Once you have broken through Yuan Ying’s realm, Liu Fei’s most direct feeling now is that the coverage of his gods has greatly increased, and the powerful gods have spread to Fiona Fang for dozens of miles. Everything that happened can’t be fooled by him!

Look at every grass and tree!
At this time, Lu Fei’s speed was so fast that he was holding the bull’s head horn and was constantly shuttling in the middle of the school and searching for Xiaoxiao’s trace in a hundred miles.
The netherworld is vast and extensive. Wan Li? Even Lu Fei’s powerful knowledge is different from looking for a needle in a haystack at this time!
However, Lu Fei was not discouraged. Like radar detectors, he showed a carpet search to the underworld.
Fortunately, after nearly three hours of searching, a familiar smell finally came back to his mind through god’s knowledge.
Liu Fei’s heart is more excited than that! He is already familiar with Xiaoxiao’s breath, but naturally he won’t feel wrong. He jumps and goes towards this familiar breath maser.
However, to his surprise, when he arrived at his destination, the place was as if there was no dawn at all!
But the problem is that he feels Xiaoxiao is around here!
"Strange! This is it? Where are people? "
Liu Fei’s eyebrows are locked and his eyes are wide open, just like the essence is constantly sweeping around
In the end, his eyes fell straight on the chaos opposite the grave.
Chaos is actually a black fog.
But this black fog is so weird that it can devour the gods! Lu Fei’s divine knowledge was just near and was immediately swallowed up by it. I couldn’t explore the situation inside!
Liu Fei’s face expression became more indecisive and uncertain. He looked at it carefully again for a week and determined that Liu Fei couldn’t help biting his teeth after Xiaoxiao disappeared. "Mom! Fight! "
If Xiaoxiao is really here, then the only possible hiding place is this black fog!
The thought of Xiaoxiao is likely to be among them. Lu Fei can’t just sit back and ignore whether it is a knife mountain or a sea of fire or a hell. He can also make a break!
But if you want to enter this black fog to find Xiaoxiao, the first difficulty before him is "crossing the river!"
Yes! Is crossing the river!
Because that black fog is just opposite the dead, Lu Fei can cross the dead if he wants to enter here!
It happened that Naiqiao had disappeared by this time. If you want to cross the river, Liu Fei can fly directly.
When there is a bridge, it is extremely thrilling. At this time, if you fly directly, you can imagine the danger.
But what can Lu Fei do?
"grass! Isn’t it just a gutter? I still don’t believe this evil! "
"Shout …"
Take a deep breath, Liu Fei stamped the ground hard, and the whole person instantly melted a ghosting image and went straight to the other side of the maser!
However, almost when he just flew halfway, the original waves were like a pool of stagnant water, but they suddenly rioted and set off thousands of waves for a while!
As angry as the sea is horrible, the yellow spring water seems to have turned into a water wall to block the sun and stopped Liu Fei’s way.
"Blare …"
At the same time, hundreds of ghosts and wild ghosts wandered out and marched step by step towards Lu Fei!
Without the slightest hesitation, Lu Fei directly roared out the six-character mantra, and the dazzling golden Buddha’s light instantly swelled. Lu Fei was like an ancient Buddha with a golden body and a sacred breath!
The golden ripples spread like a sacred sword and went straight to the wandering ghosts!
"Oooo …"
The spectre kept howling, and with the help of the yellow power, he completely saw Liu Fei’s truth and never got hurt by the Buddha’s light! These are not ordinary ghosts. Strictly speaking, they are actually spirit of war! Although spirit of war is not as powerful as the former Naiqiao, it is far beyond the general ghosts. At this time, the wild ghosts occupy the "home court advantage" in the middle of the grave, which is naturally not to be underestimated
Liu Fei’s face changed slightly, and his heart moved quickly, and he raised his hand in a bull’s head and slammed it at the ghost in front of him.
"Ow …"

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