From that moment on, I had a faint feeling that although Bailing said that I had a baby in my belly, I always felt that our other baby fetuses must be still intact.

Qianmowa said that I was so happy when she saw something strange in my stomach, because her words confirmed my guess.
Tourmaline, don’t worry, this won’t be my first child, and it’s definitely not my last child. We will have six children, I promise.
Chapter 65 The secret mystery of heaven
Six children
This is an amazing number.
Not only tourmaline can’t imagine that even Hong Jun, the master of Genesis, is still estimating, and he can’t imagine that descendants of God’s blood can have so many children.
After all, if the descendants of God’s blood are so easily conceived,
Today, the world can compete with the Emperor of Heaven, but the position of Donghua Emperor is not that of the Emperor now.
Because now the Donghua emperor, but almost all the old-school immortals who are twice as good as Taiyi Jinxian know it.
He can sit on the throne at this young age because he is the illegitimate son of the six great creation gods.
What is illegitimacy? I think it’s all for nothing if no one explains it.
However, this illegitimacy is generally in the demon and demon world, but it is rare in heaven now.
What is rare?
Do you still say that? Of course, it’s because it’s heaven. It doesn’t matter whether it’s really respectable or not, at least it has to give people such a good image on the surface, doesn’t it
Wouldn’t it be a mess if any fairy got an illegitimate daughter from time to time?
But Donghua emperor is a person who has to turn a blind eye.
This is because of his father Yuan Tianzun.
Nvwa, the goddess of the Yuan Dynasty, is one of the six creation gods in heaven and earth, but it is also the blood of God.
When Nu Wa Niangniang married her brother, she inherited her blood smoothly.
Yuan Tianzun has never had an heir.
It wasn’t until a very unexpected chance happened 20 thousand years ago that a first blood relationship was finally established.
And this man is now Donghua emperor.
Yuan Tianzun has been at large for thirty-three days. Although he is known as a caring person, if everyone is hungry, he will look forward to how many years a blood has been inherited by Yuan Tianzun.
The only person who cares about this is to care for it.
So even though he is just an illegitimate child, what can it be?
A terrible person, all walks of life dare not put a P old man. He is the first one in heaven for so many years.
Therefore, at a young age, I have a firm palm on the East Heaven, which almost includes the best location and the best treasure of the celestial aura.
Title Donghua Dijun

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