Misaka Mikoto a face of contempt.

I can shrug my shoulders for seven nights to express myself.
But he does miss Misaka Mikoto. Although he doesn’t miss her directly, there is nothing wrong with this statement.
However, this cannot be said.
It’s a little confusing to find that she still followed her for seven nights.
"What are you doing with me?"
"Why do you say I’m following you when the road goes in different directions?"
"Oh, it seems that you really know something about Chinese culture."
"Aren’t you the same?"
"hmm? Me? "
Seven nights watching her blink.
Then she laughed again and raised her hand to touch her head again.
"Little niece, I am a Chinese who knows Chinese culture. Of course, although I don’t know it."
No one dares to say that they fully understand Chinese culture, because many of them have been lost, and many of them have changed their taste.
For example, Confucianism and Taoism
The first emperor burned Confucianism, which led to a large number of Confucian studies being killed and destroyed. Although Confucianism rose again later, many of them were still lost.
What’s more, the people behind him deliberately distorted and misunderstood their own thoughts, taken out of context and so on, which led to the change of Confucianism.
Taoism is due to Taoism.
Although Taoism is based on Taoism, it also integrates some of his thoughts, even foreign religious thoughts can not be regarded as orthodox Taoism
I don’t know for seven nights in Taoist orthodoxy
These are two typical examples. In addition, there are many things that have been lost, changed, merged with other languages, changed their minds and so on.
It is difficult to revive.
This will not be said for the time being.
"You turned out to be a Chinese?"
Misaka Mikoto seems a little surprised.
Seven nights glanced at her.
"What’s the problem?"
"I just think it’s rare."
"Many people who are normal neon deliberately avoid the country that is gradually recovering from power."
"No, it’s nothing. Anyway, the so-called people are just a group of strange creatures."
"I don’t know what you’re talking about."
"It’s not white or that. Who once said it’s hard to be confused!"
Chapter two hundred and nine Do you like it?
Household restaurant
I wanted to go to the field to see if I was dragged here by Misaka Mikoto for one or seven nights.
With tears, there is nothing serious. She can be discharged from the hospital today, so the idle girls just want to celebrate for her.
I happened to meet Misaka Mikoto at Seven Nights, and he came with me.
"It’s you again!"
Shirai hei nai fu forehead
Recently, you can really meet seven nights everywhere. This guy is totally different.
At this moment, Shirai Black suddenly felt a little white.
But it doesn’t matter.
For seven nights in Shirai, it’s all smiles.
"So this is fate, black sauce. Why don’t we go back and have a good time?"
"Hey, cool?"
Shirai Hei said that he didn’t quite understand.
Sure enough, seven nights this person is very strange and always says something that people can’t understand.
"Ah, nothing."
Seven nights shook his head.
Sitting next to Misaka Mikoto with a yawn is Shirai Black.
And they are opposite with tears and Uiharu Kazari.
Seven nights watching Jacky’s tears
There’s nothing wrong with it. The face is still full of energy and laughter.
What a strong girl.
"tears sauce"
"seven nights predecessors"
"Will you come and be my maid?"
Seven nights, smoking on the table.
Misaka Mikoto blew gas at his fist and looked at it for seven nights.
This guy’s head is still hard to hear
But what about being a maid? You can tell that this guy has no good idea. Otherwise, there will be no place for a thirteen-year-old girl to be a maid.
Seven nights soon got up again.
"This aside, anyway, the shrine door has always been open. Come and reach out whenever you want."
Seven nights toward Zuo Tian tears hook your fingers.
With tears haven’t said anything Misaka Mikoto looked at him with a face of alert.
"What do you want?"
"Check your pulse to see if there is anything wrong with your body."
"Do you still know how to feel the pulse?"
"Joke, at least I’m half a Taoist brother. I can’t beat my pulse just by refining alchemy and medicine."
So to speak
With tears also didn’t guard against his right hand to seven nights.
Let her put her hand on the table and put her fingers on her wrist for seven nights.
A few girls watched curiously.
for a long time

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