Seeing the soldiers of the government army or the brothers of Mo family outside, the horses and hounds were all unconscious and thrown together into a hill.

And next to them, a dozen wooden boxes have been randomly piled up with geomagnetic dragonflies.
An old man with a black robe and a hunchback looks gloomy with crutches.
There is also a black-faced man’s sword flashing in his hand facing the pile of geomagnetic dragon crystals.
Wang Xuan stifled his heart and said coldly, "Where are you two from?"
Black-faced Han raised his eyelids. "Old Dan Tai Gao, this is Wu Thirteen who wants to talk about a deal with Wang Daren."
Dan Tai, Wu …
On hearing the names of the two, Wang Xuan immediately guessed the foot.
Both surnames belong to a thousand-year-old family in the Southern Jin Dynasty.
Dan Tai heard that Gu Jian’s methods of repairing and killing were amazing, while the witches were descendants of the ancient witch countries of the seventeen countries who controlled witchcraft in the Southern Jin Dynasty for a long time.
And these two people are all bodhi old zu figures …
Thinking of this, Wang Xuan became more and more calm. "Nan Jin was willing to send two such characters to sneak into Wang. I don’t know what deal I want to talk about?"
As he spoke, he thought about countermeasures, but both of them were sophisticated and seemingly ordinary but very particular.
The black-faced old man has a certain distance from the geomagnetic dragon crystal, which can ensure that the sword light can be excited at any time and not wave itself.
And that witch thirteen is just in the way, and he will be stopped no matter how fast he goes …
Dan Tai Gao, a black-faced old man, slightly narrowed his eyes and said darkly, "I am very interested in Wang Daren’s immortal palace."
As soon as this was said, Wang Xuan shrank in an instant.
These two are the hands of Wei Youdi!
He gritted his teeth and was about to speak when suddenly his eyes went dark and he fell asleep, as if the whole world had become dark.
"Not good!"
Wang Xuan’ s warning sign victory in his heart immediately ran a thousand robberies.
The body nine turns to rob the light and vibrates, and a mysterious ripple visible to the naked eye spreads outward
Ear suddenly sounded shrill scream.
A figure suddenly appeared in a decaying robe, with sharp teeth like a dead man’s face covered with carrion and his eyes red as a spectre suspended around him.
This thing is like a piece of light and shadow, stirred by the divine light, and becomes flickering, but there is no sign of disintegration.
What is evil? !
Wang Xuan has never seen anything like it.
The witch thirteen across the street didn’t expect Wang Xuan to have such a wonderful way to spray blood and shout, "Give it up quickly!"
Wang Xuan bit his teeth and suddenly a token appeared in his hand. Before they could see it clearly, he whistled into the forbidden area of Wanlong Cave.
"Looking for death!"
A black-faced man roars
But as soon as he was distracted, Wang Xuan broke out and sprinkled ten golden pills at the same time. In an instant, ten shining golden gods appeared and pounced on them.
"Carving insects!"
Black-faced Han waved his sword and the light went up into the sky. Two shining golden gods were suddenly split and flew out.
These soldiers are no match for the thief’s territory.
At the same time, Wang Xuan has flicker came to the sergeant.
"Ha, ha, ha!"
The dark-faced old man did not say that the sword light was fired at the geomagnetic dragon crystal, and the witch thirteen retreated rapidly at the same time
However, Wang Xuan arrived before him.
Before the sword light, he has reached out and wiped it.
Full of earthworm crystal disappeared instantly …
Chapter four hundred and fifty-three God arrow cut demon evil mural dragon festival.
"magic weapon?"
Black-faced man was suddenly surprised.
He didn’t get angry from embarrassment and suddenly pinched the sword tactic and suddenly pointed.
Qiang Qiang!
The sword is broken by dragons.
The magic weapon of sword pill is not to twist the sword into pills.
To put it bluntly, it is to raise a mouthful of lung gold, and the firm but gentle spirit breaks out on weekdays when the five internal organs in Jianwan are naturally warmed up.

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