A few days ago, we were close companions, and a few days later, we were all divided into yin and yang, and Lin Feng personally learned about each other’s lives. Although Lin Feng would not regret it, he still felt a twinge of discomfort in his heart.

"Heaven and earth are cruel to all things!" Windson suddenly sigh a way
"Since everything is the same in the eyes of God, you will have so many sighs? Life or death is a course of life! " Windson secretly appealed to Feng Xueli way
Windson was a little surprised. I didn’t expect Feng Xueli, a hybrid, to have a good knowledge of Chinese culture. Unfortunately, she didn’t know that the ultimate goal of the fix true person was to get rid of heaven and earth. In Windson, it was not that John Jr. and Charlie died and lamented, but that the fix true goal was far away and unknown …
Carefully took his identity card from Charlie’s neck, and found some relics from little John. Then Lin Feng burned the bodies of the two men with a fire.
"People don’t live like ghosts. Maybe this is your best ending!" When the last flame went out, Lin Feng said lightly
"Let’s go! They will thank you in heaven! " Feng Xueli light way
The concept of time has been greatly diluted in the dark world.
I don’t know how long it took for the underground to suddenly become hot. There are often waves of white fog in the cave, which is also mixed with thick sulfur smell. In the world, there are often deep ravines and underground rivers, which have become huge traps waiting to devour life. If it were ordinary people, I am afraid it would be difficult in this situation, but Feng Xueli is surprised that the pace of forest air has not slowed down and stabilized at all because of the fog, just like walking on a broad road. Fortunately, Feng Xueli is now numb to various strange abilities of forest air and has not stopped.
"I feel we are close to the bottom of the canyon," said Lin Feng suddenly as he moved.
"Well, it’s really possible," Feng Xueli thought for a moment and said with a little joy. "According to the data, the other end of the canyon was really sealed by a volcano. Maybe we can really get out of here!"
"Oh what would you say that? Can we find a way out in the volcano? " Windson strange asked
"Hehe, we can’t find a way out in the volcano, but in the surrounding mountains, there are often cracks caused by some volcanoes discharging gas. Along these cracks, we are likely to find a way out to the ground!" It can be heard from Feng Xueli’s tone that her mood is much relaxed because of the hope of getting out.
"Are you? I hope we can find the cracks leading to the ground! " Windson is also glad that if there is a ready-made road, it will save him from digging holes like a mouse.
"By the way, did you say that the feeding period of brain-addicted animals is over now?" With the hope of getting away, Feng Xueli talked more.
"Who knows? I don’t know what Dr. Leonard is like now, but after you find that vulnerable crack, it should be able to last until the end of the feeding period of the brain-loving beast!" There is a lot of food and equipment in Youxian, and Lin Feng is still very at ease with Dr. Leonard.
"Are you sure this crack can lead to the ground?" Before a tilt to the mountain cracks windson stopped and asked.
"Are you sure? Of course, I’m not sure, but my intuition tells me that I can get out from here. "Feng Xueli is not sure either."
Lin Fengnai shook his head and looked at his head into the crack.
Suddenly, Lin Feng’s hair stood on end, and he felt a strong sense of danger, and this time he felt more dangerous than when he met little John before.
It’s like a pot of ice water pouring from scratch, which makes windson shake involuntarily.
"What’s the matter with you?" Lin Fengbei Feng Xueli immediately noticed his strange slightly asked.
Windson once again cocked up his right hand and motioned for her to silence and follow the spirit force to spread slowly into the cracks. Feng Xueli also immediately hugged windson knowingly.
The degree of energy disorder in the crack is far from windson’s expectation that windson can’t "see" the root and know that the crack is very long and full of fog.
"What’s the danger?" Windson secretly pinched her fingers again.
Fix true person’s understanding of that heaven is far from bee able to compare with the divination and divination displayed through the understanding of the heaven, and it is also the basis for every fix true person to predict the future magical power. There are also some introductions and some basic prediction methods in the Book of Fixing the Truth, and Lin Feng is interested in this aspect because he has the ability of "predicting" himself. During this period, he also really studied it, which is considered as a small achievement.
If it weren’t for Lin Feng’s previous speculation, he wouldn’t have pinned the way to find a way out on Feng Xueli’s illusory intuition. At that time, some clues that Lin Feng felt when speculating about the way out pointed to Feng Xueli. It seemed that he would probably find a way out if he followed Feng Xueli, so he always encouraged Feng Xueli to show her the way.
The fact is that up to now, Feng Xueli did not disappoint Lin Feng. In the complicated world of Sitongda, Feng Xueli actually came to the volcano at the bottom of the canyon with her "intuition" and was able to find a way to the ground near the volcano.
But what will feel dangerous when we are about to find a way out?
Windson once again carefully speculated that the result was that the return key was indeed installed when entering the crack, but the trip was indeed hidden than dangerous.
After thinking for a long time, Lin Feng released Feng Xueli and said seriously, "You wait for me outside. I’ll go in alone. If there is no danger, I’ll come out to pick you up!"
"What?" Feng Xueli asked doubtfully.
"I feel very dangerous inside. If I take you in with me, I’m afraid I can’t protect you for a lifetime!" Lin Feng tells the truth.
Feng Xueli has never seen such a dignified look on Lin Feng’s face along the way. Even in the face of little John and Charlie, Lin Feng still has a well-thought-out plan, so Feng Xueli felt something was wrong. After thinking about it, he nodded, "Well, if it’s really dangerous inside, you should come out quickly. If it’s a big deal, we’ll find another way. Anyway, there can’t be a volcanic crack!"
"Yes, I will." Say that Lin Feng set up a small tent in a hidden corner. After the cover of a camouflage net on the outside of the tent was fixed, the tent looked like a rock in the underground world from a distance.
At the moment when Feng Xueli entered the tent, Lin Feng saw a trace of fear in her face. Maybe she left a girl alone in such a strange and cruel place. After thinking for a while, Lin Feng asked, "Can you shoot?"
"Yes!" Feng Xueli replied, "I also received shooting training before joining this expedition team."

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