Zhang Wendao: "The opportunity of Buddhism lies with you, not with me. There are yin and yang under heaven, and going against heaven is the Tao. When you understand it, you will know how to choose."

They bowed to Zhang Wenyi and said, "Thank you for your advice. It’s just about the Tang Priest? "
Zhang Wendao: "The Tang Priest had a marriage robbery. Didn’t you forget the old man on that day when you calculated?"
Bodhi’s bodhi ancestor said, "My disciples were confused for a moment when I atoned for my sins. I only planned to test the Tang Priest’s sincerity in learning Buddhist scriptures. I also asked my disciples to resolve this marriage robbery and let the Buddhist scriptures go."
Zhang Wendao said: "At the beginning, all kinds of things were robbed today. If it weren’t for your own reasons, this fruit wouldn’t come to you now. Go ahead, go ahead. "
Bodhi bodhi ancestor said, "Uncle, when are you going to let Tang Priest go?"
Zhang Wen glanced at Bodhi with a frown and said, "When it’s time to let go, I will let go."
Chapter 55 Stone Chess
Bodhi was about to speak, when Zhang Wen beat him to it: "Go, this is not the place where you should come. I will be considerate about the Tang Priest. " Say a wave of his hand big sleeve will send two people out of the * * * pavilion.
The Buddha and bodhi bodhi bodhi bodhi can only go back. In that paradise, the two people get together. "Brother, guy so, unless want to destroy my Buddhism? At the beginning, the teacher said that the Tang Priest was on the way to learn from the scriptures, and the Buddhism was gone. "
"Although the Tang Priest died once, have you ever noticed that the number of days has changed greatly?"? Uncle Shi wants to come here so much to stop me from developing Buddhism. I just don’t know why the teacher is so? "
Zhun Ti said, "Brother, isn’t it that Uncle Shi is planning the next robbery? If not, why bother to stop Tang Priest himself? "
Then he said, "Scholar’s way is profound, and only teachers in the three realms can match it. If he plans the next robbery, how can we be enemies? Maybe all the saints in the three realms will be calculated by Scholar, just like when they were deified. We harmed Penglai’s door, but in the end we were separated by Scholar."
Zhun Ti said, "If not for this, then why? Is it because of Penglai? "
Then he said, "Tathagata." Zhun-ti paused and said, "Tathagata?"
"Tathagata is the third leader of Buddhism, and now he is in charge of Buddhism. In the future, Buddhism will flourish, so Tathagata will naturally get three points of luck. I don’t want to let Tang Priest go west, but I want Tathagata to save Tang Priest himself, so that he can take the lead and get more merits of luck when Buddhism flourishes in the future."
* * * Zhang Wen in the cabinet said with a smile, "Tathagata’s chance has always been hampered by those two people, and now I just take this opportunity to give him a hand."
Panda said, "Boss, is this your calculation? Why can’t I see what benefits the Tathagata can get from it? "
Zhang Wendao said, "When Buddhism flourishes, there must be guidance from the scriptures. The Tathagata is only a Buddha on Lingshan, and even if Buddhism flourishes in the future, it will only be a Buddha. If the Tang Priest can be rescued this time. Heaven will give him a credit, and he will naturally get more benefits in the future. And this robbery has already robbed two saints, which is also a complete merit. As long as the Tathagata rescues the Tang Priest, it is a robbery. "
Confucius said, "Teacher, since the Tang Priest is going to be released. This marriage is not necessary. "
Panda smiled and said, "Good Kong Xuan, you are still worried about your offspring. You promised me at the beginning."
Zhang Wendao: "Panda. Although Kong Yunwei was born in the fairy world, he has not yet achieved enlightenment, but he is also born, rare in the three worlds, and it is reasonable for Kong Xuan to have such a reaction. "
Kong Xuandao: "Thank you for your understanding. Yunwei’s qualifications are rare in the three realms. Disciples can’t bear to abolish her. "
Mr. Zhang nodded and said, "In those days, the celestial world was first formed. You know that a peacock was received by the Tathagata from the west as a peacock mother Buddha. "
Kong Xuandao: "Disciples know that the peacock is also a descendant of disciples. When I was practicing on the snowy mountain, I left a feather and turned it into the peacock."
Zhang Wen said with a smile, "You can’t say that this peacock is still your child. In that case, why didn’t you discipline it at the beginning? Let him make a killing and be transformed by Buddhism. "
Kong Xuandao: "At the beginning, the disciple figured that there was some cause and effect with Buddhism, so regardless of the peacock, the cause and effect fell on the peacock."
Zhang Wendao: "So you want the Tathagata to resolve this cause and effect for you, or you and the Buddhist cause and effect are finally over. Tell him yourself when the Tathagata comes later, and I have nothing more to do here. Let’s go, panda. "
Mr. Zhang took the panda away from the pavilion of * * *, and Kong Xuan realized why Mr. Zhang mentioned these things. This is clearly for Kong Xuanlai to deal with the rest.
The Monkey King returned to the * * * Pavilion and was stopped by Kong Xuan. The Monkey King asked, "What does a real person want with my old grandson?"
Kong Xuan said, "I’m short of a messenger here. Look at your somersault cloud running fast. So I want you to give a message to the Tathagata for me. "
The Monkey King looked around, but there was no one around. Be careful: "Real person, that monk was rescued?"
Kong Xuanxiao looked at the Monkey King and didn’t answer. the Monkey King was looked a little empty. He said carefully, "Didn’t you get rescued?"
Kong Xuan said, "Why don’t you help me run and let the monk out?"
The Monkey King said, "The monk was not rescued when the master and bodhi ancestor came. What’s the use of inviting Tathagata?"
Kong Xuan said, "If you come here, you can save the Tang Priest. Just go and invite the Tathagata." Kong Xuan said a wave of his hand toward the Monkey King, the Monkey King was immediately sent out of the * * * pavilion.
When the Monkey King saw that he had been sent out of the * * * Pavilion, he snorted and said, "Everyone bullied my old grandson with their magical powers, and one day my old grandson will get it back." Say and drive away.
When the Monkey King arrived at Lingshan, he saw Tathagata, saying, "Tathagata, my master is trapped on the thorny ridge and is about to get married. No one you asked my old grandson to find can save him. I think you’d better go there yourself, so that my old grandson won’t have to run around."
"You monkey head," said the Tathagata, "didn’t I promise you to call every day and the earth spirit? Why don’t you ask the gods and buddhas for help?"

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