At that time, two classes were mixed together, and Su Yonglin laughed at more than 120 pairs of eyes.

That scene is particularly interesting.
Su Yonglin laughed alone and almost turned his back. More than one hundred and twenty people looked at wait for a while stupidly.
Su Yonglin wiped her eyes after laughing.
"Julian Waghann? Han people in the north need Julian Waghann to save them? Guys, why don’t I ever take you to Huainan to sell smuggled salt? Do you know? "
They shook their heads in succession.
Pack up Su Yonglin smile with a sigh.
"People in Huainan eat gold salt because gold salt is much cheaper than salt in the Southern Song Dynasty. Those salt smugglers on the Huainan border can make five or six times more profits by selling gold salt to Huainan people to eat and resell it."
People are very surprised.
So earn?
"There’s one thing you may not know."
Su Yonglin said seriously, "Nearly 90% of the official salt price in the Southern Song Dynasty is the real price with more than 10% tax left, but the salt production is not as good as that. Are you white now?"
They all learned to read and count, and they had an abacus in their hearts, and they were all white when they hit it.
"This is exploitation."
Su Yonglin’s brush on the wall wrote two characters of exploitation: "A catty of salt costs more than 100 pence, and half of it is less than half of it. More profits plus more taxes. This is what the Southern Song Dynasty did. This is why you couldn’t afford salt before joining my Su family!"
People got serious and looked at Su Yonglin with their eyes wide open.
There are small flames dancing in their eyes.
"What is your salt in the Southern Song Dynasty? Because of the heavy military pressure, it has to raise a lot of soldiers and a lot of officials. There are fewer troops and officials than before, but it can try its best to get Qian Qian. Of course it’s us. "
Su Yonglin patted his chest and pointed to the people. "We ordinary people are the ones who make money. We have to eat salt. Everyone has to eat it or something will happen. They monopolize the salt and force us to buy it with crazy price increases!"
Su Yonglin is satisfied with the thickening and aggravating reaction of the bottom person’s breathing.
"So what gold salt is cheap? One is that I said that the Jin people’s governance of the place is very extensive, just like shepherds’ herding. They have no experience and energy to manage the two, and the military pressure of the Jin State is not as great as that of the Southern Song Dynasty.
So you asked me whether the northern Han people were waiting for Julian Waghann in the Southern Song Dynasty to save them, and I told you that was bullshit. Why didn’t the northern Han people need Julian Waghann in the Southern Song Dynasty to save them? Continue to eat more than 100 Wen a catty of official salt? Or live like us, I don’t know when I’m going to lose my head?
For the Han people in the north, it’s a different emperor, and their heads are strong. He’s no different, whether it’s Emperor Yan Hong or Zhao Guanjia, it’s no different for us ordinary people. Isn’t it the same who will be the emperor?
I’m telling you, you can read now, and you’ve learned a lot, but you must remember that you and I are both common people. It’s almost the same to us whether it’s the Jin State or the Southern Song Dynasty.
To whom is it much worse? When the Southern Song Dynasty was still the Northern Song Dynasty, those officials and others enjoyed a good time and enjoyed a good time. Without them, the Northern Song Dynasty was not as comfortable as before, and the emperor was arrested. They personally felt pain.
Poems are written one by one, and what about shouting the Northern Expedition every day? Does it really make a difference whether it’s Song or Jin for us ordinary people? Su Yin often goes to the north to see with his own eyes that the Northern Han People’s Day is still going on as usual.
Do they miss Song? They still have. Do we really know what Song means? Let me ask you, what is Song? What does Song mean to us? What reason does Song have for us that we must desperately save it? "
When Su Yonglin’s question comes, people are confused and don’t know how to answer Su Yonglin’s question.
Some people have a vague outline in their heads, but they are very unclear and don’t know how to express it.
Su Yonglin waited for a while and nodded with satisfaction.
"It seems that no one knows what Song means to us ordinary people."
"For me, the answer is nothing. Song is waiting for people. Song is a scholar and a nobleman. Song is waiting for people!"
Su Yonglin took a deep breath. "In the eyes of others, we are pigs, cows, horses and dogs! We are not human beings. We are not worthy to be human beings. We are just animals. They produce them and exploit them! "
Su Yonglin punched the table with a loud and powerful sound, which was deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.
Bottom crow finch
"Think about when you don’t have enough to eat. Think about when you can’t afford salt. Did the Zhao family come to help you? Have those people come to help you? No, they will hate watching you and hating you for not working or eating.
They hate, hate, hate us people who have a mouth to eat, drink water and sleep. They hope we don’t eat anything, but work hard, grow food for them, sun salt for them, weave for them, and be cows and horses for them! "
Su Yonglin turned around and wrote a Song word on the wall and patted the wall.
"Song is their song is not our song! They miss them. What does Song have to do with us? !”
At that time, Su Yonglin’s words were finished, and his eyes were wide and he suddenly realized.
Some people are frowning and indecisive, and they are suspicious of life.
They have read and opened their eyes, and have the most basic understanding ability.
Words will not go in one ear and out the other as they did when they were illiterate, but will go into their heads, and some words will go directly into their hearts.
Obviously, this has entered not only their heads but also their hearts.
The spiritual shackles imposed on them by the rulers are suffering a very severe impact.

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