After all this, Muhai got up and stretched himself, and his eyes were full of poverty and happiness.

Then Muhai took out two jade bottles and exchanged them for 11 sobering fruits, one in a bottle and the other in a bottle.
Spend 22,000 points of magic energy, leaving less than 10,000 points of magic energy.
"Magic can spend so fast!"
Muhai sighed, but soon the corners of his mouth were raised.
"Xiaoxi, you have to let your father bleed again."
Muhai smiled and nodded with a proud face. Then he shook his head. "No, there should be three times of blood."
Say that finish MuHai, to the door.
Chapter 195 Rich and accommodating [Four Watch]
Muhai was dragged to a place by Zhou Qian after breakfast.
Tang Yu saw which dare to trust quickly with the past.
"Sister Xiaoyu, why are you following us?" Zhou Wei said
"I also want to ask you? Why are you pulling the small sea? " Tang Yu said
"It’s a secret. You can’t say that." Zhou Qian pulled up Muhai mysteriously and ran away.
"You …"
Look at MuHai don’t resist Tang Yu is a full face of anger.
Xiaohai, have you gone too far? Dare to hold his woman’s hand in front of me.
Tang Yu’s magical thoughts are rolling straight into Muhai Dantian.
"Xiaoxi, what can I do? Let’s talk about it here. Rain is falling all is not an outsider. Besides, even if you tell any secrets, I will tell Rain is falling all," Muhai said.
"You …" Zhou Qian forehead with a pile of black line.
Zhou Qian did not show weakness and contributed a lot of magic thoughts to Muhai.
When Tang Yu heard Muhai’s words, the corners of his mouth raised and the two shallow dimples melted his mind.
"all right"
Zhou Qian looked nai. "Can Xiaohai give me a ring?"
Looking at Zhou Qian’s pathetic appearance, I am afraid that ordinary people will be soft-hearted when they see it.
Especially such a beautiful woman, although it is a little small somewhere.
But her poor appearance means nothing to Muhai.
"no!" The answer is extremely flat, and there is no room for reversal.
"You …"
Zhou Qian clenched his fist and his chest fluctuated violently, staring at Muhai like a furious little lion with an irate face.
When will you be so accommodating?
Have you ever been so angry with people?
Magic thoughts roll in like stormy waves.
Sensing the magic energy in Jiuding Magic Furnace can increase the corners of Muhai’s mouth.
"What?" Zhou Qian deathless heart asked
"Many reasons scare you to death," Muhai said.
"You say!" Zhou Qian put her hands on her waist and looked unbelieving.
"The first ring doesn’t exist in the whole world. If anyone knew you had a ring, do you think they would let you go?" Mu Hai said
"This ….." Zhou Qian nodded his head when he heard this.
Yesterday, when she saw Tang Yu juggling and taking out things, she was really envious, jealous and hateful, and she had an impulse to take it away.
Even your best friend is still like this. If others see it, isn’t it that you can’t guard against the endless means?
"Xiaohai, I swear I will never tell anyone or make it in front of others," Zhou Qian vowed.
"no!" Muhai shook his head and said, "You can’t hide a secret with that little thought."
"Don’t worry, I will never say that this will affect my life and death." Zhou Qian said with a dignified look.

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