There was a noise from the porter, and Shifeixuan came in with a cup of green tea, "Husband!"

Yutian nodded at random and took a sip of green tea slowly. "How to be clear or insist?"
"Alas …! Master has been appointed to insist on saying that now that Master has lived in the mansion, where can you go to Master? Master has also forgotten the original ambition to compete for heaven. Now the only inconvenience is Li Shimin. After all, Li Shimin is Master’s only brother. "
Shifeixuan said, tapping on the back of Imperial Heaven.
Yu Tianyu bloomed with a sip of green tea and said indifferently, "Li Shimin, I haven’t looked around yet. Since he is Qinghui’s younger brother, let him go once!"
Chapter 34 Think of achievements
Luoyang is the eternal capital.
Yang jungui, the south king, is respectful at the moment.
"Now the general trend of the public has been in the hands of the public all day!"
Yang Jun said that there are several countries in the exhibition map.
Yutian chuckled and looked at the map in his eyes. "Ok … I’ll start from Yangzhou. Those well-designed puppets will make our enemy dominate. I need half a year or even three months. When this happens, I want the whole Jiangnan area!"
Yang Jun nodded confidently. "Over the years, slaves built Jiangnan Mountain Road, which caused the roads in the south of the Yangtze River to be unblocked and blocked the people’s hearts. After all, several officials in the south of the Yangtze River are magic brothers. These people are all trained by the public. They have mastered the people’s hearts and minds and are all oriented to the public."
Get everything ready. Now it’s time to close the net.
All the maps in the royal hand are shaken by the royal hand.
Imperial Heaven looked aside and stared at Kwai Dark. "Kwai Dark Intelligence Organization was in the process of war. They didn’t move when I needed this period."
Kwai dark chuckle is very confident. "Let’s trust that we have some forces in the central region. These forces are enough to hold them. Now Yang Jun appears and they are also making a move."
"So it’s good that Songfa still needs to do this as soon as possible. Should my father-in-law be ready?"
Imperial day look at Song Zhi Song Zhi repeatedly horrified and shaking.
Song Zhi is not short of Song. There are some things that Song Zhigen doesn’t know.
At the end of the auction, Imperial Heaven sent an invitation letter.
All four gate valves were invited.
Li valve, Song valve, Dugu valve and Yuwen valve all came to the Imperial Palace to witness the historic moment.
At this time, Song Zhi shocked Youchuhong and was horrified. More than Tang gaozu, he was constantly horrified, and his heart was even more shocking.
Yuwen’s injury is as steady as Mount Tai, and everything in front of him seems to have been known for a long time
Song Zhi nodded with respect, "There is absolutely no problem in Lingnan. The big brother of Lingnan minority nationalities has already gone to tell the truth to the court. These minority nationalities are all obedient."
"So it’s a great world. I don’t know how many people there are in the number of periods countries of the Zhou Dynasty. Although the Qin people and Han people have a long history, many ethnic groups can’t be integrated. These people don’t need to worry. I said that equal treatment must be equal treatment."
Imperial day with eyes scanning eyes Yuwen injury and YouChuGong.
Yu Wenshang and You Chuhong are grateful. After all, the two main gates are foreign people, not Han Tang gaozu, but also a little excited. After all, Tang gaozu has Hu Ren descent.
A few famous people only need an identity, and they will accept a famous family. This is not the suggestion of Yu Tian Si. After all, Yu Tian is not a racist.
At the moment, the Imperial Heaven looked at Li Valve. "Li Valve Lord, you occupy Korea in Taiyuan, and I am in control of it. You and Korea Cailin Fu jointly resist the Turkic attack. If the Turks make any move, they must resist it."
Tang gaozu said respectfully with his fists in his hands, "Li valve and Bai valve will surely resist the Turks!"
Tang gaozu is very respectful. After all, there are some things that Tang gaozu can’t imagine. Korea is a means of limiting Li valve by the imperial heaven. If Li valve directly captures the central region of Korea according to the original book, it will directly destroy Li valve. This is a means of defense by the imperial heaven. Now Li valve can’t think about it.
The Imperial Heaven looked at Yuwen’s injury. "Yuwen valve is Yang Guang’s cronies, but also occupies Chang ‘an, and you occupy Chang ‘an Tong … waiting for me to receive it."
Yuwen injury respectfully nodded and said softly, "The master genus is bound to be completed."
Yuwen injury is very honest and Yuwen valve is also very honest. Yuwen injury knows that Yuwen family doesn’t have a decent heir. Yuwen injury knows that the imperial heaven is terrible at present. Now the imperial heaven only shows Yang Jun, a card that has shocked everyone.
If you show the Buddha’s card, it is estimated that everyone is respectful. Now, once some small-minded people show up, they will be devastated. It can be said that the last card is that these people are prepared. After all, Mundus and the Buddha will join hands to rely on martial arts. Who can stop it?
You Chuhong, there are some orphans and widows in Naine, and the dugu valve doesn’t have much power. This dugu valve root can’t help you!
Imperial Heaven doesn’t mind. After all, Dugu Valve is the first to take refuge in Imperial Heaven. Only by relying on this, they will get the most at first.
Quiet moonlight in Yangzhou city
Yu Tian sipped tea and Wei Zhenzhen waited on him.
Wei Zhenzhen’s qualification is simply going against the sky. Going back to the Yin Kwai School and relying on Zhu Yuyan to teach skills will rise quickly. After all, Wei Zhenzhen’s physique is a hermaphrodite and it is simply a martial arts qualification.
WeiZhenZhen looked around at the moment is faint to filar silk killing sound.
"How can Yangzhou City still kill Yangzhou City? Isn’t it already occupied by the public?"
Wei Zhenzhen is strange. After all, Yangzhou Imperial Heaven has occupied it, and it is expanding towards the outside.
In just one month, most of the south of the Yangtze River became a royal territory.
At the moment, being so strong quickly attracted several people to shock them. They didn’t expect the invincible king of South to be so weak.
Some ambitious people also want to take the opportunity to occupy one or two, but they don’t want to be wiped out by the army just in an instant.
This number of people are amazed at the fact that Mundus is too strong, not the weak king of the South.
Yang Jun quickly sent troops. These troops are just miscellaneous brands. Most of these troops were arranged by Yang Guang or some other forces. These people would have been eliminated long ago, but they were left by Yang Jun to act. After all, it takes a formality for Imperial Heaven to get Jiangnan.
All these people were wiped out by the average number without exception, but it can be said that this is a big drama of Yang Jun and Yutian performing arts. Some people know the scene, some people don’t know it, and now several people want to take advantage of it, but they are wiped out.
The killing sound of Yangzhou City is the death sound of these scum.
There are also some sects in the south of the Yangtze River, among which there is a faint sense of resistance, and these sects are also strangling.
Chapter 349 Chess Abandonment
"Shout … shout …"
Purple gas permeates the king’s mind.
The purple dragon roams in Ziyun.
"Ang …"
Yi Long sings and growls, and a purple dragon slowly rises to the sky and sends out the providence of King’s Landing.
"The’ Emperor’s Amazing Record’ achieved the fifth floor of the five continents, and I have the power of the enemy! This is the imperial power! "
In the rich purple gas, the Imperial Heaven slowly got up and an awe-inspiring Xiao Long emerged.
"Ang …"
"Huang Ji Jing Shi Lu" has a great effect. Only the fifth floor of the imperial power has increased several times, and the dragon spirit has a unified imperial majesty.
Yutian stalked out of the closed chamber.
Outside the secret room, there was a hint of joy in Shi Qingxuan. "Big brother is out!"
Lingyin clears the thoughts in the royal heart.
Royal day nodded and hugged eyes Shi Qingxuan "out of the capability is greatly increased".
"Are you? Brother, not only has his skill been enhanced, but his job of finding women has also been enhanced! "
Warm anger sounds like jade feet with a fairy smile.
The royal day looked at the bearer and said softly, "Wan Wan! You are back! "
Wan Wan nodded and jumped directly to the side of Yu Tian. "The big bad guy Shi Feixuan now calls himself my sister, and I can’t find any sense of victory."
It’s because Wan Yin Kui sent a virgin that she has the responsibility to defeat the virgin of Ci Hang Jing Zhai. Now Ci Hang Jing Zhai is no longer the so-called virgin, but she has become her brother’s confidante. Wan is very powerful and even more resistant.

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