"He’s gone. Tell me where his body was found and how his company responded to it. I need to know clearly so that I can find the opportunity to help him." I went to the door of the main room and squatted in front of the man who brought me.

At present, a few people at the door of the house have brought me here, and the man’s mood is relatively out of control.
After listening to my words, the man glanced around in the first room, then wept bitterly, wiped his sleeves with tears and began to answer my questions.
The man said that his son rented a three-bedroom and two-bedroom apartment not far from the company after work, and the other two tenants in the three-bedroom and two-bedroom apartment were also from the same company as his son.
Half a month ago, early in the morning, he received a message that his son hanged himself in his rental house.
That kind of news was like a bolt from the blue for their family. They just left school and committed suicide. So he believed it was true.
When he arrived at the rental house, his son’s body was still hanging on the balcony to share the house with his son, and the other two tenants were all pale.
The two men saw him coming and said that they had worked overtime in the company the night before yesterday until early morning. After having breakfast together, they came back together to take a rest for one afternoon. Who knew that when they entered the house, they found his son hanging.
Panicked, the two men turned over the desk phone number in his son’s room before dialing him to inform him to come over.
After listening to the two men, he looked at his son’s body and didn’t believe that his son would hang himself. He always chose to call the police.
When the police came, they also said it was suicide. Let him pull the body home.
After his son’s suicide went out, the leaders of his company also came home to comfort him and left some money for them to be sorry for their loss.
"Master, did you hear anything from my speech?" The man looked at me expectantly.
"Without this matter, the police have said that it was suicide. It can be said that it is impossible for those people to rely on legal means to avenge him." After listening to that person’s words, I guess it is not a coincidence that the other two people rent a house with their children and work overtime until the early hours of the morning, but people deliberately arrange it.
Yeah, even if it’s confirmed, it’s a deliberate arrangement, so how can it prove anything
"What should I do, my son?" The man cried again.
"Uncle, some things in the past can be let bygones be bygones. People can’t have their birthdays again. It’s still necessary to persuade my aunt to relax and not get too entangled in this matter." I sighed.
Chapter two hundred and twenty-five Hate species
I don’t advocate that people live in the world and make trouble less, so as to be timid, but as I see, this family is suspicious of throwing eggs at stones during the day.
There will be consequences in the follow-up. It is ambiguous to say whether their lives will be restless and whether their lives can be guaranteed.
His family has lost a son, and I don’t want anything to happen to their family.
The man nodded slowly in anguish and tears.
It was getting late, so I left. The man got up from the ground and said that it was too dark. I was a stranger here, and he asked me to find a taxi.
I didn’t refuse, but I got up from squatting and wanted to persuade him more when I was looking for a car with that man.
When I got up, I noticed that the man’s 15-or 16-year-old daughter was still in tears at the moment, but her eyes were full of hatred and she stared at the ground with a gloomy face and didn’t know what to think.
This discovery makes me frown.
It seems that hatred has taken root in the little girl’s heart, and her brother’s grievance method has made her feel relieved.
That’s when the man called me to leave.
I took another look at the little girl, still staring at the ground, and seemed to be immersed in her own thoughts.
I followed the man out of the hospital and followed his footsteps to the taxi stop to catch the taxi.
The man on the road paid again and said that although he knew that he wanted to ask Wang Dalang to make a move, he had to pay first and then help him, but his family had not been able to raise 500 thousand yuan yet, saying that he would send it to the fragrant mounting shop for me later.
I shook my head and refused to tell the man that I wouldn’t take any money this time. He needed to send money to Xiangbiao Store again. He needed to save money so that his daughter could learn well.
The man kept saying thank you, but he made me go today. He was very sorry.
I interrupted the man and woke him up. He should pay more attention to his daughter’s situation and enlighten her. Don’t bury hatred in her heart at such a young age.
The man nodded and said that he would have a good talk with his family when he got back. It was better than thinking about his son’s grievances, and he was also very depressed.
I always found a taxi, and the man insisted on paying for it for me first.
I said goodbye to the man and returned to the rental community.
I walked back from the suburbs to my rented community, and I got a message from the private detective office.
What the private investigator called this time was not to report the situation to me on weekdays, but to cancel the contract.
The private detective said that they would not accept the two commissions from my former place, saying that this time they unilaterally breached the contract first and would pay me compensation in full according to the previous agreement.
What the private investigator said surprised me by raising my eyebrows.
If I remember correctly, the compensation for unilateral breach of contract is 20 times of the down payment, so the compensation conditions are so simple and unambiguous. What is it?
I asked the private detective why he insisted on canceling the contract. There was a long story, saying that when I had it, I would contact them to finish the cancellation, so I hung up.
I frown and call back, saying that I have to get to their place at least half an hour now.
They said that since I have it now, they will leave it in the private detective’s office and wait for me to cancel the contract.
I can’t relax when I tell Master Shi to change his route to the private detective office.
When I got to the private detective’s office, I sat in front of the person who received me and asked them directly why they unilaterally breached the contract.
The man told me that their detective agency felt that accepting my two entrustment was too risky and had to decide to terminate the entrustment and unilaterally breach the contract.
When the private detective office accepted the entrustment, it told me that it was too risky to track the white clouds, but it also stated that his private detective dared not accept the entrustment, but they dared.
Now you can’t say me for the same reason.
I stared at the man and told him not to give me these empty words. I always enjoyed telling me the truth.
The man smiled awkwardly and said that he was telling the truth, but he didn’t know what to do. Once the people and things involved in my two commissions were discovered, their private detective office would be scrapped
The man took out a cash check and put it in front of me, saying that he should not be difficult for me. He was also under orders, and there was no word in his private detective office.
Look at that man’s hard mouth. I didn’t want to say anything. I accepted the cash check and asked them what they found after tracking the suburban farmers.
I asked the man this time, but he simply answered and told me that the farmer had left fz city for Sichuan this afternoon.
Because the private detective office had decided to cancel the contract with me at that time, there was no time to tell me, and there was no follow-up
I looked at the man in front of me for a while and looked straight at him. He was very embarrassed. I got up from my seat and left the private detective office to return to my rented community.
It’s a fact that I can accept it passively, and it’s not a big deal.
After I walked out of the private detective station, I remembered that I hadn’t eaten dinner yet, and I just turned into a small restaurant on the side of the road. I was going to fill my stomach and go back to the community.
Pushing open the glass door and entering the restaurant, there was a smell of fried stinky tofu. Seeing that many people were waiting in line for the window to send out boxes of stinky tofu, I was surprised that the business of the small restaurant was surprisingly hot.
When I quit the hotel, I’ll take another look at the restaurant’s signature century-old stinky tofu
Glancing around, I found that it looked like this restaurant near here, so I went into the restaurant again to grab something to eat.
I’m partial to stinky tofu. In this restaurant, I don’t ask him for food except fried stinky tofu, but it’s fast.
I waited for a seat in the corner on the first floor and began to eat dinner.
That position is just opposite the stairs.
Halfway through the meal, I looked up and saw Wu Xier coming from the second floor.
The discovery that when Wu Xier has returned to China makes my heart beat faster.
I said that I don’t want to encounter Wu Xier at all. I hope that Wu Xier will return to China this time. She has deeply forgotten me. Don’t think of me.
I haven’t seen Wu Xier for many days. Now it’s no longer the enchanting and expensive dress of the past, but the simple dress, nude makeup and straight and long hair are actually pure.
I don’t see anything strange about Wu Xier’s body, but I can see that Wu Xier has lost a lot of weight.
Along with Wu Xier, there is a tall man upstairs.
The man’s eyes are big, his eyebrows are thick, and his skin is shallower than that of Indians and deeper than that of China. At first glance, it is not made in China but Thai.
Glancing at it, I instantly looked back and bowed my head to eat, which attracted my attention.
"Wen Hao, our China cuisine tastes like" Wu Xier’s sound is noisy and clear through the store, and it is deliberately gentle.
"Very good" with a stiff man coming.

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