"Bang" YunXuan kicked the wooden door and walked into the room without closing it.

Four people in the room got a fright.
"No one?" Yunxuan glanced at the cell phone signal and showed that this is the right place.
"Where do you take the mobile phone owner?" Yunxuan looked at the four men.
"This … this is that the four of us are here to work. A little girl just passed by and said that she would give us her mobile phone." The middle-aged man in plain clothes handed Yunxuan a white mobile phone.
"I’m sorry to bother you, but this is a repair." Yunxuan took the phone, bowed and left one thousand yuan out of the door.
"eh?" Middle-aged people have a thousand dollars in their hands, which is a bit stupid.
"Yuan Ge, let’s split the money between the four of us." The thinner middle-aged man was happy.
"No, this door can be repaired. Besides, the four of us took somebody else’s mobile phone. That baby should be in a hurry to find someone to wear a chef. It seems that I will go to the neighborhood to see if I can return the money." The middle-aged man with simple clothes shook his head
"Yuan Ge, you are so honest." The thin middle-aged man left the pie mouth and stopped saying anything.
Four people, Yuan Ge, came to work in the city for the first time. This Yuan Ge works hard and does not bully his own people. He is a good captain. They are all
Naturally, after hearing what Yuan Ge said, they no longer said that being a man will have a guilty conscience.
Got Wen Xuan’s mobile phone, Yunxuan locked a target for the first time, Liu Mengxuan!
Think about it carefully. Liu Mengyan said to keep him away from Liu Mengxuan
"So that’s it. How can there be such a perfect person in the world? No wonder I feel a little strange." Yunxuan knocked on the super note in his hand. Everything was connected in series. It was suspected that Liu Mengxuan did have a problem.
"Liu Mengxuan location Nangong Macey location Yunxue location" Yunxuan marked the remaining three mobile phones and found a route.
"Liu’s pharmaceutical?" Yunxuan slightly one leng immediately put away the super notes and ran towards Liushi Pharmaceutical.
He was very fast, and his super notes were put in his backpack. He decided to buy a motorcycle at a time and put it in his backpack.
half an hour later
Yunxuan looked at Liushi Pharmaceutical’s top floor with lights on, and the building was silent. It was absolutely impossible for non-company personnel to go in after closing the door.
Yunxuan squatted in a corner and directly hacked into Liushi Pharmaceutical System to change the limit, hit the back door and closed all the monitor video functions.
"Liu Mengxuan, if you dare to hurt Yunxue, I will never spare you." Yunxuan clenched his fist and looked at it like a car. This should be Liu Mengxuan.
Went into the back door YunXuan looked at the ladder hesitated a direct ride to the LiuMengXuan layer.
"Ding" the ladder door hits Yunxuan with a tranquilizer gun and carefully goes from the stairs to the top floor.
Looking at the lights on the laboratory bench, three girls were wearing white coats. Liu Mengxuan Yunxuan fought back and took out the two guns to aim at Liu Mengxuan.
"Poof" a light ring.
LiuMengXuan body an incredible fell to the ground.
Yunxuan walked into the laboratory and learned that Yunxue tied Liumengxuan to a chair with a rope.
"This is …" Yunxuan looked at a pile of information and a box of injections.
Picked up the data. Yunxuan opened his eyes wide. How is that possible?
The name of the information is: dormant future plan
The research direction of this information is to let the human body go into dormancy and suppress growth, and then put it into the nutrition warehouse to prolong life.
If the experiment is successful, people can learn a lot of knowledge during their dormancy, thus cultivating talents on a large scale.
"Failed plan Liu Jia is really crazy. Is this the plan of Liu Mengxuan?" Yunxuan was livid and looked at three injections.
Don’t say that he is studying this now, even if he is given 50 years, the research may not be successful, because this is the experimental data of only three dormant drugs in Liushi Pharmaceutical, and the last page says that it has been cleared.
They know very well that if anyone finds out this kind of research, Liu’s pharmaceutical company may lose it.
A basin of cold water splashed Liu Mengxuan’s face.
"Poof … ahem" Liu Mengxuan opened his eyes and looked at the person in front of him.
"What did Liu Mengxuan tell me?" Yunxuan light way
"YunXuan? !” Liumengxuan horrified way
"Answer my question. What hurts them?" Yunxuan stare at LiuMengXuan.
"What? Of course, revenge, you know? How painful is it to have a good sister? I was sent to the island country to receive the so-called elite education for ten years since my sister was a child, and my parents never came to see me once except for talking! If it weren’t for the teacher to take me in, I’m afraid I don’t even have freedom "LiuMengXuan sneer at a way.

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