"If someone can be stationed in our company at any time, I also plan to target more data centers in the Gulf area, such as the gateway network and the commercial network. No problem, no problem. Finally, there is only one eye-catching technology city left."

"Suleiman additional $200 million investment! No, 500 million dollars ! You have to come up with a plan and then drag it. I’ll just ask you! !” Mark Tum’s tone is quite dissatisfied. Isn’t this throwing others away?
"There’s no need to worry about the temple," Chen Bo said with a smile. "Mr. Suleiman can build this sailing hotel and a world island, but when it comes to the science and technology city, this type of facilities is definitely not as professional as mine."
"Then you have a better idea?"
"If you want to have land, he will give it to me to operate, plan loans or invest in shares." Chen Bo released a bold statement, "I will give you a hopeful future within three years."
"Management can be given to you, but I must be absolutely controlled!" Maktoum’s eyes are bare.
"If Chairman Suleiman can cooperate with me to leave 6% of Dubai World, what I need is an office environment. What you need is to show the determination to the world." Chen Bo hit the nail on the head. You don’t know what technology can develop or how much money you can earn, but how many faces you can grow, how many eyeballs you can attract and how many tourists you can bring.
But he wants to hold the Arabs by the neck and reach out to the pockets of the oil rich, and even occupy the future of the Middle East.
After a simple discussion, the ant search technology management shares 2% plus 200 million US dollars, and the net investment accounts for 4%. Moreover, this huge sum of money is that Mark Tum lent him 1% of the original land price of Dubai World Group through Dubai National Bank plus 500 million cash to occupy 6% of the shares.
Dubai Science and Technology City, the future pearl of the Middle East, was born in such a few words. Let’s not talk about it for the time being. At least, this combination is definitely not running, and the foundation of the original network city will be doubled to meet the future demand.
"By the way, the taste of Chinese food here is really not good, it is not authentic, and the western food is not satisfactory. Let’s change the chef quickly, or we will lose face in the temple." Finally, we still didn’t forget to spit in an Arabian Tower.
This phone call is blowing, holding and pulling. Although it looks simple, it has to be tricky everywhere.
Dragging back to the room with a tired face, plunged into the soft sofa and refused to get up.
"It’s not so tired to go to the gym." Ivanka came over to help him rub his sore shoulders and comforted him gently.
"It’s much more tiring to fight with people, but somehow it succeeded." Chen Bo simply told her again.
"Efficiency is really fast. You are so optimistic about the development of Dubai."
"Not so confident," Chen Bo shook his head. "It’s all castles in the middle. Are you paying for the island filling in Gai Lou by his chief’s family?"
"Loans are foreign debts from Europe and the United States. I have checked the bottom out. Deutsche Bank, Royal Bank of Scotland and Credit Suisse, the chief, spend other people’s money without mercy. Now the situation is not like traveling but doing real estate business. After all, it is to pass the risk on to others. You, the daughter of a real estate tycoon, can’t help but understand the property market bubble?"
"Do you mean that this city is all about building lies and false prosperity?"
"Almost. Anyway, no one will audit Dubai World and will not take the initiative to disclose the financial situation."
"That one thousand collapsed science and technology city? Will it be affected? !”
"The impact is nothing but a loan. Even if you don’t make money, you will return the remaining 4% of the big deal to him, and the worse the real economy is, the better it will be for the Internet. Only in this way can they realize that the Internet can help more and put more advertisements on it."
"Then why don’t you wake him up? At least he has to sell you well and consolidate you."
"The old man is passionate and bent on dreaming of Dubai. I’ll pour a pot of cold water on his head. Will he listen to me?" Chen Bo is not so kind. Maybe he can touch some big fish while the water is muddy.
The high debt of Dubai World Group will break out one day, which is an irreversible reality. Unless the existing bad habits can be abandoned and secularized, it will be an illusory kingdom after all, and major problems such as nationality and religion will not be solved so easily.
Chapter DiYiWuSan Priest
The next day, Chen Bo drove to the front of the network city again. The difference is that besides Batya, there are also architectural design offices and Dubai letter engineering field waiting.
Although the agreement is drafted, he doesn’t like to procrastinate. First, tell them how to rectify it, and then set up Dubai Science and Technology City Company to take over.
Chen Bolai said to the drawing, "I don’t need a high-rise building but a building with scientific, simple and artistic design that can meet the needs of modern office."
Dubai is a desert city with a relatively soft geological structure. If the sandy soil layer is to be built too high, it is necessary to dig deep into the foundation and drive the cement pile to the ground for tens of meters, which is quite high. It is unnecessary for him to say that the construction speed of the science and technology city must be fast, so he can no longer pursue the height blindly.
"This effect is not good, so it must be revised. You let tourists see a ghost? Referring to a modern art design, we should have a three-dimensional sense and more imagination. "Although the British architect is a bit embarrassed, it is not easy to fool the Arabs to swallow him."
"An activity center is added here to produce publications and academic exchanges, which at least meet the needs of thousands of people."
"Communication equipment should be expanded, and the laying of optical fiber and optical cable should meet the needs of hundreds of companies to make all floor lines cover 3G and WIFI signals high." WIFI is nothing new, but it is not so popular yet. Most notebook computers have installed LAN modules, which is the future Internet trend, and it will be popular in a short time.
How can Dubai’s most modern science and technology city lack such infrastructure, and China’s price is much lower than Cisco’s, so naturally it won’t cost too much.
It is impossible to build the data center here, but choose another land-connected island away from the urban area to ensure data privacy.
"So when do you work?" Batya doesn’t know what position the new company will take in the future, and he has been ordered to arrange it from this Chinese.
"Work as soon as the design drawings are finalized, and I’ll arrange staff to come to Batya in a few days. After you are more familiar with this place, you have to do more coordination. This is what I mean and what Wang means." Although this person is not so bold and not so brilliant, you can’t just bring the team here and clean up the old people.
Whether to stay or not is to be responsible for the division of labor. Other words can solve many troubles in the actual operation process.
Dubai is a big construction site, how can it be without the crazy figure of infrastructure? There are Chinese companies involved in the construction of the world island and the palm island. Of course, Chen Bo should also give full play to his own advantages and set up this science and technology city in the fastest and best way.

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