Say the black dragon stretched out a huge claw and twisted up the height of more than five meters, Ek Sotus.

To be fair, this guy is not small in size and weight, but his size is even more exaggerated. He is a ball in front of Princess Black Dragon!
Ragnaros’s power can really help him with all kinds of physical and magical injuries, but it didn’t fix him on the ground!
As a result, Onyxia arrested him with the magic shield as soon as he caught it, and then threw it up and took it back! Throw it up and take it back!
Just as Du Mouren keeps throwing away and picking up moral integrity …
There’s already a ghost wolf, Logosh, fighting experience. Varian directly faces the incinerator, Guleimenger, with a crazy attitude.
There are more guys than Varian.
There are many people who are more agile than Varian.
But few people can combine strength agility so perfectly like Varian. When he dodges, he is like a light and cunning wolf. He easily uses his agility to avoid Guleimenger’s punch.
At the moment when he turned from evasion to attack, he suddenly became the most violent wolf king, as if he were an artifact with two claws and two swords, slashing Guleimenger’s arms and legs crazily.
The mortal weapon method destroys the hard rock limb artifact, and the double sword serial chopping still makes the stone splash.
"Ow!" Guleiman was enraged, madly chasing Wali safely, regardless of whether there were other mortal strong people behind him, such as Van Cleef’s father and daughter and Wa Anabel, who were secretly and effectively destroying his limbs behind him.
Unfortunately, Varian’s highlight moment was only a few tens of seconds, and soon the attention of the giant ancient Regman was attracted by another person.
In order to kill the ancient Regman Mograine as soon as possible, his old man’s desperate efforts [Ashbringer] easily attracted the attention of the leader of the molten nuclear giant.
Artifacts are also divided into three, six, nine and so on.
[Ashbringer] This advanced artifact is obviously powerful to Varian [Shadow Ripper] and [Shadow Predator]!
Duke glanced at it and snickered. According to the game terminology, it means bss hatred is out of control.
Usually, the team bss hacked and chased people, so the team is not far from the group destruction. It happened that this is a famous cow.
Give them enough time to grind bss to death and dare to show it to you.
In the face of ancient Regman’s attack on the big water tank with heavy punches [inflammatory explosion], Mograine was not surprised but pleased. He directly swung the door panel [Ashbringer] and performed a scene in which the giant sword of light broke the fireball.
It’s rare for Varian to grin when he sees the old-timer so fierce.
On the right side of the battlefield, Duke fought the Saffron pioneer one-on-one
In the first encounter, Saffron directly stabbed a rapid black brilliance in the virtual.
Duke’s figure made a wrong move, which seemed to be dangerous and narrowly avoided the spear thrown by the other side. The spear was dull and half black, and Duke’s cheek was grazed less than five centimeters, which made Duke’s cheek ache with a strong wind.
No matter what, it is hiding after all.
The pioneer of Saffron looked surprised. In his eyes, mortal wizards are all short of magic, high strength and agility.
Duke was not surprised that a magic stopped him from throwing a spear.
Duke was surprised that he simply fought and hid.
Duke entered a very mysterious state at the moment.
With a staff in his left hand and a sword in his right hand, he looks like a nondescript swordsman in a tall robe that almost mops the floor, but he is extremely agile in accelerating.
Hand [Gandalf] Excalibur glows faintly.
That’s the appearance. If Duke can draw a sword at any time, it’s a blow.
Now it’s only because Duke has almost restrained the sword body by transforming all the magic, which has little influence on the surrounding environment.
In the sunrise-level battle, the warring parties will often set off a turbulent flow of elements when they make a move. One of the consequences of the spill point is that there is no grass in the tens of meters.
After the sunrise, the battle appears low-key, subtle and more dangerous.
The degree of mastery of magic determines that the total amount of magic can be compressed, and the purity of high-purity magic can be made into a magic sword. It is not too simple to break the opponent’s magic shield.
Chapter 1164 Don’t kill me! I surrender!
Duke still keeps attacking more and attacking less because he wants to get angry.
In order to successfully fight the situation, he almost poured out all the magic at one breath.
Rao is a third-class sunrise, and it takes a long time for exorcist to return to the magic. Of course, if Duke can find a chance not to get hurt, it will be another matter if he can return to the magic trick [wake up]
But before that, Duke had to put enough pressure on the Saffron pioneer.
A long and broken wind sounded in the armpit of the pioneer of Saffron.
With the heart of fire, the old seven felt the pain from that part of his body. The wound was not big, but it ran straight through one of his two lungs in his left rib and leaked at a high speed, filled with the breath of lung flame.
He is angry!
A huge flame hand suddenly exploded around him, sweeping everything around him into a big crack, and the solid rock layer was blown up in large chunks, and then turned into dust and dissipated.
It’s a pity that he called.
Du Kegen is not far away. He is not even holding a dried tofu Excalibur. He almost asked the mirror member to take his Excalibur to work. At the same time, he directly [invisibility] and ran to the remote group.
The three sisters in Windrunner watched Duke sneak here and stare at each other.
"As if I were such a weak boy, how could I go to hand-to-hand combat with the enemy monster leader like a lout!" Du Mouke confidently said shameless words.
If I hadn’t witnessed Duke beating Neltharion, destroying Archimonde and other feats, everyone would have done so. Duke is a coward.

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