What does Li Zepu want to do in order to maintain drug trafficking and arms sales and to have his own armed forces to make money?

But he can’t achieve these things in China.
So Li Zepu is not interested in any industrial roots in Q city, thinking that Ma can find a master to compete with Van Valentine and win the game, so that he can get rich quickly and go to Africa to realize his dream.
Gao Juxuan saw that Li Zepu was not interested in adding news from the government. The three places in the downtown area had been attributed to the name of the cloud group. He sent someone to check the cloud group and found that it was a righteous person, so he also backed down.
In those days, Gao Juxuan Q City, like Xiao Hongfeng, was a changing wannabe, and it was supported by Li Zepu that came to this point.
The original Yunmeng disco was changed by Tian Xinrong to Kailemen disco, but now I changed it back and still called Yunmeng disco to open after a little renovation.
I didn’t change my name in bars and hotels, because I had made a name for myself, but it affected my business.
I gave the disco and bar to Zhao Tai, Jiang Rui and Wang Yongyi, three members of the old Yizitang, and twenty younger brothers who took care of the hotel, while I gave them to Mosquito, Bear and Chen Chao.
Their main thing is to watch the game, and don’t let some small-time gangsters make trouble. The main operator is Qian Li, and Qian Li is now the big housekeeper of the business department of Yizhitang, and some business matters are handled by him.
Because the Yunhai Teahouse is steaming in his hand, he has already formed an old brand and become a gathering place for drinking tea and chatting in Q-level society.
Now many boxes are kept by others all the year round, so they don’t welcome guests to the outside world.
Qian Li still has a set of ideas and methods in his management.
Have you studied business administration and economics in a unified way? Q City is fine. If you really make the stall bigger, you still have to rely on Rollin Wang and Yuan Gang.
Now Rollin Wang and Yuan Gang have also been defined by me as the ship’s people.
And it’s for later generations!
As soon as I got three games, I pulled up the banner of Yizitang, which is called potential.
This thing can help you solve a lot of troubles.
What is the potential? It’s just that all the younger brothers in the righteous word hall Q market hope in their hearts.
If you look high, no one may dare to bother you at ordinary times, but if you hope that the strength is still that strength, there will be a steady stream of trouble to find you.
The strong dragon does not crush the local strongmen, but the fierce dragon does not cross the river!
The righteous word hall was a banner in Q city a few years ago, so I naturally want to pull it up, which will not only reduce a lot of trouble, but also help me control the whole Q city underworld as soon as possible.
Some peripheral rotten kids are not in the same place. Some things at the bottom of them are full of chickens and dogs, but their eyes and ears are full of what happens in Q market. They will immediately know that Qianyizitang’s peripheral thousand younger brothers are just Yizitang’s natural intelligence network. If anything happens in Q market, it will immediately reach the ears of Master Ge.
It was when Grandpa and Master were a little careless that Qiao Liu Chengxi Gang became bigger and bigger, and finally it was out of control.
Chapter 9 confrontation
Now I’m going to pull the banner of uprising word hall to make some hooligans dare not come to trouble, and at the same time, I’m going to fold up the bottom of Q city again.
Completely controlling the underworld in Q city is just that I can get there after the first step. It’s hard to say yet, but I’m going to tie up the righteous hall frame in Q city first.
I have set up four departments.
The first department is the business department, which starts with cash;
The second department is the security department. Zhao Taishou usually watches the scene and handles some small things. They can solve them enough.
The third department, Wu Zi Department, is dedicated to fighting the swordsmen and the dead. I have been asking the bear to find a candidate to secretly train this department with the help of Chen Chao.
The fourth part is that the mosquito head of the intelligence department was secretly transported six months ago.
And I have a lot of things myself, besides controlling the main cadres of various departments to avoid problems, I also manage the economic lifeline of Yizitang, and I will carefully check the monthly reports.
Rinrin bell …
The mobile phone suddenly rang.
"hey! I am Li Xiaoyun! "

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