Joe just stared at him and denied, "Who wants to go to bed as soon as I come back with you?"

"Don’t you want to?" Jiang Hao leaned close to her, and her hands groped around her body and pressed her legs uneasily.
"I don’t want to. It’s too late. You’re tired."
Jiang Hao is really tired. He doesn’t want to affect his play because of fatigue, and he has a lot of worries and feelings in his heart tonight. Lying in a comfortable bed in the dead of night, he has a deep love wife hugging him and his nerves are relaxed to the greatest extent.
Hearing his sigh, Qiao Xinwei asked, "What’s the matter? Isn’t things going well?"
Jiang Hao "No, things went well. The leader praised his colleague Pei."
Qiao Xinwei "Then why don’t you seem to care?"
Jiang Hao: "I feel very sad and afraid that I will be surprised, disappointed and sad that I have not completed my joy at all."
Jiang Hao "I’m thinking that it’s better to do something more meaningful if I repeat these things that make me sad. It’s not much difference between catching a criminal and catching a group of criminals in this world. Do you want to corrupt people or continue to corrupt people? But if I can help some children who can’t go to school because of poverty, wouldn’t it be more meaningful to let knowledge change their fate?"
Jiang Hao: "I want to set up a poverty alleviation fund, but it is far from enough to rely on personal strength. It is impossible for me to do this with limited income a month. If I rely on the strength of the Shengshi Tuan, it should have some influence. Do you think this can be done?"
Joe turned around and looked up at him. "Are you serious?"
Jiang Hao nodded "of course"
Qiao Xinwei also said very seriously, "I don’t understand the establishment of a fund. I know that I will support you no matter what you do."
Jiang Hao held her head and kissed her lips deeply. He said, "Thank you."
"Well, it smells like wine."
"I brushed my teeth and smelled mint," he said, and when he grew up, he held her face in his mouth and put her nose in his mouth
She couldn’t help laughing, and he laughed, too. Two naive adults hugged each other and laughed into a ball.
Jiang Hao’s charity has been doing since he inherited his grandmother’s company. First, there are very few things to send some clothes to poor mountainous areas. Later, the company gradually grew, and his income gradually increased. He donated money every year.
It has been almost twenty years since he was ten years old and now he is thirty-seven. He has never seen those children, and those children have never known about him, but he knows that if he persists, someone will definitely change the fate of poverty.
Twenty years, generations will always benefit.
Jiang Hao is full of interest, and his tone of voice has become different. "The benefits of Shengshi City are getting higher every year. I donated more and more money in the past. It is easy to be bad. Who knows if this money is in the cutting edge? It is better to set up a charity fund to find someone to make excuses. The society is watching and supervising to make every penny meaningful."
Qiao Xinwei sees that he has been saying that his whole face is full of energy, and his eyes are shining when he is exhausted. The man she loves has always had a broad selfishness.
"Jiang Hao," she said emotionally, looking at his eyes on his chest, "I find you so handsome."
"Did you just find out today?" Jiang Hao looked so proud that it was like beating chicken blood in the middle of the night.
"Ha ha, you are really not modest."
"I want to quit my job every day."
Joe woke up with kindness. "Hey, dad, do you agree to your resignation? You’d better think about this."
Jiang Hao took a deep breath and was a little disappointed. Master Nai had no confidence at all. "Well, we’ll see." He was like a deflated ball.
Qiao Xinwei patted his chest on his arm and comforted him. "It’s easy to think about it. Come slowly, step by step. Let’s talk about dad first. Let’s talk about leadership. It’s late now. Go to sleep. Aren’t you tired every day?"
This excitement recovered as soon as he passed his body. He was short-handed and heavy on business trip, and he was really tired. "Let’s sleep until tomorrow."
Jiang Hao woke up at dawn the next day, and Qiao Xinwei was still beside him. He woke up full of energy. When he looked at it, he slept at home just after six o’clock, but he was steadfast and didn’t even dream. He naturally had a stretch.
It was his morning exercise, but now he has no intention of leaving the bed. He leans close to Joe and looks at her face to face on her pillow.
Qiao Xinwei is still asleep and has no idea that he has become a male prey.
Jiang Hao fingered a few strands of her hair, and that clean face was revealed in front of him. His fingertips glanced at her eyebrows and chatted happily, drawing an outline according to her five senses.
Jiang Hao changed several postures and made all kinds of invasive touches before waking her up, which was very naive.
Section 217
Suddenly Qiao Xinwei’s eyelashes flashed. Jiang Hao immediately stopped seeing her turn over and went back to sleep.
Jiang Hao smiled in such a posture that he boldly attacked, and the whole person posted it in front of him, just fitting behind her, and his hand made a carpet-searching attack.
Hot air is constantly sprayed in the ear. Qiao Xinwei won’t feel it. As soon as she opened her eyes, Jiang Hao broke her and held her mouth for a French kiss.
She got a fright "huh? ? Didn’t brush your teeth ?”
"It doesn’t matter." Jiang Hao continued to kiss her with his hand. It’s time to rest this night and behave early. This is the time for him to behave.
"Hello lai? ?”
Jiang Hao gagged her to stop talking, and kissed her deeply. He rolled over and directly pressed against her.
Joe was caught off guard. No, she didn’t wake up naturally. She was awakened by touch. After she woke up, she still couldn’t tell the situation, so she was strengthened by Jiang Hao.
Finally, I called my aunt to get up early to buy breakfast.
In the dining room, everyone sat together for breakfast. Chen Jingye stayed up late and couldn’t afford to stay up during the day. He even got up early.

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