Although many local scientists are trying to find a way to travel to another world, the army is also wary of the invasion from another world, but the whole society has long since returned to stability.

They all lead normal lives.
Some creatures think it’s good to let the Mengmengershi troops join in.
However, the team leader finally didn’t talk to the dream people about this matter.
Because they didn’t know it, but … saved many worlds.
The people of Mengmengershi are in a stable state without knowing it, and they certainly continue to create more entertainment.
Many imaginary worlds are seen by star simulators … and then slowly constructed.
The birth of these new world attracted that attention of the guardian of order.
They immediately investigated these emerging worlds and then investigated what would be born in these worlds.
If they want to completely eliminate negative emotions, they must cut off the source of birth … and then they found the star simulator.
At that time, the team leader didn’t know about the star simulator. Although he said that he knew that a new world would be born, he didn’t know what it was made of.
And these guardians of order immediately went to the location of the star simulator to try to destroy it.
This move inspired the star simulator defense system.
The star simulator is also very huge and it has strong defense capabilities.
As soon as the defense system was started, most of the order guardians were destroyed to investigate the simulation device troops
This surprised the order guardians, and the team leader said that these order guardians may not have encountered difficult creatures for a long time, and they have always easily destroyed those places where they feel negative emotions and destroyed the creatures there.
And the power of the star simulator surprised them, so they attacked the simulator
They must destroy the simulation device … and this battle lasted for a long time.
During the battle between the guardian of order and the simulator, the attacked world also had a breathing space.
The team leader led the joint army to solve the problem of guardians staying behind and some troops occupied and returned to some territory.
Then they fell into … hesitation.
They don’t know what to do next.
Because they fight against the order guardian in vain, although it’s okay at present, it will still be like before if the order guardian calls back.
There are many differences among creatures in all worlds.
Some people think that they should escape, abandon these worlds and flee to the distance.
Some creatures think they should strengthen their strength and may be able to fight it.
Some biological star recognition simulators can defeat the guardians of order so that they can come alive without doing anything.
And some creatures think that the star simulator will destroy them after defeating the guardian.
Mainly … They didn’t know what a star simulator was.
From their perspective, it seems that the guardian of order suddenly left and then fought with a very powerful creature.
Therefore, many creatures think that it is not a good thing to win no matter which side.
And the team leader is mainly trying to observe the movement of the order guardians and see how they fight with the star simulator.
At that time, the team leader also "relayed" the war situation to all the creatures in the world.
This actually makes the creatures more … afraid.
They find that such a powerful force actually collides in virtual reality, and they will easily be destroyed by this power.
After these creatures felt hopeless, they did decide to try to escape.
At the same time, some strange’ sects’ have appeared, which are called order worshippers.
These creatures worship the order that the guardian of order says, so they can not be destroyed.
At that time, after the emergence of this Sect, many creatures really joined it, and they all thought it was possible.
When they grow up, they attack the world in the name of the guardian of order, recruit more believers and solve those who don’t believe.
Although the enemy is United at present, they have fought since the enemy left.
The war has spread again in various circles, and these different creatures are fighting with each other.
There are even a group of creatures who think that all this is a dream, and the people of Shirsh decided to destroy it.
And the team leader … didn’t tube this kind of thing.
The team leader did an incredible thing at that time, that is, he sneaked into the battle by himself.
At that time, the base of the two sides’ fighting was that both sides had been bombarding each other with powerful firepower from a long distance … Few attacks would successfully hit each other.
The guardians of order often send a large number of small troops to try to bypass the fire to get close to the simulation device, and the simulation device will stop those who are large and close to the target, and those who are small enough will usually let them get close to themselves.

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