At one time, the sea was hazy, and the nine rivers in Kyushu violently oscillated, but it was filled with poverty and robbery, and the world changed completely.

The bitterness of the sea has become a chaotic robbery, which has achieved the most original posture. The bridge of Jiuhe River is connected with Kyushu, which is like excessive life and death, and Kyushu is transformed into hades.
Every turn is a new robbery, arrival, and a reincarnation to derive everything.
Boom! At the same time, the vast ocean vision reflected for nine days directly reflected the bloody battlefield, and the holy island reflected the star reflected the Terran ancient road first.
Everyone was shocked, whether it was the military or the commander or the aboriginal leader, they were stunned on the spot.
"This vision is someone breaking the law? Set up the wheel sea scripture! "
Suddenly, someone exclaimed and couldn’t help but feel terrible. This was obviously done by those who tried it. It was the sage who established the practice!
And the observation of abnormal fluctuations is absolutely extraordinary, and there is a great atmosphere.
"Is he? There is also him. "
The leader couldn’t help laughing, so he made a decision and handed the news out to inform the leaders in front of him that they were road protectors.
Terran ancient road will have a statue of the overlord rising!
At the same time, it seems that chanting has been melodious since ancient times.
"Don’t remember Yan Kang’s long robbery in the chaotic period before the Long Han Dynasty. The hidden treasures of the Tao are not clear. The red revolution and the spirit are flourishing. Every day, the sects have their own canons, and the robbery is resumed. Then the five robberies are accumulated in the first year of the Queen’s Emperor, and the Dafa is popular. It is necessary to prepare ten 36 pieces to save the Queen of Heaven and Man for six days."
The rumble of Zhao Zhao’s voice made every living thing feel like a blur, and I couldn’t help but salute and worship.
The experimenters in the whole trial site were even more dumbfounded. I never thought that such a thing would happen in the first place. It’s too scary to set up your own scripture
Without telling them, they guessed that it was a human being, and that direction was that there was an overlord in the fiftieth district
Bury the emperor, the star and the king!
This vision of change lasted for a long time until the tenth day passed, and it was still more intense. There were five thunder pools, five light wheels and five red stars that kept reflecting the sky.
On the twelfth day, when the bell rang through the holy island, all the testers had to quit here or they would be sealed here.
"The trial is over. This time, it’s a big deal. Try to break through!"
"This natural way is ancient and broad, and I have learned a lot in the twelfth day."
"I don’t know if anyone else has entered the bloody battlefield except the king of men. It is said that someone has seen that big black dog and is clamoring for people’s favor."
Then every exit is a figure from each star field, strong or coming out of the trial field with serious injuries or high spirits.
An hour later, all the Chileans were here, but since the rise of Area 50, the vision has not stopped at all, and it still hangs high and shines brightly.
"Isn’t it over yet that the King of Man was created? What kind of scripture is this? It’s terrible. The vision lasted for more than ten days and didn’t end."
Everyone is waiting to look at the center of the fiftieth district, even Han Xu and other athletes, including the lead-in, are also paying attention.
Grand marshal some nai he naturally won’t leave such a kind of this kind of good mouth alone to tell the people that they are willing to go back, but before going back to live, it will be considered as passed the examination.
But in the end, he underestimated the degree of young people’s curiosity about creating laws, and no one wanted to leave, but chose to stay.
This makes a few military eyes are subtle, some words.
At this time, a shock in the fiftieth district, Jingxue, was like the sea, and the violent tide hit the heavens and the earth, making this star tremble.
The emergence of a vast ancient universe is actually a deduction of the final process of five robberies and the cycle of everything.
Virtual roar This is a terrible symbol of reincarnation, expounding the five robberies, and embracing the universe to create a statue of fuzzy feet. Kyushu stands tall and stands in the milky way of the universe.
He evolved into a vast sky, making himself the only master who can destroy everything. He is the robber.
Everything in his Chineydy world is worm dust, and only reincarnation is real and qualitative.
"Is it necessary to be the master of all robberies if such a scripture is so bold?"
A lot of people outside are shocked. This is definitely a powerful opponent. It is many times scarier than the average kind of strong person. No wonder when the road is opened, the road guards are alarmed.
"It is very strong that some holy kings in the ancient road can’t do this."
20 soldiers also some low communication riding Sirius grand marshal nodded his head is very appreciated.
The strongest ancient road is never short of genius. Over the years, they have witnessed some incredible fate, and today, the man Wang is the overlord of this line!
Then, it seems that the achievement of creating dharma has become a new vision of general heaven, and a mysterious celestial realm has emerged. It seems that the sky is as high as the sky on October 10, and there is a roar of kunpeng, and the holy spirit is adhering to it, and there is a real dragon and a leap of yin and yang.
All kinds of visions surround the vault, turning the central robber into a ladder, stepping on ten places, stepping on nine days and stepping on ancient history!
Suddenly, the star oscillated out of the bursts of ghosts and gods crying sound.
The law moves through the ghosts and gods all day!
"It worked! Go out of your own way and create your own scripture! "
Everyone’s heart trembled and they couldn’t help shouting that empathy is more exciting than joy.
They witnessed with their own eyes that a statue of the ancient road tyrant was more shocking than the creation of a law.
At the same time, the bloody battlefield has been silent for a long time, and Li Yu’s eyes are wide open. If two rounds of robbery are burning, the nimbus, the red star, the thunder pool and the big five robberies behind him will merge, and the normalized reincarnation of ten thousand robberies is the end of five robberies.
"The turn of the sea scripture has become a qualitative change in Long Hanwan’s robbery of Iraq."

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