Suddenly, his face changed from Lu Tianji’s, and his hands quickly waved in the middle to draw a complex gesture. He watched a golden palm fly out from him and ran directly to the rear of Ji Xiaotian.

The Vajrayana spell was actually made by the former Lu Yi, and a talisman from his father was able to achieve the effect, which was prompted by Lu Tianqi.
Golden hand just a grasp swing position suddenly more than a figure.
Wearing a red Taoist temple and a Dahongpao, he is about sixty years old. An old Taoist priest with a ferocious face is somewhat shocked. "What a good Lu Tianqi!"
If you don’t know that this old Taoist who calls himself magic dust is really the leader of Maoshan Sect, I’m afraid they will all think that this guy is a fake Taoist with such a dress.
However, it is obvious that some magic dust leaders, Xiaotian and Lu Yi, have failed to reach the immortal level, and have not found that he is still normal, but even the four other disciples of Xu Yuan belong to the immortal level, and still have not found that magic dust is far more powerful than them.
Fortunately, they also have a master Lu Tianqi.
Lu Tianqi, a Vajrayana rune, caught the magic dust face, but there was nothing to be happy about. The look was still so calm and natural. "Since you insist on coming from the first world war, the magic dust Taoist priest is a guest first."
On Lu Tianqi’s character is in a small cave in Laoshan Mountain. If the magic dust doesn’t get the first shot, this challenge will definitely continue.
"You’re welcome-die!"
What kind of personality and face is Lu Tianji? He doesn’t care in his heart, but he is happy to spend it. After all, he can take the lead and take a lot of opportunities. How can he give up his smirked words and suddenly make moves in the middle of such an opportunity?
The Maoshan School, where the magic dust is located, is good at painting, but it is different from Laoshan, which pays attention to the unity of man and nature and directly mobilizes the vitality of heaven and earth. Maoshan likes to use foreign objects like magic dust to suddenly provoke a flying zombie at the moment, and one of them is it.
Flying zombies have been dug up from the dead pile and condensed the most fierce grievances. It took three years for the corpse to be taken out by the Maoshan Sect’s secret method sacrifice, so that this one, like Magic Dust, has a history of 20 years of sacrifice, otherwise he would not use it against such a master as Lu Tianqi.
"It’s shameless to send flying zombies and sneak attacks."
Lu Yi scolded 1 there and wanted to say something, only to find that he couldn’t make a sound. Obviously, he was stopped by Lu Tianji, who was watching here from afar.
Lu Tianji still has spare time to do these things. Of course, he is not afraid of the other party’s sneak attack. The dark body of the flying zombie is only gathered in front of him, and his whisking is a red flame.
Even the flying zombie claims to see the sword as a super defense force, and it is forced to fly back all the way in front of such a red flame because it can realize that this flame has a devastating attack on it.
Magic dust has rarely been able to control flying zombies since it came out. It happened that this red flame was one of them, and it was its name. I didn’t expect Lu Tianqi to cultivate such a terrible flame. Magic dust frowned.
Seeing the flying zombies being forced to retreat and then retreat the magic dust, they didn’t mean to help before, but they just thought about it.
Soon it followed the flying zombie like an automatic guided missile, and the red flame finally drove back. The tall corpse "called" a flying zombie and burned like this. In an instant, the zombie turned into a fire corpse.
The burnt smell soon appeared around the corpse, and the skin and stiff flesh and blood were burned to the ground, leaving a bare bone frame.
"Magic dust, why don’t we come here?"
Easily broke the magic dust, suggesting that the flying zombie Lu Tianqi still didn’t look superior, kept a flat smile and shouted at the magic dust that was still thinking hard about cracking the road.
In the end, whether the other party is the head of the Maoshan Sect is unnecessary or not. It really happens that the Laoshan Sect and the Maoshan Sect have a big fight, and Lu Tianqi’s younger brother has to be restrained a little.
"What? Even if this is over, don’t dream, don’t have sanyangyan, my baby can’t deal with you! "
The magic dust woke up like a dream and stared at the bone frame for a while before it became white. That was his sacrifice for many years. The flying zombie was angry, and he did not consider any taboos. He bit the tip of his tongue and even sprayed three mouths of JingXie to the bone frame.
Strange to say, there is not a bit of flesh and blood left by the burning of Sanyangyan. Flying zombies give out a burst of "ziz" sounds in the magic dust, like hot water pouring on the ice and snow, and a little flesh and blood appears in the bone frame.
As more and more flesh and blood appear, arms, arms, calves and thighs until the body and trunk fly, the zombie body recovers little by little.
It didn’t take long for the flying zombie to return to its normal state, not to mention being coated with a layer of golden skin, from black body to golden yellow, and there was a faint golden light around it, like a shining golden man.
"Golden zombie magic dust, you are not afraid of the scourge of refining, so there are dry days and things?"
Others don’t know what this means yet, but Lu Tianqi is nervous. Looking at this, not long ago, he could deal with the golden flying zombie at will and shouted another name, full of angry thoughts.
As soon as the golden zombie comes out, it is impossible for Lu Tianqi to end up with the magic dust, because this is a life-and-death battle, and the golden zombie will not listen to the magic dust.
Either Lu Tianqi falls or the golden zombie is completely destroyed. There is no other way.
Chapter one hundred and thirty-nine God is destroyed
Chapter one hundred and thirty-nine God is destroyed
This is not the most terrible thing about the Golden Zombie. What Lu Tianqi said is that the Golden Zombie will take the initiative to absorb the enemy’s JingXie after killing the enemy, which is something that the Maoshan Sect outsiders will not tolerate.
Even more, if heaven and earth don’t refine the golden zombie, it means that it will be even more terrible to suffer when flying to the celestial world in the future. If it is not crazy, no one will do it.
Although everyone has been suppressing their skills for various reasons and is not in a hurry to soar to the celestial world, it is inevitable to soar to the celestial world in the future, so the result of doing so is almost ruined their future
"Lu Tianqi, why don’t you worry so much or think about how to deal with my baby? Wrong novel network many words "
Magic dust jumps into laughter with a different kind of madness. Obviously, this guy is bent on thinking that Lu Tianji will defeat and not say that he will kill people. His mind is biting and visible.
In terms of speed and attack power, the golden zombie is far more powerful than the ordinary flying zombie. The secret method of Maoshan Sect is really unique, especially when the head master the taboo method, and he has the power of terror. Before relying on Sanyangyan to force the flying zombie back, Lu Tianqi faced the golden zombie, but there was no good method and he kept evading.
One by one, the ghosting appeared in Lu Tianqi’s display, and the whole peak of Qianjue was covered with his figure.
Gold zombies can roar at the ghosting images, and let Lu Tianqi run a little late every time. This is the case. It is still unfavorable for Lu Tianqi to continue to consume so much real yuan at such a speed.
Lu Tianqi is still as cool as a cucumber. In the face of such a dilemma, he is still not in a hurry, or he is still so leisurely and natural.
Can be anxious Lu Yi and others, everyone is thinking about whether they can help the law, including Ji Xiaotian.
"There is no solution! It seems that this time Lu Tianqi is really dangerous. "
Ji Xiaotian is also anxious about the super brain’s ability to see the zombie speed, attack power and magic dust, and compare it with Lu Tianji’s theory of discovery. How to calculate it without big surprises? Lu Tianji’s chances of winning are not great.
It’s not that Ji Xiaotian’s computing ability has dropped, but that the strength gap is too large. Both sides are not only immortals, but also the masters of immortals who know nothing about immortal techniques. It has been said that Ji Xiaotian can make a relatively correct judgment in such a short time, and his computing ability is very strong.
It’s a flaw.
At least Ji Xiaotian knows that if he faces the golden zombie, there is no solution but to turn around and run away.
The strength gap is too big, and it’s a good way to talk about it. If you have seen such a character, you will look forward to the immortal realm and the immortal achievement method. In that big cover, he still hasn’t given up practicing and continues to secretly increase his strength.
"Reaching the realm of immortals one day earlier can make a foothold, and being a powerful immortal can have the possibility of not being dominated by others at will."
Remembering what he suffered in the guardian alliance, Ji Xiaotian has further determined a goal. If those two dead alliance emissaries or their elders are as powerful as Lu Tianqi, I’m afraid Ji Xiaotian will have to work harder.
Lu Tianqi, of course, can’t be as easy as it seems. After consuming so much real power continuously, he also feels a little troublesome.
But a master like him naturally won’t give up easily. He is still trying to find the golden zombie weakness. When the seemingly enemy golden zombie weakness was discovered by him, he finally gave me a smile at the corner of his mouth.
"Magic Dust, since you dare to do this, don’t blame me for being merciless."
Lu Tianqi smiled coldly and suddenly appeared not far away to watch the drama magic dust. It seemed to be similar to teleportation. In fact, the speed reached the top speed in an instant, and gently patted the palm before the magic dust finished.
The golden light is relatively dazzling, and it comes from Lu Tianqi.
The Vajrayana spell or the Vajrayana spell is not the same as the former way. Lu Tianqi’s hands are equivalent to yellow paper, and one palm is golden like a golden palm.
This method of transportation is the first time that Lu Tianqi has practiced Fu for so many years, so he wouldn’t dare to do it if he didn’t think that his understanding of Fu had reached a very high level, because once he failed, his hands were doomed to fail.
Almost being photographed by Lu Tianqi, I felt that there was a chill everywhere, and I really came into contact with King Kong’s spells before I knew that this recruit was so severe.
If you want to resist the dodging roots again, you will feel a strong rush, and the whole person will fly out and "bang" and fall to the ground and can’t move.
After succeeding, Lu Tianqi didn’t go to see what the magic dust was like. The original situation remained unchanged and the golden palm was launched.
Lu Tianqi, who is far away from the golden zombie, can still continue to attack the golden zombie. It seems that his palm can fly away from his body, or his arm can contract freely and reach directly to the golden zombie.
"Lindsey" was like the defeat of Ge Lu Tianqi. It was only with a golden palm that the golden zombie was photographed, and a big hole was blown out from one side to the other without waiting for the golden zombie to react more. The other palm was then photographed.
Lu Tianqi, who still hit the hole before, broke a big piece of the golden zombie bone frame. This time, it was completely destroyed, and half of the golden zombie body just disappeared.

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