It’s an accident, but it’s also reasonable. It’s impossible for the king of the nether world to ensure the demarcation of Zhuan ‘an without any arrangements, but it can help them to this extent. It is necessary for them to work hard.

Qingyang and Yi Fengshen are not far from Hu Yingxue’s side. When they talk, they don’t depress their bass, so they can hear clearly on their side. Because of their own Hu Yingxue, they deliberately listened to some things. Although they didn’t say it directly, they can be sure that what they are going to do next has been arranged.
Hu Yingxue and Mu Tianxuan looked at each other, no matter what the arrangements made must be to make them stronger. Listening to those words, they can be sure that there should be many dangers in the process, but the greater the risk, the greater the income, which makes them feel a little excited.
Before the end of the banquet, Qingyang sent someone to call Hu Yingxue, Mu Tianxuan and Wei Chihanyu away from the fire axe, Bing Yi and Huo Ye. They just finished chatting and just got out of the waterfall pavilion. They returned to the banquet and Hu Yingxue and they will follow Qingyang and Yi Fengshen to the other side.
In the pavilion, Yi Fengshen looked at Wei Chihanyu first. "My family’s snow is taken care of by you."
Wei Chi Hanyu bowed down and said, "God doesn’t have to be so polite to me. Before I was entrusted by God, she called me Brother Hanyu."
Yi Fengshen appreciated that Wei Chi Hanyu was a monk by Wei Chi Hanyu before he respected him. After seeing Hu Yingxue, he suddenly had an idea: "Since Yingxue calls you a brother, why don’t we just implement this brother?"
Hu Yingxue blinked his eyes and smiled. "Of course."
Wei Chi Hanyu looked at Hu Yingxue and bowed down to Yi Fengshen. "Hanyu has seen his father."
Qingyang raised his eyebrows slightly. "Brother, you still like to be maverick. Others are disciples, and you collect one after another. It is estimated that Yi Chen’s small collection is four and it is quite good."
Speaking of Zuo Sheng’s four people, Yi Fengshen Zun, although he hasn’t spoken to them directly, he has a good impression on them. At a glance, he can see how high their four potentials are. Although they are dumpling-like dragons, they are worse than the pure blood black dragon Yi Chen.
In those days, some people in the dragon group joined forces to design him. Even if those people came, they didn’t have much affection for the dragon, and Yi Chen wouldn’t go back to the dragon. So it is impossible for Zuo Sheng to go back to the dragon.
Yi Fengshen sneered at "Dragon has made a special chase to bring them back today. If you know that they are Yi Chenyi, the expression will be wonderful."
Hu Yingxue remembered Jia Cheng and took out their eggs from the secret house. "Father, look at them."
Yi Fengshen deity swept "the breath is a little weak to the dragon pool bubble" and his eyes narrowed slightly. "They are …"
Hu Yingxue answered, "You may not have heard of Ying Long and Oolong Ying Long, but you must have heard of Oolong or seen him."
Yi Fengshen looked at one or two eggs again. "If I have seen them before I have little contact with dragons, I should not have any impression."
Hu Yingxue sent two eggs back to the Lingtan of the Secret House. "Jia Yuan saved me. He was stabbed through the lamella. Fortunately, he has some phoenix blood in his body and has undergone nirvana."
Easy Fengshen statue slightly leng "turned out to be Jia Cheng didn’t expect him to be an own goal" and then smiled "the two brothers who have carried out this nirvana have consumed the blood of the Phoenix family. There should be wind dumpling blood and so on. When they enter the Dragon Pool, they will lose their blood of the Purple Dragon."
Hu Yingxue’s brow wrinkled lightly. "Will the Dragon allow them to make a dragon pool after being able to treat them like that?"
Yi Fengshen replied, "Don’t say that the dragon ginseng was designed for you, that is, they did things for Yi Chen. I must ask them to give a statement. Today, not only did you come back, but those dragon people also met Yi Chen. Then there should be actions to make a decision.
Moreover, there are two brothers, Mi Ri and Mi Xing, who mean a lot to the dragon in the chaotic dragon. When they were reborn in the human world, the dragon side already knew the law to confirm where they were. If they are willing to admit the status of the chaotic dragon in the dragon, let Oolong and Ying Long soak up the dragon pool, but it is just a matter of Mi Ri and Mi Xing. "
Qingyang took the words "Jia Cheng and things are not urgent. Although they can’t recover in your secret house now, they won’t become worse. Compared with Li Fengshen, the problem must be solved as soon as possible. The senior brother has agreed that you will send it over there and then do as they say.
That’s why we called you three here. I’ll ask your brother to take you there later, but they can send you three to the mouth of hurricane valley because there are requirements over there to let you three enter hurricane valley with Li Feng. "
Li Feng showed his face in Tianhe, and then he went into the beast bag again. If he didn’t go in, he couldn’t, not because he was afraid that others would have an idea about it, but because his body had a problem. If he didn’t go in, his body problems might break out at any time.
Even Li Feng himself was so sleepy before. It was because he was born lazy or it was sunny that they realized that Li Feng was so sleepy because of some physical problems. If those problems were not solved, it would be difficult to improve his strength. Secondly, there would be a danger of death by explosion.
Although Li Feng didn’t follow Hu Yingxue until he wanted something, after all, getting along for so long also helped a lot. Their group of people didn’t want it to be clear. The longer the delay, the worse it would be for Li Feng. After hearing Qingyang, Hu Yingxue replied, "Now that everything is arranged, we can go there early."
Yi Fengshen handed Hu Yingxue a treasure bag. "This is something I have prepared for you. Maybe you’d better divide it before you leave. Later, I will go back to the celestial body and wait for you there." I glanced at Mu Tianxuan. "Things that need to be prepared for the wedding ceremony are already ready, just waiting for you to arrive."
Hu Yingxue’s cheeks flushed immediately. "Father, this should be prepared by ourselves."
Mu Tianxuan’s eyes rested on her face. "That was all my preparation."
Yi Fengshen stretched out his hand and pointed to Mu Tianxuan. "This little boy took your ghost and ran to find the ghost king. Before he left, he threw all those things and other possessions to me and said that when you came back, those things could be used as a dowry. If I hadn’t seen him looking for you for so many years, I would have thrown everything out."
Hu Yingxue remembered another thing and looked at Mu Tianxuan. "Where are the others in your hand?"
Mu Tianxuan replied, "Except for the fire sickle and the ice yi, everyone else was called up because they wanted to accompany you to clear the monty army. I will disband them after the monty robbery, but my eyes are not bad. If they can help again, they will definitely help."
Chapter 442 Enter Hurricane Valley
There is something that Qingyang must do when he returns from robbery in the ninth heaven. According to the custom of the four realms of the central government, he has to hold a grand banquet to celebrate the fact that all of them are not in the ninth heaven. The next day, someone will come to visit us. Of course, Qingyang’s old friends must be the first to come. Qingyang will personally receive them.
In another ten days or so, the banquet invitation will be sent out in the cloud nine, and in another three or five days, the people who receive the invitation will come to the door one after another. At this time, not only Qingyang generally does not show up easily, but the elders of the celestial cloud nine are also responsible for entertaining the guests, and most of the time it will be those less palace lords who show up.
It was not until the day of the banquet that Qingyang appeared in front of people surrounded by disciples. He also appeared together, and Yi Feng was not the North Buddha, but only a senior brother to attend the banquet hosted by younger brother. Although it was heard before, it surprised many people to see them together and their words were close.
In Qingyang disciple, a woman in red is very conspicuous. Qingyang asked her to come to the front. "So that you can know one thing. Now I have added another disciple, Hao Yuan. This is the one my brother’s baby daughter used to be called Bingtong, but this name doesn’t seem auspicious. Now it’s called Brother’s best to take Yingxue.
When the child was born, my brother agreed to accept his daughter as an apprentice. Unfortunately, something happened later, and I had to heal my wounds and missed it. Who would have thought that meeting this child in the human world would be considered as a natural fate between us? "
Hearing Qingyang’s words, congratulations broke out in the banquet venue at once. I expected Qingyang would specialize in this matter. When he finished, something was sent to the front. It was an equal gift with Qingyang. Say it was a gift. Anyway, it must be a good thing to send it.
Put away the things Qingyang let the girl in red go back to her place and look at her other senior brothers. It is very natural that no one will think that this female root is not Hu Yingxue. Not only this girl in red is not Hu Yingxue, but those who sit at the same table with Ji Lang and Ji Wei are not people.
Hu Yingxue, Mu Tianxuan and Wei Chihanyu were escorted to Hurricane Valley by Heiyao and others on the second day of their flight from the human world. When they went out, they not only changed their strength, but also made a disguise. They all wore robes of different styles, regardless of men and women. It looked like a group of low-level immortals from a certain sect went out to experience.
Send the array directly to Daxicheng, Xiling Prefecture, where the hurricane valley is located, and enter the storm plain where the hurricane valley is located from there. The storm plain has no delivery point and cannot make the tool move on two legs, no matter who enters it, Hu Yingxue is no exception.
Generally speaking, you won’t easily make trouble if you don’t take the initiative to cause trouble, but sometimes someone just takes the initiative to provoke you to enter the storm plain on the tenth day. Seeing that their strength seems to be not high, someone stopped their first person and said, "Take out all your pills."
Hu Yingxue looked at a block in front of a group of people. The lowest is the fairy, but the highest is the fairy body. None of them are complete. Several weapons in their hands have obvious defects. They all look very embarrassed. They also pose a very superior attitude in front of them.
This is not the first time that Hu Yingxue has been robbed by a road. After the doomsday disaster in that scientific and technological world, he often encounters the word "being born". Compared with those people who are forced out by life to rob people, the momentum of these people is far from the gap, just like comparing kindergarten children and primary school students together.
It is estimated that Hu Yingxue didn’t respond at all, which made the person who stopped them get very embarrassed and immediately became more fierce. It was still the first person who was still holding up the bar. He deliberately raised his voice and said, "Do you know who I am?"

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