A clause somewhere on Guo Cheng Central Avenue outside Chang ‘an, Kyoto.
"Monk Qiong Jun?"
Accompanied by a lazy call, a sweating monk in the courtyard stopped working and turned to look at the man behind him.
"What is Master Hui Ji doing this time?"
The tired voice revealed a deep complaint that monk Joan Jun found that the man in front of him had done nothing but look like a man.
Since I met him, the daily routine of monk Qiong Jun eating vegetarian food and chanting Buddha has been completely broken.
You know, not to mention the luxurious life before becoming a monk, even after becoming a monk with a temple, few people dare to command monk Qiong Jun so recklessly.
Nai’s life is different from the past. What a monk like a bully can do is to complain verbally.
"Little monk, I’m hungry. Go outside and make me a vegetarian meal!"
I want something from others, but Hui Ji’s lazy and batting practice really makes monk Qiong Jun hate his teeth itch.
"You …"
Throw the axe in your hand directly. Monk Joan gave Hui Ji a bad look.
As a result, he found that the other party didn’t look at himself, let alone show his expression.
"You wait!"
Trying to calm his anger, monk Joan Jun finally pushed open the door and chose to give Hui Ji a bowl of vegetarian food to come back.
If you continue to stay here, monk Joan Jun will grab an axe and give it to that guy who doesn’t look like a monk for fear that he can’t control his temper.
"Tut tut …"
It was not until Joan Jun’s back disappeared completely that Hui Ji slowly opened his eyes, revealing some banter in his eyes.
"Aren’t you afraid that he will get back at you one day if you do this to him?"
A sudden sound went straight into Hui Ji’s ear, accompanied by a young man in a five-color Taoist robe.
"I have nothing to be afraid of? Isn’t it just a guy who gave up his identity and pretended to be crazy for more than ten years? "
"But you dare to appear in front of me?"
"Aren’t you afraid I’ll really slap you to death?"
In the face of Hui Ji’s duplicity, the five-color road flyover shook his head gently, but there was such a meaningful smile on his mouth.
"It’s true that the’ sage with evil heart’ is worthy of its name. This duplicity is a unique skill in heaven."
"I don’t know what you’re planning, but you’ve worked so hard to find this stupid prince who’s been hiding for so many years just to get to the top with his identity?"
"From this point of view, we are at least allies in the same trench."
Words this five-color road flyover suddenly primly said
"I don’t know what you like about such a silly report …"
"But your idea of trying to hone his mind and make him feel the sufferings of the people is an illusion after all."
"The royal family stresses eternal strength and interests."
"The so-called ambition and kindness are things that they can give up at any time."
"Help such a all is likely to bite you silly report …"
"Why don’t you join my camp and bring down Buddhist Zhao Guizhen to avenge your master’s old enmity twenty years ago",
Chapter IV Daily Life of Tongqing Temple
Tanzhou Weishan leads to Tongqing Temple Mountain Road
"Dad? Is this where your benefactor live in seclusion? "
Body ornaments and bells keep ringing with the footsteps. The moon is cheerful and Zou Qiwu is running ahead. You can’t see that she just looked impatient.
For such a 15-or 16-year-old girl, emotions come and go as fast as the weather in May.
"Yes! This is Tongqing Temple! "
Looking up at the temple Zou Qiwu, whose outline is faintly visible, is not panting, but his brow is tired, but he can’t hide it.
After all, first I’m hung over, and then I’m catching the carriage mountain early in the morning …
Rao is Zou Qiwu, and this kind of iron-beaten Han is already too much for some at the moment.
However, at the thought that his horse would meet the benefactor twenty years ago, he immediately summoned up his spirit and walked towards Tongqing Temple step by step.
"It’s much more remote than I thought …"
"But there are quite a few interesting gadgets along the way."
Moon followed the winding "Beauty Stream" all the way and suddenly found some bamboo pipes to build pipes from the canal to the top of the mountain.
Curiosity drove the moon to approach the bamboo tubes carefully.
Only to find that the original self-flowing stream was intercepted by the river, and a slow but steady speed flowed along the bamboo pipe to Tongqing Temple.
In addition, the moon saw some structures similar to pumps, gates and water outlets, forming a complex but complete "tap water" system around the "Beauty Stream"

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