"Ha ha this little thing!" Yellow emperor happy should way "and you don’t call the old what predecessors, you have far exceeded the old fairy repair industry in respect of the almighty regardless of age! If the seniors are commensurate, wouldn’t it kill the old man? "

"Well, anyway, I’ve been wandering around like a wild crane all my life, but I’ve never tried to be an elder of a noble family. If it’s convenient, why don’t you give an old lady a title of" Elder of Keqing "?
"Ha ha!" Xiao Fan smell speech a happy since the yellow emperor asked for it, which means that Qingyang League will have another master of the sacred land stage from the future!
Xiao Fan Zun’s figure flashed back to the castle hall after the Yellow Emperor and several masters of the sacred land stage of Qingyang League led a large group of brothers to leave Du Jie in Yin and Yang.
Then he will tell what happened to malaria and blood shura again.
"Well, this is really a serious problem! I can’t run around with wicked heart Crystal without being busy. There’s nothing I can do. Do you have any ideas? Unless you respect the world of yin and yang! " Malaria thought along while shake head a way
"From Yin and Yang? That won’t do. I have to practice hard! " Xiao Fan waved his hand and smiled. "Way … I considered one, but I don’t know if it can succeed!"
"oh? Let’s hear it! " Malaria and blood shura are very interested in asked.
"Condense a doppelganger!" Xiao Fan said word for word
"What? Are you crazy? The tearing of the Yuan God can make the yogi separate into two parts. You should know better than anyone that the serious damage to the Yuan God will have great consequences! " Malaria exclaimed.
"Well, I naturally know, but don’t be so nervous. Anyone who is absolutely different from ordinary people and my practice of Yuanshen Tearing is different after the transformation of wicked heart Crystal!" Xiao Fan smiled and sat cross-legged, slowly pinching his hands and saying, "Now I haven’t suffered much damage after Yuan Shen split into fire points, and it seems that I have recovered almost. I feel that even if I tear it again, it won’t matter!"
Mouth said Xiao Fan hands already hand tactic pinching move up.
Once again, Yuan God’s tearing is familiar to Xiao Fan, a three-entry imperial secretary, but all the steps, techniques and treatments are also skillful, and a cloud of turbid force will float in front of him before a wick fragrance is released soon.
"Apart from the fire attribute, I am most familiar with the wind attribute Daoism, but if I want to condense the wooden avatar or the wind avatar, the load is too heavy for me now. Anyway, I need a medium to carry the wicked heart Crystal Yin and Yang boundary. This second avatar is not the main battle, but it needs super defense!"
"So … I gather the three soil attributes of Lishidun Road, Wuyue Road and Dust-sealed Road, and condense the foundation of Daoism!"
Xiao Fan murmured, his hands danced quickly in front of him, bringing up the remnants of the road. It looked like thousands of hands were born, and each finger moved differently!
A little while later, a dark-skinned, burly man was covered with stone-like muscle blocks, with short white hair and a light khaki luster in his eyes. Xiao Fan appeared before the statue.
"Shout … from today on, you will be my Xiao Fantu member. Although it is not complete yet, you can play the strength of the first-class achievement method, but if you put together the six techniques of soil properties in the future, you will be enhanced again!" Xiao Fan is very satisfied to stare at the second busy panting and said
"Although you can give full play to the strength of the first-class martial arts, you can also learn the top-level martial arts. This" Concrete Xuanhuagong "is your basic martial arts. You can temporarily master the three soil properties of Shidun Road, Wuyue Road and Dusty Road, and carry wicked heart Crystal!"
"This rare holy defensive magic weapon, the earth helmet and the holy offensive magic weapon, the dust axe, are your magic weapons!"
Xiao Fan said, raising my hand, a khaki axe with the size of three feet and a suit of armor carved and processed like a whole black gem flew to the earth …
Chapter 3 Holy Fairy Tomb
The axe body of the huge dust axe is carved with seventy-two patterns of soil array, representing seventy-two earth demons that can break the ground and roll up mountains and rivers.
Axe blade is densely covered with seventy-two sharp serrated teeth. If you cut a person, you will not only break skin and bone, but also tear it together with flesh and blood.
The axe handle is forged from black stone, which is heavier than the uneven inlaid with nine crystal marrow, and the axe’s earth strength can continue to fall into the hands of Xiao Fantu.
And that black armor is also densely covered with lines. It is not allowed to activate it alone when it is attacked. Wei Neng will independently emit thick soil forces to form a tough and thick protective barrier, which can reduce the attack power of 100 million yuan, and the highest resistance to 1 billion forces will not cause damage!
"In this way, you can let the fire member go to search for materials safely!" Xiao Fan statue is very satisfied looking at soil busy nodded and laughed
"Gee, it’s amazing that it really makes you condense out of the second busy? Do you feel any discomfort? Is Yuan Shen seriously injured? " Malaria hurriedly asked
"It doesn’t matter if the Yuan God is damaged, it won’t take a hundred years to recover!" Xiao Fan nods
"So … you can make a third identity … a fourth member?" Malaria stare big eyes
"In theory … is! However, my soul crystal method has suffered too many distractions and acted independently. If I want to condense the third identity, at least I have to achieve the realm of separation or higher before I can try it. Now I am not sure myself! " Xiao Fan hesitated.
"Hey, you freak, you’re a total monster!" Malaria smiled a few times. "Well, now you can feel at ease. You should practice here well. Don’t try to reach the late stage of detachment before the devastating disaster comes!" The stronger the strength, the more confident you are against all dangers! "
"That’s what I’m thinking!" Xiao Fan nodded and said, "The earth doppelganger retrieved wicked heart Crystal from the fire doppelganger and returned to Qingyang Mountain!"
At this time, the monks who went out to Du Jie also returned one after another
A total of 352 younger brothers went out to Du Jie this time, and more than 330 people were successfully advanced. With such a high success rate in Du Jie, the emperor of hell once again saw his eyes.
"All right, Elder Huang, let’s go!" Red hair Xiao Fan smiled and said to the yellow emperor.
Soon a khaki luster came out along Xiao Fan’s eyebrows, generate, and a human figure turned into a streamer and galloped away rapidly in the direction of Qingyang Mountain.
"The problem solved? That’s … "Yellow emperor one leng.
"Hehe, I’m just a second member!" Xiao Fan corners of the mouth a pick.
"What? Second doppelganger? " Emperor Huang gasped in a gasp. "This … is incredible. It is said that Godsworn Tian can only learn to tear the Yuan God’s concise avatar unless he is lucky enough to learn it, but it is more dangerous than that one person can split the Yuan God once in his life. Once the avatar dies, it will lead to the lifelong damage of the Yuan God … You can actually make a second avatar?"
"It’s just a fluke!" Xiao Fan dozen ha ha this fact is from the explanation.
"Well, after the theory of what happened to you, the old man can’t be surprised any more, otherwise this is a surprise; The old man’s heart can’t afford it at this age! " Yellow emperor shook his head, red hair Xiao Fan disappeared into the sky with a time.
Spring went to Qiu Lai in a blink of an eye, and then it passed quietly.
It’s less than two years before the devastating disaster!

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