This is not moving a boat. Twenty or thirty people can all reach around. This is a person surrounded by twenty or thirty people. There are only seven people who can reach Lin Cheng. The rest are messing around outside.

Xu Zhenglong couldn’t wait to directly seize Lin Cheng and throw him into the sea, but he couldn’t move Lin Cheng with so many people in this respect, and it was no use going by himself.
Next to the news through train, reporter Zhang from Zhang Xiaomei and reporter Malanma from the daily newspaper were watching Xu Zhenglong perform.
When the two big men came to catch Lin Cheng, Malan covered his mouth nervously, but when they were both red in the face but couldn’t move Lin Cheng, Malan covered his mouth and smiled.
When 20 or 30 people come, even a relatively indifferent Zhang Xiaomei shows fear. Women are timid, especially when they are afraid.
In the end, when nearly 30 people managed to move the forest into a fraction, even Malan and Zhang Xiaomei were greatly surprised, which was incredible.
It is reasonable to say that if the 30 people carry heavy objects, they can carry 50 kilograms by themselves, and if the 30 people can carry a ton and a half of heavy objects, it is still no problem for the 30 people to carry a ton of heavy objects.
Lin Cheng weighs a ton? Obviously, no one believes this, but the fact is right in front of us. This is not juggling, magic, or double acting. There is hatred between the two sides, and no one believes it if they don’t make efforts.
Zhang Xiaomei brought the cameraman to faithfully record all this, and the cameraman recorded the whole picture far away. Nikon camera was equipped with Carl Zeiss lens, and the clarity and wide angle clearly recorded the whole process in detail.
Lin Chengkou said when everyone else was working hard, "I said that Xu not only didn’t eat just now, but these two didn’t eat enough. I can’t do it another day. I’ll take care of the rice and let the brothers eat enough." Lin Cheng laughed.
The driver and the crowd around laughed.
Xu Zhenglong was so angry that everyone shook up. Xu Zhenglong, who knew each other, stopped laughing because they knew that Xu Zhenglong was a social person and was afraid that he would not get his forehand in anger and seek revenge.
There is also an acquaintance in the crowd next to him, Weihai Gang Guo Dong. Guo Dong’s motorcade was also blocked from working outside. Just when Xu Zhenglong and Lin Chengqi clashed, Guo Dong was happy, so I would sit quietly and watch them lose-lose.
Unexpectedly, the two tigers fought together, but neither side shed blood, which was regarded as a struggle.
I can’t fathom Lin Chengdi when I came to Guo Dong. Now it seems that I can’t fathom Lin Cheng. Is this man really powerful? No wonder Nan Tian Zhao Qingnan is respectful to Lin Cheng, and Huo Zhen Zhuang in Fushan also regards Lin Cheng as a brother.
And the second brother, Zhao Liang, Ishikawa is so skillful that one person will lose to Lin Cheng.
Lin Cheng is really scary. He has great strength, good kung fu and good marksmanship. The most important thing is that he can avoid the bullet method faster than the bullet.
In this way, Guo Dong, the opponent, didn’t want to provoke him, and Guo Dong was glad that Lin Cheng left a way for himself when he came to argue with himself for earthwork transportation. Otherwise, he changed to himself when he entered Ishikawa in the second child, and he only had a few heavy firepower losses. By the way, Lin Cheng had a result
It seems that I am really old and not suitable for this Jianghu. This Jianghu has been chaotic for too long, and it is time for someone to unify it.
However, some people don’t feel ashamed at this time without Lao Xu Zhenglong, but they can resist "Lin Cheng, remember what happened today, and I will get it back twice."
"Does Mr. Xu owe the drivers a settlement?"
"You are dreaming"
Lin Cheng turned to the camera. "Ladies and gentlemen, this is the face of Zhenglong Group, the largest construction group in Yanwei City. We have to ask the public security to ask him."
At this moment, Xu Zhenglong saw a reporter and a cameraman with a camera shooting on this side. He waved to Wang Feng and "grab the camera for me and don’t let him shoot."
165 news report
Frustrated Xu Zhenglong even gave him this command. Wang Feng will certainly not hesitate to carry out Wang Fengfang and drag Lin Chenggong to the cameraman to seize the camera network.
You tore me off and hit the camera, but it was unstable, but it faithfully captured all this.
Lin Cheng was also moved to see the cameraman desperately guarding his camera, although the cameraman was brought by Zhang Xiaomei and Zhang Xiaomei seemed to have no kindness to himself.
Malan also wrote something on the paper at a high speed, and the recording pen with a small hand also recorded all this in detail.
Lin Chengjin flung around more than twenty people to the ground.
Tai Ji Chuan’s fist strength is like a strong wind, and the grass all around falls on Lin Cheng with the wind. This one throws strength and shakes strength around more than 20 people, but the people around you don’t see how much effort Lin Chengfa has made, and they don’t see Lin Chengdong at all.
You can’t throw people out with strength and no strength.
As the proverb goes, strength is as strong as ox strength and as fierce as tiger, but all cows and tigers are subject to people because they are dull and sluggish and cannot be moved flexibly, but strength is not as strong as a spring. Although the crossbow is small in size, it can stretch and bend freely, and it will play lightly if it is pressed again. This is the difference in strength.
Force is like a mountain collapse and chamfering. When you attack a meter, you will force a collision one meter ago. When you get near, your opponent has changed, but your own strength has not changed. It is called an attack. It is like a thunderstorm that flashes with you and stops with you. It is like not touching the enemy’s body. It is like drilling a cluster of strong crossbows. That is the difference in strength.
Lin Cheng stepped out five or six meters away with one step, grabbing the collar of crazy Wang Feng and dividing him and the cameraman as light as eating and dressing.
But at this time, the cameraman just caught Lin Cheng’s relaxed and natural expression.
"Thank you, thank you very much." The cameraman even thanked Lin Cheng.
"Hehe, it is the duty of every citizen not to keep public opinion fair and just." Although Lin Cheng didn’t go to college, he talked about political slogans without showing more concessions.
Zhang Xiaomei also came to Lin Cheng at this moment "thank you".
Lin Cheng smiled. "Thank you, but we still need the help of a reporter to get back what we deserve."
"Well, I’ll try my best. These contractors are really overbearing. Don’t worry, we will report this matter fairly and fairly." At this time, Zhang Xiaomei may be surprised by Lin Cheng’s kung fu and grateful to Lin Cheng for maintaining his cameraman’s base materials.
Xiao Gang, Da Fei and others who were knocked down by the earthquake still have some puzzling reasons why they grabbed Lin Cheng’s arm as if they suddenly touched it, and then they were knocked down by the earthquake.
Surrounded by Lin Cheng’s circle, the Ministry of Human Resources was shocked and flew to Dafei. He was born in the army, and he studied martial arts, that is, military boxing. Although I have heard of this kind of thing before, it is the first time to feel it personally.

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