Limon nodded, "I have heard that I guess the Lord of this hell city should be some heterogeneous orcs with other ectopic faces, and I’m afraid that the strength is equivalent to the level of God, even the Pope Lucy contest also ordered him to take charge of the light side of the Vatican and the Lord of this hell city should be full-time light side of the Vatican."

Nu Wa wondered, "Execution?"
Buck also said at this time, "Ten levels of hell have their own punishments. The first level of hell is tongue-pulling. It is said that every day, these prisoners are stabbed to nail their tongues and then pull out their tongues."
Qing Ye frown "pull out your tongue? It seems that there are also ten layers of hell punishments along the Pangu star domain ghost world "but the ghost world is a ghost. These punishments are not too cruel in the personal light of the Vatican.
This moment has become more and more determined, not only to save Su Xiuxiu but also to save others.
Qing Ye was about to offer HarmonyOS sword to break this layer of prison room and suddenly a sneer broke out. "Qing Ye is you. Hey, hey, welcome you in hell city."
This sound is the sound of bardsley, director of the Vatican inquisition.
Bardsley is looking at Qing Ye and others through the screen in front of him in a dark place at this time. Although he doubts that Qing Ye and others came to Hell City from the outside guardian, he is very happy that Qing Ye came to bardsley.
Hell City is a dimension outside the isolation. It’s a matter of death for people like Fei Fei and others. bardsley didn’t know that bardsley would stick to the director of the Hell City Court. If there were no orders from the Lord of Hell City or the Pope, he would stay in Hell City.
Hearing bardsley sound, Qing Ye sneered at an exhibition of gods’ knowledge, and found that bardsley was hiding in a small dimension, stretched out his hands, and then grabbed bardsley’s small dimension and sucked it up. In bardsley’s terrified eyes, Qing Ye squeezed the small dimension urine like a balloon.
And bardsley fell from half to the ground, swinging in hell. The sound was clear. As bardsley fell, he exclaimed "Lord bardsley" and then counted the footsteps and the ground shook.
In Lin Meng and others eyes see hundreds of wearing heavy armor riding rhinoceros horn iron cow tall soldiers to catch up.
Qing Ye found that these rhinoceros horns and iron oxen are all level 9 Warcraft, and most of these tall warriors are also the strong sanctuary, with more than 400 people ranging from the initial stage of the sanctuary to the higher stage of the sanctuary.
This is that hidden pow of the holy see? Out of more than 400 people, there are nearly 300 strong people in the sanctuary, and one-third of such forces are enough to subvert the Dragon God mainland.
But that was before the mainland of Qing Ye.
Bardsley in the hands of the guard up a face of horror at Qing Ye, you know just now, he was in the small dimension, but it was created by the sharp-edged adult. Although the small dimension was unstable, didn’t the sharp-edged adult say that even the four-winged angel could not break this dimension?
Bardsley’s face is cloudy and his eyes are uncertain. At this time, Qing Ye is so horrible in his eyes that there is no previous arrogance
"Lord bardsley, do you want it?" A soldier behind bardsley asked.
Bardsley slowed down and raised his hand to stop the hands behind him and then looked at Qing Ye. "Did you break through the gods?" Trying to break that dimensional process is at least divine, although he doesn’t want to believe this fact.
God level? Qing Ye did not answer, but said, "Was that dimension just created by the Lord of Hell City?" This kind of dimension is small and unstable, but it is decades at most. Compared with this relatively stable dimension method, it should not be the same place to be created. Qing Ye guessed that it was created by the owner of this hell city
Bardsley was surprised to see Qing Ye. At the sight of Qing Ye, Qing Ye, an adult with a sharp edge, was surprised by the strength of the adult. He couldn’t help but proudly say, "Good Ye Qing, you have a little insight into how amazing it is to identify you and break through the god level. Tell you that the adult with a sharp edge can crush you casually even with a finger."
Chapter two hundred and forty-four The strongest spell of light
Lord sharpness? It seems that this is the name of the Lord of Hell City. Qing Ye thought that from the point of view of the dimension just now, the strength of the Lord of Hell City should be stronger than that of Ma Kwalong. It should be the peak of the self-made god, but after hearing bardsley’s words, Qing Ye’s mouth evoked a sneer.
Pinch yourself to death with one finger?
Qing Ye sucked bardsley with his hands to bardsley and flew up like a bird by a half-iron eagle. In bardsley’s frightened eyes, Qing Ye said, "bardsley should be self-aware", and then bardsley rushed over to it with his hands.
Several grade nine high-order strong people want to connect them to bardsley’s adult, but they were knocked back by bardsley’s possessed power.
After more than ten meters, they collided with dozens of people behind them before they stabilized bardsley.
See the guards in Hell City also recklessly rushed to kill the light Rapier in Limon’s hands, and saw a cylindrical wave roll forward in the past, which instantly dispersed these holy areas like rocks. There were a lot of retrogression and flying, and more than a dozen high-order holy areas barely resisted.
Lin Meng is not a deity, but a deity of the middle deity. Even though the laws in the deity of the middle deity are less than 1/10000, this sword cannot be resisted by these holy areas alone.
Bardsley and others were completely awake.
Bardsley was horrified. "Ye Qing Ye, what do you want?"
Qing Ye laughed. "What do I want? Brother Long, what do you mean? "
Long Jiuyou smiled at bardsley. "bardsley, let’s go if you win. If we win, we don’t want to kill more. Get out of here!"
Bardsley face a pale one-on-one hit? Although he is also the high-level peak of the sanctuary, there is also a gap between the high-level peaks of the sanctuary.
Everyone’s cultivation of quarrelling or magical attributes is different, so the understanding of elemental laws is also different. In this vast ocean of elemental laws, when you understand one drop or several drops or half of the ocean, it is also the high-order peak of the sanctuary, but the strength of one drop and half of the ocean is too different.
Bardsley realized that the law of light didn’t even reach 10: 000, knowing that it wasn’t Dragon Nine You, which was already the peak enemy of demigod sanctuary.
Bardsley face cloudy eyes uncertain one-on-one hit? If the number of people attacking their own side is large, there is no chance of winning in the face of such a strong god like Qing Ye.
Bardsley ruthlessly said, "OK, I accept it."
Dragon nine you play bardsley, although not sure, but there is still a chance to fight, and even if they lose, they still have a killer.
Bardsley just say that finish and then say an obscure spell. Seeing that the light element in hell suddenly rioted, it started this dimensional magic circle of light, which can temporarily increase the strength of bardsley, who is practicing the law of light.
See bardsley start work dragon nine deep and remote also dare not careless offering red lion bully sword.
The cultivation of Dragon and Nine Yous is the law of fire element, and the realization of the strongest power of fire is a road, and the red lion saber that Qing Ye gave him is also the display of fire attributes to complement each other, so that the original pursuit of power will make the attack power of Dragon and Nine Yous even more terrible.
Bardsley also made the knife, but his blade was as bright as snow, and it surprised Long Jiuyou that the knife gas suddenly disappeared from the way. However, Long Jiuyou still keenly captured bardsley’s chopping to hide the knife gas, and the bully roared at him. 1|6|k Official signboard, macho man, four dishes and one lie down.
Go forward like a flame
"Fire Roar" is bardsley’s strongest move to understand the law of fire element.
See knife gas like fire beast along the way through the fire waves will tear everything directly crashing sound has bardsley a knife collided together.
Light and black are at the same time. It is bardsley’s understanding of the law of light that hides light in the dark because of black reflection. It is a mysterious attack that makes people hard to prevent and don’t want to go to a disadvantage. It failed in front of Long Jiuyou.
Broke bardsley-Daolon Wong Jiuyoukou and said, "bardsley, it’s a pity that you are not the Pope, otherwise you will practice great prophecy or have a chance to win, but now you will lose."
Great prophecy is one of the laws of fate created by the god of high destiny and the strongest laws of life magic and undead magic.
The magic of life is created by the high god of life, while the magic of the undead is created by the high god of death. Another high god of destruction advocates destructive power, which is the same as the path taken by Long Jiuyou.
Bardsley listened to Long Jiu’s words, and his face was miserable and gray. The prophecy was only practiced by the Pope of the Holy See, but how could he willingly admit defeat and split up again and again?
Dragon nine you ha ha a smile and wield a knife.
With the number of attacks by two people, the collision of knife gas and collision gas exploded, and violet mercenary group and others were protected by Qing Ye and Nu Wa’s fairy aura, which did not affect them, but those city guards in Hell City struggled to support them.

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