True Yuan flows in the veins like a roaring river.

Xia Qi smiled and felt everything, at the same time, he absorbed the spirit of the outside world crazily, and he showed signs of a breakthrough.
Actually, just after coming out of refining Sendai, Xia Qi felt that he was about to make a breakthrough, but Xia Qi forcibly suppressed the breakthrough opportunity because of the former master Dan Yuan.
Zhen Yuan roared, and Xia Qi felt that his body, mind and body were all changing.
Even the world of conjoined deified acupoints and orifices is changing all the time. It seems that every acupoints and orifices world has become bigger and all kinds of visions inside have become stronger.
"There is such a holy land for practicing, which is really good for practicing."
Xia Qi sat cross-legged, feeling the roar of the body, and I was deeply moved by the crazy spirit of the outside world.
If it weren’t for this true Yan zong, Xia Qi would definitely need to swallow Dan medicine to enhance the true element of the body if he wanted to make a breakthrough at this time, otherwise it would never be so simple to make a breakthrough.
Xia Qi ears to the violent roar like a mountain collapsed.
At this moment, Xia Qi felt that she had changed again.
He entered the fifth floor of the deification period.
Compared with Gu Yue’s progress, it’s nothing, but it’s already very satisfactory for Xia Qi. After all, he has skyrocketed in this short time.
"Going …"
Repairing the breakthrough body, the violent truth element also slowly softened and flowed like the same stream.
"It’s almost enough to control the true bodhi old zu now that Yu Rong has greatly weakened the true bodhi old zu Yuan God."
Xia Qi felt his thoughts turning in his changing heart.
He was very busy during this period and had endless things to do. At this time, he chose to enter the realm of refining Sendai and strengthening the breakthrough, and asked the monks to control the true ancestors.
Only by completely controlling Zhen Yan, Lao Zu Zhen Yan Zong can we completely control it, and Xia Qi can’t turn out any waves.
Even if Xia Qi changed the name of Zhenyan Sect to Danzong in the future, absolutely no one dared to resist.
Get up and Xia Qi goes to the courtyard room.
It should have taken him several hours to break through the repair. When Yu Rong means it, he thinks it has greatly weakened the divine power of truly spreading the bodhi old zu Yuan.
Entering the room, Xia Qi saw a terrible scene.
Fang Zhen Yan, the bodhi old zu, was covered in blood, and he was crazy. He bumped around the room, and he seemed to feel his head explode and hit the wall like crazy.
Jade Rong is next to him with a cold smile.
"Master Zhen Yan, the bodhi old zu Yuan God, has greatly weakened him. At this time, he is in a dreamland, and the whole person is going crazy. It is definitely the best time to control him."
See Xia Qi come in YuRong immediately said
"Very well, YuRong, stop anyone from coming at the door."
Xia Qi waved his hand and Yu Rong left the room at once, becoming the most loyal guard at the door, guarding this room and Xia Qi not to be disturbed.
Look at Yu Rong Xia Qi and take a deep breath to calm down.
Does he want to control the true bodhi old zu now, or does he want to venture the Yuan God into the sea of true bodhi old zu knowledge, so that it is possible to control the true bodhi old zu?
Xia Qi Yuan Shen escaped from the body and rushed directly into the sea that was still crazy at this time.
As soon as it appeared in the ear of Zhen Yan’s ancestor Xia Qi, a violent roar appeared in front of him, and it was a storm.
The ancestors of Zhenyan knew that the sea was raging, the thunder danced and the waves surged like a land of extinction.
"The true bodhi old zu has really fallen into madness."
Xia Qi didn’t worry when he saw the true bodhi old zu, but he smiled because he clearly sensed that the true bodhi old zu knew the sea, but the yuan divine power was not very strong.
As Yu Rong said, it is the best time to control the true bodhi old zu
Chapter four hundred The annexation of Zongmen
Chapter four hundred The annexation of Zongmen
"Kill kill! !”
True ancestors know the sea, thunder and lightning, and the wind roared like extinction, while true ancestors, Yuan Shen, became a giant in the sea, their eyes were red and lost their senses, and they roared wildly in the sea.
True Yan bodhi old zu lost his mind crazy than Yuan Shen’s body was crazy about knowing the sea.
Xia Qi hid in the corner and watched quietly.
If the true bodhi old zu is awake and someone invades the sea of knowledge, it will be known in an instant. Unfortunately, at this time, the true bodhi old zu is tortured by Yu Rong and loses his mind and falls into a dreamland until he is crazy.
Knowing the sea was messed up by the body of the true ancestor Yuan Shen.
Xia Qi waited for half an hour, only when the true bodhi old zu Yan calmed down a little. He no longer waited for the yuan divine power to condense into his body and directly appeared in front of the true bodhi old zu Yan.
"Thunder puppet art!"
Just calm down to know that the sea has become dark again. Thunder and lightning flash like a golden snake dancing.
True Yan bodhi old zu realized the crisis and attacked Xia Qizhan in front of him.
Two giants of Yuan God are fighting in the sea of knowledge!
While Xia Qi Da Zhou Zhang was trying to collect the true ancestors, he gathered three immortals and the strong ones got together at the same time.
Juxian Sect is far more powerful than Zhenzhen Sect.
The main reason for this is that Juxian Sect has three virtual immortal realms!
And what is even more frightening is that these three virtual fairy realms are strong or brothers!
Brother Xu Jiasan!
At the same time, the three brothers became the realm of virtual immortals, and the strong were United. It is for this reason that the strength of Juxian Sect developed rapidly and pressed Zhenyan Sect.
At this time, the three brothers got together and looked gloomy.
"insult! Boss, this matter must not be easily bypassed by Zhen Yanzong! If you dare to kill me, the messenger of Juxian Sect must make Zhenyan Sect pay the price! "
There is a scar on Mr. Xu’s face. I don’t know why, but it has always been reserved. At first glance, I feel that Mr. Xu is more ferocious than he is at this time.

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