar to shoot back several huge stones and wanted to hit the mountain top and win the soldiers.
Jade Duxiu stands in the palm of the hill, and the whip rotates, and several broken stones are pulled and piled up behind him.
"Fang thief dares to sneak up on me in the South Yuan army." Yichuan made a virtual cloud and looked around, but he saw several victory soldiers lying in ambush on both sides of the cliff. The soldier was holding a sword in his hand and struggling to make up pieces of boulders, which were about to fall.
"It turned out to be a soldier of the South Yuan, but I won the land here. I didn’t know that the South Yuan army invaded and I won the land." Jade Duxiu’s sound peaks are endless
"Oh" Yichuan one leng "I know this is Dayan land when it became a great victory"
"Now that Dayan is defeated and about to die, it is natural for me to win the territory here." Jade Duxiu Lang Lang said.
Then Yichuan paused for a while before saying, "This is ridiculous. If we talk about the land by the sword, then what we are standing in now is the land of Nanyuan."
Jade Duxiu noncommittally didn’t answer.
"Please come out with friends." Yichuan looked around.
Jade Duxiu’s figure flashed to Yichuan’s side and looked at this old monk. Suddenly, he was a big man, and his life was obviously short. Jade Duxiu was most afraid of encountering this old guy. Once he tried hard with you, he would lose both sides.
This old guy knows that heaven and man will not cherish life soon, but he has not lived enough, so he dare not be careless.
The figure of Yichuan is 50 paces away. Looking at that Yichuan, look at the surrounding four monks. They are all drooping old. Although the old guy is ruddy, he can’t hide from the jade show eyes.
"I don’t know if it was Fang Daoyou who invaded my land." Jade Duxiu kept thinking about countermeasures with her hands empty and her eyes shining.
There are five old guys here who are even hard to match if they don’t use magic weapons, but they are better than others if they don’t add strength.

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