However, when you think about it, you can’t help sighing after reading the basic theory persistently for more than ten years.

Behind good grades is hard work and sweat.
However, the wizard doesn’t think it is necessary to be so familiar with the basic theory, because many potions have unique formulas and their own potions, and refining these potions by potions will naturally deepen their basic theories, so there is really no need to learn them.
Most of them have learned. No.
Then comes the practice of pharmacy configuration.
Sun Hao paid some contributions, received some primary pharmacy formulas, and spent some lingshi to buy some elixirs. Sun Hao started his real pharmacy career.
After the real practice of pharmacy, Sun Hao found that strictly speaking, pharmacy is actually an alchemy that is not completely completed, but it can skillfully form his alchemy effect.
Sun Hao is a real alchemist who can refine six levels of magic.
One of the most basic processes in alchemy is called drug blending, which is mainly to reconcile the efficacy of various elixirs, and then to prepare for refining and setting pills.
However, the pharmacy technique omits the step of setting Dan, and strengthens the step of mixing medicines. It is very subtle to adjust and stimulate various medicinal properties and refine them to form different effects.
The key point of pharmacy is to adjust medicine.
Sun Haoyuan felt that he was adjusting his medicine level. It was definitely a lever to practice potions. It should be the mistresses.
But after real practice, Sun Hao found that the fact was not as simple as he imagined.
There is a great difference between pharmaceutical preparation and alchemy preparation. Whether it is fine or sequential, it has very strict requirements on the concentration and temperature of liquid medicine.
Moreover, because there is no need to coagulate Dan in the end, a very important way of mixing drugs is born, that is, the preparation of the original solution.
Sun Hao used water as the solution, but he really came into contact with the medicine. After the operation, Sun Hao found that there were many kinds of dissolved medicine stock solutions, even water had ice water, warm water, hot water and boiling water.
Besides water, there are many chemicals that need to be specially prepared before they can be prepared and refined. There are many ways to do this.
This is another basic subject.
But all basic Sun Hao must be practiced.
Sun Hao made several self-made extra-large bottles and jars, and practiced his own stock solution preparation. He didn’t rush to practice the most basic drug preparation, but repeatedly prepared various different dissolved stock solutions and memorized them in different occasions.
This most basic stock solution configuration root is not the pharmacy promotion examination, but also the base of his pharmacy students, who just dabbled in it a little and then learned it themselves step by step.
And Sun Hao is different. Maybe Sun Hao’s head is influenced by barbarians, but it’s not necessarily a one-track mind.
Of course, another important purpose of Sun Hao’s hard-working stock solution preparation is to familiarize himself with the extra-large bottles and cans in his hand.
All kinds of basic techniques Sun Hao keeps practicing methodically.
From the outside, Sun Hao has become a wonderful flower in the eyes of pharmacy instructors, a truly barbaric practice.
I have never seen such a basic stock solution blending method. Sun Hao has been practicing for five years. If he doesn’t say that he is this monotonous practice, it will definitely make most practitioners collapse.
Who can persist in being boring and tasteless?
Sun Hao’s practice is not boring. In the process of practice, Sun Hao’s foreign body is constantly absorbing the aura of heaven and earth, and then it is transformed into water attribute by Sun Hao through the five elements of wheel spirit formula, and it is continuously poured into the seven white rabbits.
The seven white rabbits are getting richer and more spiritual, which means that Sun Haoyin’s rabbits are making rapid progress.
Moreover, Sun Hao practiced this technique with relish because Sun Hao found that this technique was of great help to improve his alchemy.
Sun Hao has always been an alchemist himself, and all the steps of alchemy are the pinnacle.
But when the witch clan came into contact with the new branch of alchemy, Sun Hao suddenly found that his alchemy had made great progress.
If it weren’t for contact with pharmacy, Sun Hao wouldn’t have thought that there would be so much attention to this step, and this step could develop into a branch of alchemy.
There is no doubt that Sun Hao’s alchemy will get a great progress after practicing the medicine hard.
While practicing pharmacy, Sun Hao also carefully analyzed the differences and similarities between pharmacy and alchemy.
Generally speaking, Sun Hao thinks that the alchemy level is higher than the pharmacy. The most typical feature is that the panacea is to compress the liquid medicine and form the energy contained in the solid state, which should far exceed the liquid medicine.
Of course, Sun Hao also knows that alchemy is better than pharmacy according to the different types of actual elixirs.
Some aspects of pharmacy also have the advantages compared with alchemy, the most obvious of which is that some elixirs that can’t be refined or are difficult to be used as medicine can get more and better benefits.
In particular, some traditional Chinese medicines that are originally liquid elixirs are better than refining magic pills.
It can be said that the study and practice of pharmacy should be more extensive than Sun Haoshui’s alchemy in a sense.
After practicing hard for a long time, the oversized bottles and cans have been able to dance back and forth in Sun Hao’s hands like wearing a Hua Hudie. Sun Hao finally completed his basic training, and it has been 20 years since Sun Hao came into contact with pharmacy.
Kee, who likes to watch the excitement, forgets that there was a big man who studied pharmacy with him.
It is this situation that Sun Hao left his real pharmacy trip.
It is not particularly difficult for Sun Hao to actually adjust the medicine. For Sun Hao, it is not a matter to configure the roots after mastering the most basic principles of pharmacy with the foundation of alchemy.
Sun Hao, who is almost on a roll, has been rushing to the third-level pharmacy from the first-level pharmacy practice one day.
Then Sun Hao went to exchange a large number of potions and elixirs, and he went crazy refining himself.
At that time, the pharmacy tutor did not attract enough attention.
Sun Hao was a little surprised when he handed in enough third-class potions. When Sun Hao exchanged a large number of potions and elixirs, he also said that it was really a contribution.
However, when Sun Haoyitong went directly to him to exchange contributions and resources after refining for a month, his eyes were almost blinded on the spot.
The first reaction is what went wrong? You didn’t buy some medicine to support the game, did you?
But when I took charge, I found that I was wrong. It was ridiculously wrong
The medicine is not only just prepared, but also in large quantities. There is no doubt that it is quite self-refining.
Then the question is coming!

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